72 Sweet LGBTQ+ Wedding Photos from Real Couples

See beautiful moments of wedding pride.

Brides walk holding hands surrounded by rainbow pride flags

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

Getting married is an always an emotional and celebratory affair. But since LGBTQ+ couples have only had the right to legally marry in the United States for less than a decade, the milestone makes even more of an impact to those in the community. Queer couples celebrate their love and commitment by making this tradition their own and hosting beautiful celebrations to join in lifelong partnership with the one they love. As you can imagine, their photographers capture incredible moments of wedding pride as these newlyweds say "I do."

Want to see some of these stunning shots from real weddings? From jubilant depictions of love and laughter to more tender moments and sweet feelings of pride, these 72 LGBTQ+ wedding photos are filled with such palpable emotion that you'll be reaching for tissues.

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A Look Back on a Decade of Love

Juani & Claribel Whimsical Wedding

Photo by Natura Collective

“Our photographer positioned us back-to-back on the stage where we would be saying our I do's,” share brides Juani and Claribel. “We were both nervous, excited, and in disbelief that this moment had finally come. As we waited for the cue from our photographer, the past 10 years of our relationship flashed before our eyes. When we turned around, it was a rush of emotions. We cried and held each other—both thinking, ‘She looks even more beautiful than I imagined.’”

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New Year's Resolutions

Gabrielle & Wallace / An eclectic winter elopement

Photo by Krisanne Johnson

New Year's resolutions rarely make it more than a few weeks, but these brides made one to last a lifetime. "At dinner that night, Wallace asked Gabrielle if she had any New Year's resolutions," the couple said. "Gabrielle replied that she needed to think about it. Once they got home, Gabrielle asked Wallace to come sit down and said she was ready to share her resolution. She'd put the ring between the couch cushions, and after fishing around for it for a few confusing seconds, gave a little speech and asked Wallace to marry her."

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A Wildly Unique NOLA Celebration

Two grooms kissing on their wedding day in New Orleans with a parade in the background

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography

“One of the key reasons we chose New Orleans was so we could have a second line parade,” says this couple, who wed in a wildly unique celebration in NOLA. “And it did not disappoint! Parading through the streets surrounded by family and friends was so surreal.” The couple’s grand marshal even rode a pink pegasus unicorn bike with a bubble machine.

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A Stadium Celebration

grooms dance with smoke and sparklers

Photo by Anée Atelier

After saying "I do" at Dodger Stadium, grooms Erik and Jonathan had a confetti-filled celebration to the tune of Elton John. “It was amazing dancing and watching our family dance up a storm on the pitcher’s mound and infield—on this special place where there have been so many historic Dodger victories," Jonathan remembers.

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A Sweet First Look

Bride kissing her wife on the cheek

Photo by Lauren Jonas

Even though this couple spent the afternoon exploring Charleston, South Carolina, and getting ready together with family and friends, they still decided to do an official first look. To pull it off, they separated just before to put on their wedding day ensembles and surprise one another.

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A Meaningful Wedding Location

Two brides share a kiss along the water with NYC skyline in the background

Photo by Tanhya Kae Photography

"Brooklyn is our home,” explains Lilla Goettler of her and Katie Hathaway's wedding location. “When we started dating, Katie lived in Gowanus, and we’ve never lived far from there since," Lilla says. After Katie proposed at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood in December 2017, the couple, naturally, decided to host their nuptials nearby.

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A Romantic Moment After the Ceremony

Two brides looking at each other during golden hour

Photo by Luna de Mare

This couple married on an Aspen mountaintop on the most gorgeous spring day. We love this romantic shot of the sweet newlyweds bathed in the warm glow of the alpine sunshine.

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A Walk Down the Aisle Together

Newlywed grooms crying and holding hands

Photo by Lance Nicoll

Garrett Pinder and Peter Testori married on the steps of this historic home in New Orleans after falling in love with the city on a trip together. "We walked down the aisle together, which was a really special moment," says Peter. The couple even wrote their own vows: Garrett used quotes from some of his favorite authors while Peter infused stories of their relationship along with hidden meanings that only Garrett would understand. 

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Footprints in the Sand

Allison & Cassondra

Photo by Moni & Adri Photography

When it came to choosing a wedding location, Allison McNamara and Cassondra Kaeding had zero doubts. "We always knew we wanted to have a destination beach wedding and Tulum was always our top choice! We have been going since we first met and it’s one of our favorite places," they explain.

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Sharing an Umbrella

Two grooms holding hands and sharing an umbrella

Photo by Dos Mas En La Mesa

When Christopher Van Es and Zachary Huey met through the Front Runners running club, there was some debate over who was chasing who—literally! About five years later, Chris proposed to Zach at the Palacio de Cristal in Retiro Park in Madrid. “Zach had previously lived in the city, and we’d been back together several times,” Chris says. “I selected the location to symbolically bridge the past with the present and future.” Naturally, they chose to wed in Spain as well.

