33 Summer Wedding Cakes We Love

Put a delicious spin on the colors of the season.

One-tier semi-naked summer wedding cake decorated with blue and white flowers

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Event Planning & Floral Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning; Cake by Ivette Arosemena of Ivette's Nutty Kitchen

With gorgeous weather and stunning blooms, summer is definitely the most popular season to get married. And while you're busy infusing the colors of the season into every inch of your wedding decor, there may be one place you're overlooking: your wedding cake. Of course, white wedding cakes will always have their place, but if you're already embracing color and summer styles throughout your ceremony and reception, why stop when it comes to your dessert?

When choosing our favorite wedding cake ideas for summer weddings, we looked for tiered desserts that featured poppy hues and confectionary decorations reminiscent of warm weather. Ahead, you'll find plenty of gorgeous wedding cakes with flowers and confections topped with citrus, berries, gorgeous greenery, and even a pair of adorable flamingos.

While we certainly love these cakes for June to August ceremonies, we'll let fall, winter, and spring couples in on a little secret, too. Most of these treats can be easily adapted to suit your own wedding season by altering the saturation of colors or swapping out adornments for something more reminiscent of your wedding month.

Ahead, we're spotlighting 33 summer wedding cakes that celebrate the summer season and command attention.

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Delectable Duo-Chrome

Small naked cake topped with a white flower and greenery

Photo by Anna Roussos; Cake by Pavlov’s Lab

You can't go wrong with shades of white and green at a summer wedding—especially when they're adorning a delicious wedding cake. This one-tiered, semi-naked beauty with drip frosting is super on-trend.

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All About Berries

Naked summer wedding cake with blackberries and fresh greenery

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

A berry-and-cream combo just screams summer. Serve this delicious marriage of flavors in a fresh and light cake, and your guests will be coming back for seconds.

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Sunshine and Lemons

Asymmetrical five-tiered wedding cake with yellow and orange frosting, decorated with lemons

Photo by A Heart String; Cake by Nine Cakes

Don't be afraid to go bold and saturated with the hues you choose. With bright yellow and orange frosting reminiscent of sunshine and a cascade of citrus, this just might be the ultimate summer wedding cake.

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Pink and Coral Posies

One-tiered, semi-naked wedding cake decorated with pink flowers

Photo by Annie McElwain

Who says a small cake can't pack a punch? These pink and coral blooms give this single-tiered wedding cake with semi-naked frosting a delightful pop of color that's perfect for the summer season.

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A Refreshing Palette

Single-tiered, semi-naked wedding cake with greenery and florals and a gold "love" cake topper

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Event Planning by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning; Floral Design by Flowers by Totoy; Cake by The Pink Oven

This refreshing color palette is like a cool drink of water on a hot summer's day. Fresh, pale green hues among garnishes of fluffy white blooms and sweet chamomile flowers dish out heaps of pastoral charm on this single-tiered creation.

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Featuring Flamingos

One-tiered white wedding cake with textured frosting and gold flamingo cake toppers

Photo by Everence Photography; Cake by Hometown Desserts

Nothing says summertime like cute flamingos, right? This one-tiered cake topped with florals and a pair of shimmery flamingos is so fun for summer.

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Watercolor Motif

Five-tiered white wedding cake with colorful painted watercolor flowers alongside fresh multi-colored flowers

Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona

Watercolor cakes are so on-trend this season. Instead of simply adorning your wedding cake with flowers, see if your baker can hand-paint a watercolor floral motif directly onto your confection as well.

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Colorful Citrus

Small white wedding cake with marigold flowers and citrus decorations

Photo by Heather Kincaid; Cake by Cake Monkey Bakery

With marigolds in season for summer, what better way to add a splash of color? We love the idea of pairing bright citrus and florals for a simple, colorful look.

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Mediterranean Medley

Two-tiered white wedding cake with olive leaves, sliced oranges, and a wooden cake topper

Photo by Jenn Byrne

In addition to the adorable topper, we love the Mediterranean vibe of this little cake. The summery combo of sprigs of olive leaves and fresh-cut citrus is right on par for the season.

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Wild Pampas Grass

Four-tiered white wedding cake with a cake topper and pampas grass decoration

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Pampas grass has been finding its way into wedding decor, bouquets, and now even wedding cakes. We love the simple addition on this stunning tiered cake.

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Tropical Greenery

Four-tiered white wedding cake with textured frosting and tropical flowers

Photo by Mallory Dawn Photography

Aloha, gorgeous! We love the tropical-inspired florals and greenery on this four-tiered, textured white wedding cake.

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Pretty in Pink Roses

Four-tiered semi-naked wedding cake with cascading pink roses

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

How pretty is the waterfall of pink roses cascading down this nearly naked cake? Consider choosing one stunning flower and using it for the entire cake to make a statement.

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Magnificent Magnolias

Three-tiered, semi-naked white wedding cake decorated with white magnolias

Photo by Michelle Boyd

The large, lush magnolias adorning this summer wedding cake are giving us all the fragrance envy. We can only imagine the decadent combo of fresh-baked aromas with their heady scent.

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Glorious Greenery

Three-tiered naked wedding cake with white flowers and greenery

Photo by Heather Waraksa; Cake by Sugar Sugar Custom Cakes 

We love the simplicity of this gorgeous tiered naked cake, all decked out in blooms. The pastel flowers and greenery just scream summer garden party.

