Simply Modern

Minimalist styles and daring designs are perfect for today's bride

Updated 12/30/07
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This sleek platinum ring from the ultramod C de Cartier collection holds .50 to 4.99 carats of a brilliant cut diamond.

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Precision Set

Delicate diamonds decorate the band in a fancy ribbon motif, befitting your celebration. The band fits a stone of 2 carats or more.

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Martyn Pugh

This two-tone treat of satin platinum and gold is ultra cool and features a raised diamond setting. Perfect with your gold and silver jewelry.

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Modern Love

Drape your finger in diamonds while honoring your budget with this 14-kt-white-gold ring featuring a .46 carat round center stone cradled by .30 carats of diamonds.

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Dangerous curves and a daring design are the perfect combination for this .74-carat ring set in fleece matte-finished platinum.

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Karen Karch

Set in hand-textured platinum, this 1-carat round brilliant-cut diamond evokes strength and femininity—a dream come true for the modern girl.

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Jacobs Jewelry Design

This cocktail ring–inspired delight flaunts 3 carats of bling nestled in a bold, icy platinum band.

The Price: available upon request

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Liz Tyler

Truly a work of art, this "surf" platinum engagement ring (right) spotlights a single pink sapphire and pairs up perfectly with its made-to-match pink-and-white-diamond wedding band.

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