Insanely Stunning Spring Wedding Bouquets

These 42 gorgeous bouquets are guaranteed to inspire springtime brides.

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Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

Spring has finally sprung, which means it's time for us to release all of our spring wedding #inspo, and let's be honest: No spring wedding is complete without an abundance of pretty pastel blooms. And while you can add flowers to every element of your big day—from the altar to the reception tables and the cake—we think spring wedding bouquets are perhaps the most important. Why? Because your bouquet will have a prime spot in all of your beautiful bridal portraits, and, most importantly, it's what you will carry down the aisle to meet your partner.

Luckily, springtime brides (like you) are blessed with tons of beautiful in-season blooms to choose from. Peonies, roses, tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, sweet pea, and ranunculus are just a few of the many flower types readily available for spring weddings. Romantic pastels are always go-to hues for this season of renewal, but don't be afraid to add bold pops of color for contrast (think fuchsia, coral, orange, and purple).

Since your bouquet will be one of the most photographed wedding details, it should express your personal sense of style, whether it's traditional, modern, romantic, whimsical, boho, or rustic.

Here, we've gathered 42 different spring wedding bouquet options from real weddings featured on and asked top floral designers to share a few favorites as well. Keep scrolling for all the spring inspo.

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A Mix of Romantic Roses

Photo by Jesse Leake

At this colorful California wedding, florist Kathleen Deery surprised the bride with two bouquets to choose from. "She had not seen much of my dress and wanted to compliment the colors well," says the bride. The winning choice? A bunch of pink rose varieties surrounded by ivy.

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Peonies and Daisies

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Lily Peterson of Flowershop dreamed up this gathered bouquet of Claire de Lune peonies, coral peonies, and white daisies. “I wanted it to be small and feel wild,” says the bride.

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Astrantia, Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, Larkspur, Daisies, Nigella, and Thistle

Photo by Kate Headley

For this carefree wedding in the hills of Virginia, Sweet Root Village made bouquets of soft pink astrantia, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, lavender larkspur, baby white daisies, nigella, and blue thistle.

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Tulips, Ranunculus, and Sweet Pea

Photo by Kyle John

 Photo by Kyle John

This lush bunch by Amy Osaba features three of our favorite spring blooms: tulips, ranunculus, and sweet pea.

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Ranunculus and Sweet Pea

Photo by Amy & Stuart

Single blooms can make a serious impression when tied together with sweet, satin ribbon. Just take these ranunculus and peonies as proof.

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Astrantia, Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, Larkspur, Daisies, Nigella, Peonies, and Queen Anne’s Lace

Photo by Kate Headley

Bride Molly’s wild bouquet pairs soft pink astrantia, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, lavender larkspur, baby white daisies, nigella, white peonies, and chocolate Queen Anne’s lace.

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Lily of the Valley, Stephanotis, Sweet William, and Astilbe

Photo by Aaron Delesie

The bride's whimsical and romantic bouquet features Lily of the Valley, stephanotis, Sweet Williams, and white astilbe—all wrapped in the bride's mother's handkerchief.

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Lavender and Peonies

Floral bouquet

Photo by Ross Harvey

We spotted this little beauty at a wedding in Provence, so it was only fitting that floral and event designer Matthew Robbins add sprigs of lavender to the bridesmaids' peony nosegays.

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English Garden Roses, Peonies, and Ranunculus

Photo by Olivia Rae James

This soft bouquet (by Amy Osaba Design) features English garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus in white, ivory, and blush.

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Roses and Cosmos


Photo by Winsome + Wright Photography; Florals by Mandy Grace Designs; Event Design by Maui's Angels

Rethink the spring color palette by mixing in shades of muted orange with pale pink and yellow, as evidenced in this sweet bunch by Mandy Grace Designs.

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Anthurium, Roses, Sweet Pea, Wispy Fern, and Rice Flowers

Photo by Olivia Rae James

A Flowershop bouquet of pale pink anthurium and roses, sweet pea, wispy fern, and rice flowers set the tone (literally) for this Charleston wedding's pastel palette.

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Dogwood and Roses

bride wedding bouquet

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography

Yet another beauty by Amy Osaba, this bouquet makes an impression thanks to the soft strands of silk ribbon surrounding it. Also of note? The dogwood accents, which the bride requested as a sentimental reminder of growing up in the South.

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Roses, Orchids, and Berries

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Sure, bouquets of blush and ivory blooms are always pretty, but this design by Of The Flowers is especially so. (We think you have the texture to thank.)

