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When it comes to weddings, the reception is where the party’s at, but the wedding ceremony is where all the magic happens. As such, you need a stunning space that complements you as a couple when you tie the knot. As the first event to kick off your new union, your wedding ceremony will set the tone for the rest of the big day. It’s the chance to wow guests with the unexpected, establish your wedding theme or style, and give a hint at what’s to follow at the reception—making finding the perfect wedding ceremony venue all the more important.

But just like most of the elements of planning a wedding, the options are seemingly endless, and there are a ton of beautiful places to say “I do,” from rustic barns in the Catskills and vineyards in California to beaches in Bali and stunning chapels in France. And that’s not to mention backyard weddings and garden nuptials. But the real beauty of your wedding ceremony venue lies in what you do with it—so don't be afraid to get creative!

If it’s in an epic spot outdoors with panoramic mountain views or stunning seaside scenery, let nature do most of the work and keep the decor simple.

On the other hand, certain outdoor settings like a garden or grove can be even more beautiful when you amplify their enchanting effects with additional flowers and greenery, while an indoor wedding ceremony can serve as a blank slate, offering the option to fill the space with decor and glowing lighting to set the ambiance. But no matter where you hold your ceremony, don’t forget the aisle and the altar or chuppah. You can get super creative with either to make a statement or forgo both so that your surroundings take center stage. It's all up to you!

From fairytale woodlands and castle courtyards to desert landscapes and traditional churches, read on for 43 beautiful wedding ceremony venue ideas you'll want to say yes to.

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A Castle Courtyard

Wedding ceremony in a castle courtyard

Photo by Stefano Santucci

Talk about a fairytale setting! This castle courtyard is beaming with Old World charm, complemented by accents of eucalyptus for that otherworldly, castle forest feel.

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A Formal Garden Ceremony

Wedding ceremony in a garden courtyard

1486 Photography

Romance is at its finest in this sophisticated garden ceremony. This is such a great option for a classic, chic bride.

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A Barn Exterior Backdrop

Wedding ceremony in front of a barn

Annamae Photo

Turn the traditional barn wedding on its head by getting married outside instead of inside. The exterior is just as beautiful and calls for simple decor.

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A Light-Filled Chapel

Wedding ceremony in a bright chapel

Sophie Kaye Photography

Light and airy characterizes this church wedding thanks to open windows and white seating and flowers. Wooden rafters and gilded chandeliers come together for an amplified ceiling, making a stunning statement as you walk down the aisle.

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Alongside a Picturesque Lake

Wedding ceremony by a lake


A Persian rug, an aisle of rose petals, tall grasses, and wooden accents create an indie feel, but the real winner in this setting is the picture that Moke Lake in New Zealand paints behind the ceremony.

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Perched Above the Amalfi Coast

Wedding ceremony on the Amalfi Coast

Peter and Veronika Photography

This Amalfi Coast ceremony is what dreams are made of. The outdoor terrace gives way to panoramic views and the trellis of greenery overhead mirrors the area’s natural beauty.

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Deep in the Forest

Wedding ceremony in the forest

Kaley From Kansas

This woodland wedding ceremony is all magic and allure. With towering trees and glowing candles, simplicity has never looked so beautiful.

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An Artful Mountaintop Event

Wedding ceremony on a mountain

Jacobo Pachon Photography

What’s not to love about this ceremony setting? A stained glass altar and desert-inspired floral arrangements create an eccentric vibe while rolling mountains make for a stunning backdrop.

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Under a Rustic Italian Arch

Rustic Italian wedding ceremony


What’s more stunning than the natural beauty of Italy and its architecture? La Badia di Orvieto needs no decoration—just some ceremony chairs and a minimalist runner. It's simplicity at its best.

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A Lush Floral Chuppah

Wedding ceremony with floral chuppah

Jose Villa

This luscious chuppah, overflowing with decadent florals and greens, perfectly complements the backdrop of rich trees for this ceremony setting. Plus, the unique seating arrangement here, with chairs on three sides, offers the perfect view.

