"Something Blue" Wedding Bouquets

Searching for the perfect "something blue" to carry on your bug day? Check out these beautiful arrangements with barely-there blue accents

Shannon Elizabeth Photography

You've likely heard the age-old saying: some old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Whether or not you're a traditionalist bride, ticking each one of these must-have boxes is something many women want to do on their wedding day, but some of these necessities are easier (and more stylish) to fulfill than others. The one most brides seem to struggle with? Something blue.

While wedding accessories like shoes and earrings are a nice way to a hint of blue to your bridal look, there's one more unexpected idea we're loving: something blue wedding bouquets. No, we're not talking about toting an indigo arrangement down the aisle. What we are suggesting is a bouquet of your favorite blooms with just a few well-placed blue petals tucked in. Not only is it a contemporary way to honor a long-held tradition, but it's also a fresh option for creating a bouquet that's just a bit different from every other brides.

From long strands of delphinium and fluffy hydrangea to spiky thistle and delicate tweedia, there are some lovely blue flowers that make for the perfect accent in your big-day bouquet. Although it's true that naturally occurring blue blooms are few and far between, including flowers like muscari, clematis, or greenery like dusty miller, is the perfect way to add a touch of this traditional shade to your modern arrangement.

It's a tradition you can skip if you feel so inclined, but the reasoning behind carrying something blue on your wedding day is sweet and meaningful: Brides add a blue token to their wedding day look to represent purity, love, and fidelity.

Click through to see our 18 favorite "something blue" wedding bouquets.

At left: A lush bouquet comprises of white peonies, baby's breathe, blush roses, greenery, and blue thistle, created by Amber Reverie.

Julie Cate Photography

A classic white peony bouquet accented with anemones, thistle, and berries, created by Acorn Home & Garden.

Dominique Bader Photography

A bright pink-and-white bouquet with peonies, greenery, and pale blue delphinium.

Amy Arrington Photography

A romantic white bouquet comprised of peonies and wildfowers with blue lilac accents, created by Amy Osaba Events.

Natalie Franke Photography

A simple bouquet comprised of white ranunculus, anemones, and tweedia, created by Petal & Print.

Ellie Koleen Photography

A white-and-green bouquet comprised of gardenias, herbs, ferns, roses, and thistle, created by Brown Bunny Flowers.

JC Creative Works

A colorful bouquet comprised of white-and-pink roses, eucalyptus, and blue greenery accents, created by Extreme Green.

Hurtienne Photography

A bouquet comprised of red-and-pink roses, blue lilac, and greenery created by Ponderosa & Thyme.

Katie Pritchard Photo

A modern bouquet comprises of roses, peonies, dahlias, protea, succulent, delphinium, and tweedia, created by The Bloom Of Time.

Emily Millay Photography

A simply posy comprised of muscari and spirea, created by Blossom Artistry.

O'Malley Photographers

A colorful bouquet comprised of greenery, yellow tulips, roses, tweedia, and thistle, created by Mayhar Design.

Emily Wren Photography

A blue-and-white bouquet comprised of tweedia, peonies, greenery, and berries, created by Leaves of Grass Floral Design.

Alixann Loosle Photography

A loose bouquet comprised of forsythia, dahlias, roses, and delphinium, created by La Fête.

Live View Studios

A classic bouquet comprised of white peonies, dusty miller, and thistle, created by Rebecca Rose Events.

Sposto Photography

A romantic bouquet comprised of white peonies, muscari, and greenery, created by The Monkey Flower Group.

The Bird and the Bear

A loose, colorful bouquet comprised of thistle, white ranunculus, purple roses, berries, and greenery, created by Petals, Ink.

Eliza J. Photography

A modern bouquet comprised of king protea, thistle, delphinium, and eucalyptus, created by Posey Pop.

Amanda Nippoldt Photography

A colorful bouquet comprised of roses, dusty miller, tweedia, and berries.

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