17 Simple Engagement Rings for the Minimalist Bride-to-Be

You can say yes to a gorgeous minimalist engagement ring

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Ready to say yes to a lifelong partnership but not dying to sport a big diamond on your ring finger? Minimalist brides, it’s time to obsess over simple engagement rings!

If your style is more understated and sporting major bling while you’re engaged is just not your thing, you’re in luck: Simple engagement rings are having a big moment. Just ask yourself, what would a French girl do? The good news is that rocking a minimalist engagement ring doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style—in fact, some of the coolest rings we’ve seen lately are all about simplicity. Enter one of our favorite jewelers’ latest creations.

We’ve long obsessed over Vrai and Oro’s dainty baubles (thin lines of black diamonds as wedding bands are ultimate #WeddingRingGoals), so when the jeweler launched a dedicated bridal line (Vow), we were beyond thrilled. The new line’s mission statement is everything a minimalist wants for her bridal jewelry: “Good design goes unnoticed; the beauty lies in the details.” A statement in simplicity? Sign us up! With architectural shapes, clean lines, and a simplistic approach to bridal jewelry this is a minimalist’s dream. And did we mention these are all California-grown sustainable diamonds that you can try on at home before you buy? It’s like the Warby Parker of engagement rings!

Vrai and Oro is not the only one getting in on the simple engagement ring trend. From a understated round diamond on a barely there gold band to a teardrop stacked with a thin wave of pave stones: we’ve got all the engagement ring styles a minimalist bride needs to see!

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Vow Vrai & Oro

"The Emerald," starting at $1,671, Vow Vrai & Oro

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Vrai & Oro

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Baguette diamond ring, $295, Vrai & Oro

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Vow Vrai & Oro

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

"The Solitaire" in 14k yellow gold, starting at $3,893, Vow Vrai & Oro

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Courtesy of Catbird

"Perryn" diamond baguette ring, $2,200, Ila available at Catbird

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Jennifer Dawes

Courtesy of Jennifer Dawes

Oval rose cute white diamond on 18k gold band, $4,250, Jennifer Dawes

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Kat Kim

Courtesy of Kat Kim

Cosma diamond ring, $4,880, Kat Kim

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Kat Kim

Courtesy of Kat Kim

Diamond marquise crescendo ring, $3,000, Kat Kim

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Monique Péan

Courtesy of Barneys

Diamond & gold double blueprint band, $1,805, Monique Péan available at Barneys

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Khim Jewelry

Courtesy of Khim Jewelry

14k solid gold pear shape brilliant cut diamond ring in bezel set, $1,910, Khim Jewelry

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Minimal VS

Courtesy of Minimal VS

Asscher cut diamond on 18k gold band, $4,990, Minimal VS

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Jennie Kwon

Diamond baguette mini equilibrium ring, $1,395, Jennie Kwon

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Nora Kogan

Courtesy of Nora Kogan

"Paloma" 18k gold and diamond ring, $2,700, Nora Kogan

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Zoe Chicco

Courtesy of Stone & Strand

Single horizontal baguette diamond ring, $330, Zoe Chicco available at Stone & Strand

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Sarah & Sebastian

Courtesy of Sarah & Sebastian

Band ring featuring an open oval shape with a single white diamond, $380, Sarah & Sebastian

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Bario Neal

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Baguette solitaire ring, $590, Bario Neal

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Yael Sonia

Courtesy of Yael Sonia

Faceted Brilliant Fancy Cuff 18k yellow gold, quartz and diamond, $4,550, Yael Sonia

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Ginette NY

Mini lonely diamond ring in 18k rose gold, $350, Ginette NY

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