20 Summer Wedding Colors to Include in Your Palette

Choose a beautiful palette for your seasonal celebration.

Place setting with yellow menu, striped blue and white napkin, and blue bowl with ikebana florals

Photo by SoCal Standard

Summer weddings are perennially popular with couples and guests thanks to warm-weather trademarks like sun-drenched ceremony sites, abundant greenery, and vibrant wedding color palettes. When choosing summer wedding colors, many couples look to bright oranges, bold yellows, and cheerful blues for their color scheme. However, you don't have to be afraid to color outside the lines if that's not in keeping with your preferred aesthetic. Punchy primary hues, tropical greens, and rustic neutrals are all unexpected tones that'll look right at home at summer weddings.

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To help you design a seasonal soirée that looks just as good in person as it does in photos, we tapped wedding planning experts for shade suggestions that will make any couple's summertime nuptials stand out. Read on to see how you can integrate these summer wedding colors into your own seasonal celebration.

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Round reception tables with tall floral arrangements and smaller hydrangea arrangements in navy chinoiserie pots

Photo by Twah Dougherty

While you'll often see hues of soft blue at summer weddings, navy is a darker, unexpected alternative. "Think navy blue with pink, orange, red, and white," says Wellington, who suggests marrying navy and vibrant colors for a seasonal, preppy twist. You can also go with navy and white for a chinoiserie-inspired affair.

Play with patterns and different floral elements to create a tablescape full of color and texture.

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Wedding tablescape with blush linen napkins, taper candles in hurricanes, and potted floral arrangements

Photo by Sergio Sandona; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events

Blush offers the perfect combination of warmth and femininity, often mimicking the season's more demure florals. Pair it with soft earth tones, candles, sleek stemware, and fluffy blooms for a romantic palette that blends into the great outdoors.

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Barcelona wedding ceremony with ghost chairs and aisle lined with white florals and greenery

Photo by Volvoreta; Second Shooting by Finch Photography

“There’s something to be said about the sophistication that embodies an all-white color scheme,” says Schneider. A white color palette looks especially sleek when paired with lush greenery. Mix white flowers with greenery along your ceremony aisle and in your reception centerpieces. Regardless of your wedding style, one thing is certain: You can never go wrong with summer whites.

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Table setting with glass charger, cut oranges, linen runner, copper and glass cups, and a floral arrangement of pink, white, and peach flowers

Photo by Whitney Darling Photography

If you don't want to go all out with one color, we love orange for an accent. Utilize an array of colorful items like copper mugs, tinted glassware, vibrant blooms, and bright fresh fruit to inject orange throughout an otherwise neutral tablescape.

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Wedding reception tent with light streamers, curved tables, and a sweetheart table with chandeliers

Photo by 2digitalbodas

There's no better way to celebrate your nuptials than with champagnetones, that is. The hue runs the full spectrum of taupe shades, but we think erring on the warmer end is absolutely divine for summer soirées. Pair the neutral tone with unique lighting for an ethereal feel.

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Green curtains opening to a champagne tower on a green table underneath a grand chandelier in front of a green bar

Photo by Charla Storey Photography

Green is a beautiful color that mirrors the lush foliage seen in the summer months. While you definitely should try incorporating greenery into your design, consider using the shade as the grounding color of your reception palette as well.

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Wedding reception with red and white printed tablecloths and potted florals with red roses

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event Planning and Floral Design by Shannon Leahy Events

Who doesn't love a summertime backyard picnic? Look to bright, primary reds and simple styles to recreate the wholesome feel on a grander scale. Channel this lovely reception and pair printed red tablecloths with centerpieces of potted florals in matching hues.

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Wooden wedding reception bar topped with chinoiserie vases filled with roses, bougainvillea, and greenery

Photo by KT Merry; Event Planning by The Lynden Lane Co.; Floral Design by Oak and the Owl

Fuchsia is a color that packs a serious punch and couldn't be more perfectly suited to the most vibrant season of all. With its bold presence, we would suggest pairing it with more understated neutrals. These statement-making bougainvillea, rose, and hydrangea arrangements look chic accompanied by natural wood and ornate blue porcelain.

