21 Wedding Cakes Covered With Sprinkles

Sprinkle-covered cakes are the next big thing in wedding desserts

Full frame shot of colorful sprinkles

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Sprinkles, jimmies, whatever you may call that delightful, colorful topping of ice cream, cakes, and other delectable desserts, are branching out of children's birthday parties and into weddings. Sprinkle wedding cakes are the new fun spin on nuptial noms and it's easy to see why these babies are taking over Pinterest. After all, how can you not stop and smile at their colorful tiers?

Toting tons of nostalgia, sprinkle wedding cakes are the unique bride's dessert dream. You can go heavy on the eccentricity and have colorful jimmies cover every inch of your wedding cake, or you can bridge the classic with the contemporary and just use an unexpected smidge of brightly hued sprinkles for a look that's fresh, elegant, and oh-so-fun. The possibilities are as endless as a rainbow.

And speaking of rainbows, this is one big day dessert that's sure to complement any color scheme. Brides can opt for a marvelously multi-colored look with traditional rainbow sprinkles or go for a modern, monochromic style dessert, using only a single shade. (We must say, we're head-over-heels in love with metallic-hued jimmies...)

Even better than the taste of these statement-making treats is the too-sweet price tag that they tend to tote. As far as dessert décor goes, sprinkles will often run bakers a little cheaper than some other cake-topping confections, such as the typically more expensive fondant or ultra pricy sugar flowers. Impossibly adorable and less pricey? Well, that's just a deal almost good enough to eat!

Click through to see some of our favorite sprinkle adorned wedding cakes, and just try not to grin at their happy hues!

Two-tier cake covered in sprinkles and topped with flowers
Photo by K. Coreia Photography

Thousands of colorful nonpareils and a sweet pair of peonies on top—what's not to love?

A four-tiered white cake with pink, blue, and orange sprinkles,. and a "we do" cake topper
Photo by Megan Beth

Blogger Sally McKenney Quinn of Sally's Baking Addiction enlisted the wedding cake expertise of Bredenbeck's Bakery in Philadelphia to create this four-tiered sprinkled confection for her big day.

Skinny three-tiered cake topped with rose gold confetti
Photo by Rachel Peters Photography

The rose gold confetti on this three-tiered confection by Cityview Bakehouse takes this fun trend and makes it impossibly glam.

A small naked cake with confetti sprinkles
Photo by Kelsea Holder

An already whimsical naked cake from Paper Cake Events gets brightened up with a generous helping of confetti-shaped sprinkles.

A four-tiered wedding cake covered with rainbow sprinkles and topped with macaroons
Photo by Eva Derrick

What's even better than a sprinkle wedding cake? A sprinkle cake topped with a cute quintet of macaroons! This confection, created by Sweet Celebrations Wedding Cakes, is the definition of a delectable treat.

A white and sprinkled-cake with fondant bows
Photo by Meredith Perdue

Feminine fondant bows keep this tiered confection classic and refined.

Semi-naked cake with light sprinkles topped with pink flowers
Photo by Ben Q Photography

Cakewalk Bake Shop designed this nearly-naked cake with a smattering of rainbow-bright sprinkles.

Cake with ribbons of white fondant and sprinkle-covered tiers
Photo by Ariane Moshayedi Photography

Ribbons of white fondant break up the sprinkle-covered tiers of this big day dessert.

White cake with a trail of jewel-toned confetti
Photo by Ashley Garmon Photographers

A trail of jewel-toned confetti makes its way down this four-tiered wedding cake.

Single-tiered wedding cake covered in confetti sprinkles
Photo by Laura Power Photography

Could you get any more whimsical than this confetti-covered, single-tiered wedding cake?

White cake with a single sprinkled-tear
Photo by Katie Jane Photography

Is a sprinkle-smothered cake too much for your soirée? Keep the color confined to just one tier, like on this treat from Sweet Art Bakeshop.

White and sprinkled-cake with a personalized, gold-hued cake topper
Photo by Meredith Perdue

A personalized, gold-hued cake topper and hundreds of nonpareils make this dessert by Trillium Caterers extra sweet!

Small wedding cake with sprinkles baked into it
Photo by Dylan M Howell Photography

Mayflour Confections baked sprinkles into the batter for a mouthful of color with every bite!

Two-tiered wedding cake with sprinkles and white bands
Photo by Rebecca Fishman for Birds of a Feather Photography

Double the cuteness with two tiers of sprinkle-smothered cake. The stark contrast of the white bands of frosting helps define the layers.

A pastel-colored three-tiered cake topped with gumballs
Photo by Apryl Ann Photography

Pastel-colored tiers and a smattering of sprinkles make this dessert by Cakewalk Bake Shop the perfect bridal shower fodder.

Blue wedding cake topped with rainbow sprinkles
Courtesy of Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

Go old-school and just top off your wedding cake confection with a dose of colored sprinkles, like this blue-hued treat from Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery.

Three-tiered white cake with rainbow sprinkles
Photo by Rustic White Photography

Three classic white tiers get gussied up with a bold and bright dash of rainbow-hued sprinkles.

Confetti-dotted wedding cake and matching cake pops
Photo by Saya for Studio Ohlala

Consider this confetti-dotted wedding cake, which Kitshies Cakes paired with matching cake pops.

Naked wedding cake with buttercream frosting and baked-in sprinkles
Photo by Lens CAP Productions

This naked wedding cake by Russell Morin Catering features rainbow sprinkles and dollops of buttercream frosting.

White and pink three-tiered cake
Courtesy of Style Sweet CA

Tessa Huff of Style Sweet CA created this pretty in pink wedding cake and topped it off with a pinch of nonpareils.

Peppermint-colored cake with rainbow sprinkles and red ribbons and flowers
Photo by Corina V. Photography

Peppermint dotted flowers, confetti sprinkles, and luxe red ribbon—would it be silly to say that this wedding confection takes the cake?

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