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Daisies, Snapdragons, Chrysanthemums, and Allium

bride's bouquet

Photo by Sasithon Photography

If you're after capturing that carefree vibe, look to this bouquet of daisies, snapdragons, mums, and allium for inspiration.

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Roses and Eucalyptus


Photo by Rachel Red Photography; Florals by Purple Magnolia Floral Design

We love the romantic richness of the gorgeous garden roses in this springtime bundle, by Purple Magnolia Floral Design.

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Roses and Trailing Greens

Bridal bouquet

Photo by Vanessa Hicks Photography

The lavender hue in this loose and wild bouquet is such an unexpected—yet totally lovely—touch.

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Ferns and Roses

Photo by Paige Jones Photography

Marigold SF designed this bundle of tea and garden roses, ferns, and vines, which appears as if the blooms had been gathered from the forest at the couple's venue in California.

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Peonies, Wildflowers, and Grasses

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

This mix of wildflowers, foraged greens, and store-bought blooms was made by the bride, who describes it as "organic, romantic, and boho."

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Roses in a Range of Hues

Photo by Rachel Red Photography

If roses are your favorite, this bouquet by Lindsay Bishop Events is all the inspiration you need. We especially love how it pairs shades of pale pink with bubble gum and fuchsia.

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Roses, Dahlias, and Peonies

Photo by Bridget Rochelle Photography

This textured bouquet (by Bows & Arrows Flowers) pairs roses, dahlias, and peonies in white and pink, all tied with a piece of fabric from the bride's mother’s wedding gown.

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Queen Anne's Lace and Cosmos

bridesmaids' bouquet

Photo by Paige Jones Photography

While big blooms are undoubtedly the star this season, that doesn't mean you have to forget about the beauty of simple greenery. We love how this bouquet showcases different textures, as well as petite, pretty blooms.

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Garden Roses and Greens

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Garden roses are always a gem, especially these peach ones from Ariel Dearie Flowers.

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Clematis, Hellebores, Lysomachia, and Ferns

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

This beautiful bouquet is made with clematis, hellebores, lysomachia, and ferns. We love how it pops against the detailing on the bride's dress, as well as the grass below.

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White Roses and Ruscus

White Rose and Greenery Bouquet

Photo by Leigh Elizabeth Photography

This simple yet stunning bouquet from Fifty Flowers consists of white roses, as well as Italian and Israeli ruscus.

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Dinner Plate Dahlias

Dinner Plate Dahlia Pink Bouquet

Photo by Jennifer Roper Photography; Event Design by All You Need is Love Events

It's all about texture—fluffy dinner plate dahlias were the focus of this wedding bouquet designed by All You Need Is Love Events.

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Dahlias, Queen Anne's Lace, Jasmine Vine, Feverfew, Eucalyptus, Ranunculus, and Protea

Loose, Wildflower Blush Bouquet with Greenery

Photo by Flora + Fauna

For a charming plucked-from-the-garden feel, consider this wildflower beauty by The Wilding Collective. It includes dahlias, Queen Anne's lace, jasmine vine, feverfew, eucalyptus, ranunculus, and "blushing bride" protea.

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Peonies, Ranunculus, Dahlias, Garden Roses, Sweet Pea, and Eucalyptus

Bouquet with Coral Charm Peonies, Dahlias, and Roses

Photo by Allen Tsai Photography

We spotted this lush and loose bouquet designed by R. Love Floral at a springtime farm wedding in Dallas. The vibrant arrangement features coral charm peonies, peach and pink ranunculus, white and pink dahlias, white garden roses, sweet pea, and eucalyptus greenery.

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Jasmine, Peonies, Garden Roses, and Astilbe

Jasmine, Peony, Garden Rose, and Astilbe Bouquet

Photo by What Shanni Saw Photography

This lovely and playful bouquet by Amy Burke Designs showcases jasmine, peonies, garden roses, and astilbe.

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Ranunculus, Peonies, Garden Roses, Astilbe, Majolica, Sweet Pea, and Plumosa

Bright Pink Bouquet with Peonies and Garden Roses

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography

Take a cue from this chic California bride and ask for a mix of blooms in different shades within the same color family. The Little Branch used ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, astilbe, pink majolica, sweet pea, and plumosa to craft this pretty-in-pink bouquet.

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Garden Roses, Orchids, Jasmine, and Tweedia

White Bouquet with Roses, Orchids, and Jasmine Vine

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Perfect for a late spring or early summer wedding, this all-white arrangement by Oleander Curated consists of garden roses, orchids, flowering jasmine vine, tweedia, and various foliage.