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Fruit and Cheese

Wedding cake made out of brie cheese covered win fresh fruit and herbs

Photo by Rachel Red Photography

Not into sweets or looking for a creative cocktail hour snack idea? A cheese cake (not to be confused with cheesecake) decorated with summer fruits and herbs will be the perfect savory treat.

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Desert-Inspired Decor

Two-tiered naked wedding cake with bright pink and orange flower decor

Photo by Tida Svy

Get inspired by the flora and fauna of the desert with the bright fuchsia and a splash of orange on this semi-naked cake.

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Pink Icing and Matching Florals

One-tiered wedding cake with pink frosting, topped with pink and off-white flowers

Photo by Katie Dessin Photography

You don't have to limit the vibrant colors to just your floral cake toppers. Try a pretty-in-pink frosting, like this lemon and marionberry wedding cake. Now that's a lip-smacking flavor profile!

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Something Blue

Four-tiered wedding cake with blue and white watercolor frosting and floral decor

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti; Cake by La Bonbonniere

Looking to add a subtle pop of color to your dessert table? Opt for a watercolor look with pastel hues paired with contrasting greenery and stunning blooms.

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Vivid Violets

One-tiered semi-naked cake decorated with garnishes of muscari and blue poppy anemones

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Event Planning & Floral Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning; Cake by Ivette Arosemena of Ivette’s Nutty Kitchen

A simple, single-tiered white cake gets a verve of violet thanks to some floral garnishes of Muscari and blue poppy anemones. This cake design is especially gorgeous for a seaside setting.

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Lusciously Large Blooms

Ruffled wedding cake with large, cascading pastel flowers

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Cake by Enjoy Cupcakes

Who says you can't go bold with pastel florals? Opt for larger blooms and have them cascade down a textured cake for a gorgeous look.

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Pink and Purple Posies

Four-tiered white wedding cake with pink, red, and purple flowers flowing down and around the base

Photo by Paul Johnson

Pink, red, and purple blooms look stunning against this white cake with textured frosting. This bright, glamorous design would look right at home at both a classic ballroom reception and a garden-inspired outdoor bash.

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Flourishing Florals

Three-tiered white wedding cake with textured frosting, decorated with a smattering of green herbs and small peach-colored flowers

Photo by Ashley Caroline; Cake by Cakes by Liz

We love the fresh, simple look of this tiered cake. Pair tier-framing greenery with sorbet-hued blooms for a gorgeous summer sweet.

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Cascading Greenery

Four-tiered white wedding cake decorated with greenery

Photo by Brklyn View Photography

You don't need to go overboard with florals to bring some summer inspiration to your wedding cake. This effortless confection proves that adding a few sprigs of greenery is all it takes to make a statement.

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Chocolate Confection

Four-tiered naked chocolate cake with white and peach-colored flowers

Photo by Phil Chester

Who says you can't have a chocolate cake for summer? This naked-style chocolate cake is decked out in florals for a gorgeous summer vibe.

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Summer Abundance

Four-tiered white wedding cake decorated with multicolored flowers and fruits

Photo by James x Schulze; Cake by Shamane's Bakeshoppe

With so much abundance throughout the summer, from blooming florals to fresh fruits, it would be a shame not to incorporate them into your cake design. We love the mixture of bright florals, succulent figs, and juicy grapes on this tiered cake.

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Fresh Picks

Three-tiered white wedding cake with dainty., colorful wildflower decoration

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

The violets sprinkled on this summer wedding cake give it a straight-from-the-garden feel. Don't be afraid to add simple florals in a multitude of colors to make your color palette pop.

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Summer Succulents

One-tiered white wedding cake decorated with leaves and succulents

Photo by Amy Caroline Photography

If you're not crazy about flowers, you can always decorate your summer wedding cake with leafy greens and succulents for a unique look. This cake is perfect for a wedding set in a desert.

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Lovely Lavender

One-tiered, pink-frosted cake topped with lavender sprigs

Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography; Cake by Sift Dessert Bar

Looking to do something a little different? Opt for a simple, one-tier cake and incorporate juicy summer berries and sprigs of lavender to bring the season into the mix.

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Sweet Simplicity

Five-tiered white wedding cake with white roses, greenery, and pops of pink flowers

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

Sweet and classic, this white wedding cake boasts beautiful, lush white flowers and greenery. Tiny pops of pink flowers add a touch of color to a neutral canvas.

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Metallic Medium

Couple cutting a four-tiered white and gold wedding cake with pink flowers

Photo by Anna Shackleford

Decorated with a dusting of metallic color, this wedding cake is surrounded by pink garden roses and displayed on an outdoor swing. What could be more summery than that?

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Colorful Pressed Flowers

A three-tier white cake decorated with pressed and fresh flowers

Photo by Janine Licare Photography; Cake by Martis Camp

Nothing screams summer like an array of bright colors. This gorgeous three-tiered cake with layers of red velvet, Funfetti, and cream cheese frosting is the perfect canvas for pressed flowers alongside fresh blooms.

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Dainty Designs

Three-tiered white wedding cake with pastel floral icing design

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Cake by By The Way Bakery

For an understated look, go sweet and simple with your summer wedding cake. This pure white cake with a pastel floral icing design is beautifully dainty.

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Whimsical Wonder

A three-tiered cake with a dark blue frosted square base covered in multi-colored fresh and pressed flowers

Photo by Alexandra Lee Photography; Cake by Flourish Cake Design

Take inspiration from this couple and go totally over the top with your summer wedding cake. An array of colorful fondant flowers meets rose gold leaf motifs, plus a watercolor icing design. Best of all, the cake featured rainbow layers inside to represent the two brides!

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