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Place setting on mirrored table with mauve napkin on gray plate, taper candles, and white florals in vases

Photo by Henry + Mac

If you want to chose a darker shade, why not consider an elegant mauve? The rich, romantic color tends to come out more in the fall season, but we think it translates beautifully to summer. This June wedding in Newport used mauve accents to add a berry tone to a neutral tablescape.

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Calligraphed wedding seating chart surrounded by purple wisteria

Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography; Planning & Design by Alison Bryan Destinations; Paper Products by Karli Strohschein Art

Vivid violet is a bold yet refreshing summertime staple color. The cooler undertones make it a palatable shade, and we absolutely adore it with more organic textures and tones.

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Wedding reception with beige chairs, round tbels and large pampas grass installations

Photo by Ana Hinojosa and Sergio Sandona

Beige might sound dull, but it can truly make an impact when paired with unique textures. Bleached, dried grasses like pampas, bunny tails, and palm fronds are great beige options full of organic movement. If you are looking for bohemian inspiration or are planning a desert fête, take note.

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Wedding tablescapes with black plates, place cards, and green and white florals

Photo by Hannah Forsberg

Want a more robust color to anchor the mix? Rich black is a bold accent that will add some much-needed depth to the airy color palette. If you have a mood board filled with neutrals and find yourself in need of a little palette cleanser, look no further.

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Place setting with yellow menu, striped blue and white napkin, and blue bowl with ikebana florals

Photo by SoCal Standard

Add a little sunshine to your summer wedding day. Bright, cheery yellow will no doubt lighten any mood and put a smile on everyone's face. Add it as an accent throughout your wedding in your florals and paper goods for a fun pop.

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Place setting with peach plate, peach and yellow napkin with scallop edge, gold silverware, and purple and orange florals

Photo by Brogen Jessup

Want a light and fresh color to incorporate into your summer tablescape? Use linens and dinnerware in peach hues for a refreshing take on a classic.

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Light Blue

Signature bar menu on blue sea glass vase on printed blue bar with florals, candles, and a lantern light

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography

There are so many different shades of blue that it's hard to know where to start. If you want to remind guests of clear summer skies and refreshing ocean dips, lean on light blue. From sea glass to pooling linens, there is no shortage of ways to incorporate the hue into wedding décor.

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Wedding banquet tables with gray tablecloths topped with potted plants, candles, and woven chargers

Photo by David Bastianoni; Event Planning by Stefania Guastini of Guastini Style; Floral Design by Vincenzo Dascanio Event Production and Floral Design

When people think of bright summer linens, they tend to default to white, but if an entirely neutral celebration isn't your thing, consider gentle gray. This delicate shade can maintain a light and airy persona throughout your wedding décor. Paired with lush potted plants, it makes for a stunning linen base at an outdoor celebration.

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Wedding altar with pink pampas grass and palm leaves in front of a pink building

Photo by M. Hart Photography

Lean into love and embrace pink on your wedding day. When injected through organic natural textures like dyed baby's breath, pampas grass, roses, and woven textiles, the color has a sophisticated presence. Make sure to balance the shade with neutrals so it doesn't overwhelm your palette.

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Burnt Orange

Wedding tablescape with rattan placemats and terracotta napkins, glassware, and plates

Photo by Sarah Anne Photography

“Bright orange is no stranger to a summer color story, but going with burnt orange can add originality to your seasonal soirée,” says Campbell. Rust-inspired shades can be beautifully woven in through terracotta dishware, linens, and floral accents.

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Rainbow Colors

Multi-colored taper candles on wedding tablescape

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Want a spirited summer wedding color palette? Don't limit yourself to just one hue. Instead, embrace a rainbow of shades to decorate your space.

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Greenhouse reception setting with rattan lanterns, wooden furniture, and a caravan photo booth

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

If you consider yourself more of a minimalist, you don't have to embrace bold hues at your nuptials. Instead, consider soft browns, creams, and other natural tones for your celebration. “When designing a light and breezy wedding, we like to start with neutrals, letting the textures of woven grasses, rattan, linen, rock, and wood serve as a rustic, earthy foundation,” says Melissa Paul, marketing director at Elena Damy.

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