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Under the Trees in Spain

Woodland wedding ceremony

Pablo Laguia

This woodland ceremony in Spain is what fairytale dreams are made of. Pampas grass details along the ceremony aisle and at the altar add a complementary touch.

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Framed by Arches

Wedding ceremony under arched bridge

Dylan M Howell Photography

Can you believe these stunning archways? Perspective like this, backed by lush vegetation, creates one gorgeous ceremony space.

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Softly Lit Industrial Chic

Industrial chic wedding ceremony

Janelle Elise

The ambiance of this elegant ceremony is a dream. The wedding ceremony was alit with a romantic glow thanks to candle aisle markers, string lighting, and chandeliers, coupled with rugged brick walls and a gauzy fabric for a warm and inviting vibe.

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In an Elegant Museum

Wedding ceremony in a museum

Erika Delgado

With intricate architectural detailing and light-reflecting windows, Flagler Museum certainly serves up a dose of sophistication and glamour.

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A Romantic Barn-Turned-Chapel

Rustic barn wedding ceremony

Matt Horan Photography

This barn converted chapel looks like a scene straight out of a storybook, adorned with romantic details from cherry blossom chandeliers to satin bows and twinkling columns.

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On a Sunny Greek Isle

Greek island wedding ceremony

Anna Roussos

How jaw-dropping is this Santorini view at Rocabella Hotel? Olive trees bring a local touch without distracting from the natural backdrop.

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Amid Rustic Wood and Greenery

Wedding ceremony with rustic wood and greenery

Lauren Fair Photography

The bucolic charm of Cedarwood Weddings is heightened with greenery accents and benches draped with neutral linens.

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Old World Charm

Wedding ceremony under renaissance painting

Erich McVey

The rich, elaborate artwork in this setting is something else. The Renaissance vibe, coupled with acrylic seating, brings a modern contrast to Old World romance.

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Modern Moroccan Vibes

Moroccan wedding with circular arch


This beautifully breathtaking ceremony on the property of Palais Paysan in Morocco takes on an intimate feel nestled in an olive grove. A statement wreath arch takes on a circular shape to represent the couple’s unity.

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Lakeside Classic

Wedding ceremony by a lake

Carmen Santorelli

You can’t go wrong with the magic of a lakefront wedding. It’s all endless blue and spectacular scenery in this summery backyard of a Lake Tahoe private estate.

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Down Home on the Ranch

Modern ranch wedding ceremony

Jodi and Kurt Photography

With a faux cow skin rug as an aisle centerpiece, wicker basket ceremony markers, and a fireplace altar, this ranch style wedding is cozy and inviting, perfecting Southwestern charm.

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High in the Mountains

Wedding ceremony with mountain landscape backdrop

Sanaz Photography

Sometimes it's all about the backdrop! A rotunda overlooking a majestic mountainous landscape is set aglow by a setting sun during this magical ceremony. Featuring a lush wall of greenery with a crescent moon crafted from yellow flowers, this setting will leave your guests speechless.

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Boho Modern Desert

Modern desert wedding ceremony

Laura Goldenberger Photography

The natural beauty of Arches National Park is unparalleled, lending this ceremony a Coachella-inspired vibe complete with tapestry and pillow seating. A diamond backdrop looks chic while still allowing the background to shine through.

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In an Orchard

Wedding ceremony in an apple orchard

Shanell Photography

There’s something slightly whimsical about a sweet and simple orchard wedding, especially when it’s complemented by an arch of apple blossoms.

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A Modern Indoor Venue

Modern indoor wedding ceremony

Kaysha Weiner

The colorful style of The Fig House in Los Angeles pops with fun! This couple heightened the venue’s modern vibe with industrial lighting, geometric furniture, and a glam gold sequined backdrop.

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A Ceremony on the Pier

Beach pier wedding ceremony

Terralogical Photography

Take your beach wedding to the next level by setting your ceremony up on the pier instead of the sand, like this destination wedding in Phuket. Small, intimate, and elegant, its palette of white and greenery allows the surrounding scenery to pop.