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Saying "I Do" Exactly One Year Later

Two grooms getting married in a courtroom

Photo by Dacia Pierson of Eager Hearts Photography

After meeting on OkCupid back in 2009, Dan Koday and Yves Yakoubyan said "I do" at Weehawken Town Hall on December 26, 2018—exactly one year from the day Dan proposed in Paris. "Weehawken has the most adorable courtroom in the town hall," Dan says. "Even better: It's right near our house!" The mayor of Weehawken happened to be in town the day after Christmas, so he performed the couple's ceremony.

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A Personalized Outdoor Ceremony

Bride putting a wedding ring on her bride's finger at their wedding

Photo by Nato Tuke

Meaghan Garland and Kiyomi McCloskey wrote their own vows for their New Jersey wedding, with Meaghan’s including a piece about how their relationship symbolized the yin-yang relationship. She said, "Similar to the yin-yang, though opposite in nature, its components are complementary: Neither is superior, and one cannot exist without the other. The key to this existence and to our marriage is balanced energy."

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A Sunrise Ceremony

Two grooms sharing a kiss at their wedding

Photo by Ryan Horban

“The ceremony was held in the morning with the rising sun glinting off the mountains, which created a magical setting,” says Jeremy Woolf of exchanging vows with Christopher Slye. “We chose a morning ceremony to celebrate our favorite time of day. It is a special and spiritual time for us, when we like to enjoy nature and quiet conversation.”

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An Emotional Vow Exchange

Bride reading her vows to her partner during their wedding ceremony

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

This couple exchanged personalized vows that left them tearing up as they spoke about the day they first met. We may not know what they're saying, but their emotions are communicated loud and clear.

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A Party Till the End

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold dance at wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

"No one wanted to stop hanging out at night," share brides Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold of their California wedding. "After the after party, we headed back up to the villa and within minutes, everyone was in the pool. I’m not sure what time we finally snuck away to lay in bed and giggle about our perfect day."

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A First Kiss in the Desert Sun

Two brides kissing at their wedding in the desert

Photo by Meg Brooke Photography

This Mesa, Arizona, wedding is just breathtaking, and how sweet is this first kiss? We love their rustic altar, which blends perfectly with the natural elements of the desert.

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A Gender-Neutral Episcopalian Ceremony

Two brides standing before their officiant at an outdoor wedding

Photo by Brooke Boyd Photo + Film

For their Charleston, South Carolina, wedding, Emily Lambert and Emerson Hemperley took elements of an Episcopalian ceremony, made it gender-neutral, and added personal readings. "We worked closely with our officiant to create a ceremony that felt like us," Emily says. "The best part was the reading of Lin Manuel Miranda's poem 'Love Is Love Is Love.'"

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A Celebration 17 Years in the Making

Two grooms kissing their son's forehead

Photo by Yervant Photography

Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney have a chance encounter in Tasmania to thank for the start of their romance. Since then, Jarrad and Michael have celebrated plenty of life milestones together, even welcoming a son, Reid, in 2010. But it wasn't until 2018 that the famous dads—known as "the real dads of Melbourne"—got engaged. For their wedding, the couple landed on a May 11, 2019, date, giving them plenty of time to plan a celebration that was more than 17 years in the making.

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Tears of Joy While Surrounded by Family

Two grooms exiting their wedding ceremony

Photo by Belathée Photography 

Family was central to this couple's Arizona ceremony: Jason and Philip's sisters officiated the proceedings and their grandparents, who were unable to travel, watched on FaceTime. After, the newlyweds walked up the aisle to a ukelele cover of “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. “We were crying, our sisters who officiated were crying, and pretty much everyone in the audience was crying tears of joy,” Jason says.

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A Heartfelt First Dance

Two brides having their first dance

Photo by Towards the Moon

For their first dance, brides Chelsey and Alyssa chose "You & Me” by Dave Matthews Band. “I totally lost it,” said Chelsey about the moment the tune began to play. “When that song first came out in 2009, Alyssa and I used to dance to it all the time, alone at home. Our relationship was still very much a secret. I never thought then that someday we’d be able to be dancing, in front of everyone we know, at our wedding.”

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A Celebration Full of Pride

Kate Austin and Sarah Sulsenti walk among rainbow flags

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

"We did a pride flag entrance instead of bubbles or rose petals because our community makes up so much of who we are and we are so proud to be in it," shares bride Kate Austin at her New Jersey wedding.

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A Custom Detail

Sarah Sulsenti dress reads "our family is defined by love"

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

Bride Sarah Sulsenti had custom embroidery in her wedding dress that highlighted the love between her and her new wife. "It was super important to us to have a part of who we are shine through the biggest moment of our lives, through people who love and support us and were there to share our special day," she shares.

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The Moment Following "I Do"

brides kiss during ceremony

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

In the moment of their first kiss as newlyweds at their vineyard wedding, “I felt loved,” Andrea says. “It was like reaching a pinnacle in a way. You work hard at planning an event such as this and think of every detail—but, in the end, it is just an opportunity for everyone who loves us to witness our love for each other.”

