7 Gorgeous Pieces of Furniture You Can Use for Storage

These pieces work double duty

Updated 07/12/18
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When it comes to investing in new furniture, finding pieces that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable and useful can be quite the task. And what if you need extra storage? (We see you, small-apartment dwellers.) Yes, we all have those pieces we need but don't want displayed in an open-shelving situation. And if we're being honest, a lot of storage furniture such as benches and ottomans can be a little clunky or not even fit all those extra throw blankets or cookbooks you don't want out on display. But despite all the ill-designed storage furniture out there, there are some diamonds in the rough—and of course, we found them for you.

Here are seven pieces of chic storage furniture to add to your newlywed home STAT!

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Alina Storage Ottoman

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We could talk about our love for ever-versatile rattan all day long, but we'll let this multiuse ottoman/coffee table/side table do the talking instead.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $149

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Nordik Storage Chair

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There are very few, and we mean very few, well-designed storage chairs out there, but this beauty with its sleek and modern design and clever functionality is at the top of our list for clever storage solutions.

SHOP NOW: Kvell, $300

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Linen and Acorn Bench

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A little mid-century, a lot chic. Is it a bench? Is it a sideboard? Is it a little of both??

SHOP NOW: World Market, $480

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Desi Storage Ottoman

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Basket weave is versatile (it'll fit in with almost any and all existing decor), sturdy (perfect for storage and sitting), and this cute lil guy is just small enough to squeeze its way into just about every home, no matter how tiny or crowded.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $119

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Velvet Bench

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Add a little color to your home with this pretty velvet bench, perfect for storing your extra magazines and coffee table books. Plus, benches are an easy way to add extra seating to a table when you have an impromptu dinner party (and not enough chairs).

SHOP NOW: Overstock, $135

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Boto Ottoman

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What can we say? We love ottomans! They're functional and super versatile. This one is great not only for its simple and sleek design, but it's also foldable for when you're not using it (or need extra space for that aforementioned dinner party!).

SHOP NOW: Kvell, $130

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Storage Coffee Table

Tuck away those unsightly coffee table items (remotes, salt shaker, half-used candles) when you're not using them in these convenient drawers.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $329

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