10 Super Creative Specialty Cocktail Bar Ideas

Make your favorite drink part of your big day

<p>Tequila Bar</p>

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Add a boozy twist to your cocktail hour by surprising guests with an extra drink station where they can order a couple of special drinks that you’ve chosen for the occasion. Love gin and tonics? Offer a tonic bar with they can order a classic G&T, as well as some other fun variations on the libation. Or perhaps you’ve got a penchant for bourbon. Stock a separate bar at the reception with bottles of your favorite bourbons so guests can sip and taste.

Unsure how this works? You can, of course, offer a specialty bar in addition to a fully stocked cocktail bar. Or, you can serve beer and wine alongside drinks from the specialty bar, and cut the full bar entirely to save on your bar budget.

Aside from being a fun and unexpected addition to the cocktail hour, a specialty bar is also incredibly functional. By serving your special drinks at a separate bar, you’ll cut down on wait times at the main bars. Similarly, if your specialty bar is a serve-yourself station, you might be able to cut down on the serving staff since that bar does not need to be manned. Keep reading for our favorite spins on this cocktail-hour idea.

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Tonic Bar

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Following the ceremony, guests arrived at cocktail hour, which featured a tonic bar. There, guests could choose from the bride’s and groom’s favorite tonic-based beverages, or build their own from a mix of different tonics, alcohols, and garnishes.

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Bourbon Bar

Tara Guerard Soiree

This couple’s cocktail hour also featured a special bourbon bar, which featured a selection of the groom’s favorite varieties.

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Bloody Mary Bar

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Hosting an afternoon wedding? Or maybe you just love Bloody Marys? Either way, a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar is a brilliant idea. Display a sign inviting guests to customize their own creation and have it fully stocked with bottles of vodka, mix, and all the topping accouterments.

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Champagne Cart

Greg Finck

Serving glasses of your favorite bubbly just got a whole lot more fun. Have a champagne cart at your reception with bottles of your favorite on ice and an attendant ready to pour.

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Whiskey Bar with Tasting Notes

Marta Locklear

If you or your fiancé are whiskey aficionados, provide informational cards for each bottle on offer that describes its provenance and tasting notes.

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Rosé Bar

Rachel Havel

An outdoor cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to serve a couple of your favorite bottles of rosé.

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Scotch Bar

Mike Cassimatis

Surprise guests with a fully stocked Scotch bar, featuring bottles of your and your fiance’s favorites.

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Sangria Station

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A self-serve sangria station is perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour. Since everything can be pre-made, you don’t need a bartender at the station, which could save you some money on your bar budget.

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Mule Bar

Brett & Jessica

In addition to a classic Moscow mule, this couple’s cocktail bar also served up variations like the Mexican Mule (made with tequila) and the Kentucky Mule (mixed with bourbon, naturally).

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Bellini Bar

bellini bar

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

This couple served up all the fixins for a thirst-quenching peach Bellini before their ceremony kicked off.

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