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A Gorgeous Garden Setting

Whimsical garden wedding ceremony

Shaun Menary Photography

Inspired by the couple’s wanderlust, bohemian chic takes center stage in the gardens of Arlington Hall thanks to an aisle runner of Persian rugs, lantern accents, and climbing floral branches for wildly romantic look.

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A Contemporary Archway

Modern archway wedding ceremony

Jenna Bechtholt Photography

With towering floor to ceiling windows and a sleek modern archway, Court in the Square in Seattle lends architectural splendor to any ceremony. Consider dressing up a contemporary space with trailing eucalyptus and tufts of pampas grass.

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A Rustic Stone Barn

Wedding ceremony in an old stone barn

Helen Russel Photography

An old stone barn gets an elegant and glamorous makeover with string lighting and overflowing florals without sacrificing classic rustic touches like burlap and baby’s breath.

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Surrounded by Greenery

Garden wedding ceremony

Pablo Laguia

This Jardins de Abril ceremony is simply enchanting, especially with the creative touch of additional florals suspended from the bower of trees.

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A Historic Chapel

Historic chapel wedding ceremony

Fulleylove Photography

With sweeping oak trees, wrought iron and stone gates, and a 15th century chapel set against the bucolic countryside, The Clubs at Houston Oaks gives off an Old World romance vibe.

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A Rooftop View

Rooftop wedding ceremony

Cassidy Parker Smith

If you're hoping for sweeping picturesque views of the city like lower Manhattan, a rooftop ceremony is for you. Floral and greenery details juxtapose with the Glasserie’s industrial lines and colors for this gorgeous setting.

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A Seaside Arch

Seaside wedding ceremony

Oliver Fly Photography

Local flowers and greeneries and natural wood décor, including a Balinese arch, complement the natural surroundings of this chic, tropical ceremony at Khayangan Estate in Bali.

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A White-Washed Warehouse

White warehouse wedding ceremony


A warehouse venue with white-washed walls takes bohemian for a spin with indie accents, from a macramé backdrop to tribal print rugs.

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A Gorgeous Ranch Setting

Holman Ranch wedding ceremony

Rebecca Marie Photography

Drama and romance unfold at Holman Ranch with twin antique mirrors that reflect the beautiful outdoors, lush greenery, and a crescent of pampas grass at the altar.

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A Cozy, Wood Interior

Cozy wood wedding ceremony

Sarah B Photography

Moody romance with a hint of edge dominates this ceremony at The Booking House in Pennsylvania. It can’t get much more intimate than cozy wood, cascading greens, and fairy lights.

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Lakefront with Mountain Views

Lakeside wedding ceremony

Mallory and Justin

Snowy evergreens, epic scenery, and lakefront charm? This minimalist winter wedding that omits decor in favor of Mother Nature hits the nail on the head.

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A Hint of French Elegance

French elegance wedding ceremony

Darek Smietana

Modern minimalism is brought to Chateau De Lartigolle with simple organics and wreaths for a setup touched by a hint of French elegance.

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Warm Brick Tones Interior

Indoor brick building wedding ceremony

Amber Gress

A tropical oasis is brought indoors to meet industrial minimalism with a statement altar of palmetto leaves popping against warm brick tones and copper chairs. Plus, the way the seating extends to the balcony above is so fun!

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A Statement Tree

Wedding ceremony in front of large tree

Jen Rodriguez

A graceful colossal oak serves as a masterpiece of an altar, highlighted with romantic touches of draped champagne linens and a dazzling chandelier.

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On a Bridge

Wedding ceremony on a bridge

Bokeh Company

Seek out the stunning architecture of a city bridge for a unique setting. This is such an unexpected, fun venue to gather your friends and family and tie the knot.

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Lakeside at an Italian Villa

Lake Como wedding ceremony

Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

This breathtaking Lake Como ceremony was set on the property of an Italian villa right on the water. A simple and elegant arch of baby’s breath is all this dreamy location needs.

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An Indoor Winery Setting

Indoor winery wedding ceremony

Jonathan Ong

Rustic and industrial work some serious magic in this refined barn setting with modern lights, simple black chairs, and old wine barrels.

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