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Peonies, Nielle, Achillea, and Orlaya Grandiflora

Petite Pink Wedding Bouquet

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie

Do you envision yourself carrying a petite bouquet on your big day? We heart this sweet arrangement by PRUNE les fleurs in Montréal featuring peonies, nielle, achillea, and orlaya grandiflora.

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Protea, Dahlias, Juliet Roses, Ranunculus, Smoke Tree Foliage, and Dusty Miller

Protea, Dahlia, Ranunculus, and Rose Bouquet

Photo by James & Jess Photography

Protea, dahlias, Juliet roses, ranunculus, smoke tree foliage, and dusty miller combine to form this breathtaking bouquet by TOAST Santa Barbara.

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Parrot Tulips, Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Poppies, and Tweedia

Pink Ombre Wedding Bouquet

Photo by Chudleigh Weddings

Decoration Inc. designed this eye-catching ombré bouquet using parrot tulips, garden roses, ranunculus, poppies, and tweedia.

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Peonies, Roses, Foxgloves, Hydrangea, Snapdragon, Veronica, and Scabiosa

Rose, Peony, Foxglove, and Hydrangea Bouquet

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie

We love the elegant shape of this Atelier Carmel bouquet—it features peonies, roses, foxgloves, hydrangea, snapdragon, veronica, and scabiosa.

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Anemone, Peony, Ranunculus, Olive, Ruscus, and Freesia

Anemone, Peony, Ranunculus, and Freesia White Bouquet

Photo by Caroline Tran

A bucolic wedding setting is made all the more lovely with this anemone, peony, ranunculus, olive, ruscus, and freesia bouquet created by Amy Burke Designs.

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Garden Roses, Thistle, Hydrangea, Scabiosa, Florabunda Roses, Dusty Miller, Ivy, Painted Fern, Delphinium, and Flowering Mint

Rose, Thistle, Hydrangea, and Fern Bouquet

Photo by Tec Petaja; Event Design by SoCo Events

Have each of your bridesmaids carry a slightly different bouquet in the same color palette. Amaryllis Floral & Event Design made these beautiful arrangements using a variation of garden roses, thistle, hydrangea, scabiosa, florabunda roses, dusty miller, ivy, painted fern, delphinium, and flowering mint.

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Viburnum Berries, Rose, Clematis, Dahlia, and Veronica

Spring Bouquet with Greenery

Photo by Jenna Joseph Photography; Event Design by Megan Dileen Events

California-based florist Modern Bouquet incorporated Viburnum berries into this gorgeous rose, clematis, dahlia, and veronica arrangement.

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Ferns, Eucalyptus, Viburnum, Tulips, Garden Roses, Spirea, and Privet Berry

White Bouquet with Tulips, Garden Roses, and Spirea

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

This verdant bouquet designed by Sinclair & Moore Events perfectly contrasted with the bride's regal ball gown. It features ferns, eucalyptus, viburnum, tulips, garden roses, spirea, and privet berry.

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Blackberries, Delphinium, Sweet Peas, Freesia, Stock, Astilbe, Trachillium, and Scented Geranium Leaves

Purple Bouquet with Blackberries

Photo by Desi Baytan Photography

Lauryl Lane designed this berry beautiful bouquet using blackberries, delphinium, sweet peas, freesia, stock, astilbe, trachillium, and scented geranium leaves.

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Ranunculus, Garden Roses, Icelandic Poppy, Jasmine, White Garden Roses, and Varigated Mini Pittosporum

Bright Yellow and White Bouquet

Photo by Jody Savage Photography

Embrace the season with bright yellow blooms and flowering greenery. This bouquet by Fifty Flowers includes ranunculus, garden roses, Icelandic white poppy, jasmine vine, white garden roses, and varigated mini pittosporum.

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Daisies, Chamomile, Nigella, Gerber Daisies, Ranunculus, Feverfew, Echinacea, and Dahlias

White Daisy and Dahlia Wedding Bouquet

Photo by Veronica Lola Photography

This cheerful and dainty bouquet by Karma Flowers consists of daisies, chamomile, Nigella, Gerber daisies, ranunculus, feverfew, echinacea, and dahlias.

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Icelandic Poppies, Helleborus, Fritillaria, Bearded Iris, and Olive

Bohemian, Loose Bouquet

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Boho brides will adore this bouquet by Oleander Curated, featuring a wild mix of Icelandic poppies, helleborus, fritillaria, bearded iris, and olive.

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