11 Products To Make Your Small Outdoor Space an Oasis

Deck out your patio or balcony stat

Updated 08/01/18

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If you're like many of us that live in urban areas without much in the way of private outdoor spaces, you know how much of a struggle it is to make your teeny patch of patio or roof or modest balcony feel like a blissful place to relax or entertain. If you're lucky enough to live in a big city and have any sort of outdoor space (parks notwithstanding) you should consider yourself very fortunate, and treat that space with love. Outfit it in a way that makes you proud! Who knows, the next place you live could be without such a luxury!

Although you most likely don't have the space for say a bocce court or an above-ground pool, you can still make your small outdoor space feel personal and dreamy without spending too much money or time! Even if you already have the building blocks (seating, a surface for food or drinks), there are easy ways to add color and texture to add personality and style to your space.

Here are 10 products add charm to your small outdoor space without breaking the bank!

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A Colorful, Patterned Rug

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If you start from the bottom with something fun and statement-making, it already makes your balcony or patio seem like an extension of your indoor space, which we love. Especially since many balconies have neutral or gray cement floors, if you add a rug that doesn't pop it'll end up blending in and not doing much for your space.

SHOP NOW: World Market, starting at $149

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Some Cushy Seating

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You want somewhere chill and stylish to lounge. No clunky generic lawn furniture, please! This sofa is great because it's sleek enough so that it doesn't take up much room, it's pretty to look at, and you can add more cushions if you want it to be even cozier.

SHOP NOW: CB2, $1249

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A Tray That Lives Outdoors

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Get a weather resistant tray for your outdoor coffee table. It can act as a corralling station for a plant or two plus a small votive or lantern, but also can easily be utilized to serve drinks and food when you have guests!

SHOP NOW: Serena and Lily, starting at $58

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Playful Pillows

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If you're a bit gun shy when it comes to your indoor color scheme (AKA, not into patterns), your outdoor space can become like your alter-ego—your place to play around with colors and prints you normally wouldn't. So get a colorful rug! And who says you can't keep it going with fun pillows and even a little pattern mixing?

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $50+

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Plants, Plants, Plants!

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The number one way to make your humble oasis feel oasis-y is to make sure you have plenty of plants. If you have the space, get one large one that sits on the ground to make a statement.

SHOP NOW: Greenery NYC, $240

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String Lights

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Another essential for any outdoor space are string lights, and plenty of them! We like these cute flower ones, but a plain ol' Edison bulb string works wonders too.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $15.99

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A Side Table

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...or it could be your main table/coffee table if space is REALLY tight!

SHOP NOW: Serena and Lily, $458

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Sure, not necessary if you have string lights, but who doesn't love a little romantic candlelight from time to time?

SHOP NOW: Pottery Barn, was $99.99, now $49.99

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More Plants

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Prop plant(s) up on your coffee or side table, really any surface there's room so that you can fully feel immersed in greenery.

SHOP NOW: The Sill, $46

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A Chair or Two

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Depending on how much space you have, extra seating is always a plus (and helpful so you're not same-side-sitting with your guests).

SHOP NOW: AllModern, $319.99

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A Coffee or Dining Table

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It's a necessity for entertaining and the like!

SHOP NOW: AllModern, $810

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