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A Jungle-Inspired Wedding

Two grooms exiting their wedding ceremony at a tropical outdoor wedding

Photo by Sara Lobla

Reflecting on his jungle-inspired wedding in Barcelona to his love, groom Oscar said, "It seems like anything that isn't a 'traditional' wedding is imperfect, but the truth is that love is perfect even if it's different than what you're used to." How heartwarming is that!

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Pure Joy at a Sedona Wedding

Two brides embracing and holding up their bouquets on a rock in Sedona

Photo by Katie Edwards Photography

The joy these brides felt at their Sedona wedding is positively contagious. There's nothing like a breathtaking landscape for an awesome photo op.

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Well Outfitted Grooms

Two grooms smiling, walking and holding hands outdoors

Photo by Kate Headley

We still can't get over how stylish these guys looked at their campground nuptials. Who says you have to wear a plain, solid-colored suit on your wedding day?

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Happy Tears During Emotional Vows

Bride wiping away a tear on other bride's face while they say their vows
Photo by Aimlee Photography

Just like this tearful bride (crying happy tears, of course), these clearly emotional vows have us reaching for the tissues. The city skyline in the background adds to the dramatic moment.

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A Joyful Moment

grooms at their afterparty surrounded by florals

Photo by Les Loups

Anthony and Roberson's New York City wedding was truly full of moments of sincerity and joy. “When Roberson’s father—who was a former member of the Texas House of Representatives, a Republican, and Southern Baptist deacon—said that love comes in all forms and that he welcomed Anthony into the family wholeheartedly, everyone who was intimately aware of how hard coming out was for Roberson immediately started crying," the couple reflects on the day's speeches.

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A Group Father-Daughter Dance

A father holding two brides for a dance

Photo by Henry + Mac

At their warehouse wedding in Portland, Maine, both brides took a spin on the dance floor with their dads to "My Girl" by the Temptations. "We danced with our own dads, then danced with our fathers-in-law toward the end of the song," said bride Allison. "Our families have been so supportive of our relationship since day one, and we were so lucky to have them by our sides on our wedding day."

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A Tearful Moment

Mark Beverlo kisses Jules Von Hep at wedding

Photo by Jacob Van Rozelaar

Groom Jules shed a few tears as his closest friend gave a speech at his reception dinner. His new husband Mark was there ready to provide a comforting kiss.

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A Scenic Wedding After Two Proposals

Two brides holding bouquets and kissing outdoors

Photo by Kristin Sweeting Photography

Before these two brides celebrated their wedding in Colorado, Roz proposed to Lauren while camping at Cathedral Lake near Aspen. About six months later, Lauren decided that it was her turn to pop the question. She and Roz were at their favorite neighborhood bar in Denver, sitting outside and enjoying a drink. "I'd convinced the gas station across the street to put 'Roz, Marry Me' on their sign—it took her forever to notice," said Lauren with a laugh.

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An Emotional Realization

grooms' first look

Photo by Blue Note Weddings

At the first look for their San Francisco wedding, one of the grooms “Robbie got teary-eyed,” the couple recalls. “It was special because it was the first time we were with each other wearing the tuxedos outside of a fitting environment. With us looking our best, it hit us that what we had been planning for over three years was actually happening.”

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A Tender Embrace

Two brides hugging each other

Photo by Phil Chester

This embrace captures so much love in one tender moment. The forest trees in the background make it seem like a scene from a fairy tale.

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A Candid Moment Between Grooms

Groom standing with his arms around his groom, who is sitting, at a wedding reception

Photo by Aaron and Whitney Photography

A candid moment between these grooms embodies everything we love about weddings: food, friends, laughter, and love. The overflowing bookshelves only adds to the storied romance.

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A Celebration of Pride

Nicole and Kristen taking portraits in front of the Boston Harbor

Photo by Lena Mirisola

“We wanted our wedding day to intentionally center around and celebrate queerness as an extension of our love for each other and our queer and trans friends and family who filled the dance floor,” share Kirsten and Nicole of their art museum nuptials. “Many of our guests commented on how the wedding felt so full of love and celebration, and there is no greater compliment to us.”

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A Sweet Moment at a Rustic Wedding

Two brides sitting in rustic chairs outside a glamping tent, holding hands and smiling
Photo by Mackenzie Neville

If this isn't the definition of happiness, we don't know what is. Country artist Shelly Fairchild and her bride Deborah DeLoach chose a glamping site in Colorado for their intimate wedding, where just the two of them, plus their dog and officiant, were present.

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A Beautiful First Dance

Melissa and Alayna sharing a first dance

Photo by Lauren Baker Photography

Melissa and Alayna shared their first dance to their favorite song from The Greatest Showman, “A Million Dreams,” at their Minnesota wedding. “We both sang to each other the entire time,” Alayna reminisces. “I was completely mesmerized by Melissa during our entire dance. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.”

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A Celebratory Kiss

Two grooms sharing their first kiss as newlyweds with bubbles floating around them

Photo by Mae & Minh Photography

This rooftop wedding was bursting with just as much color and life as the grooms tying the knot. The pink sashes symbolizing their union, and the bevy of bubbles surrounding them only adds to the splendor.

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A Groundbreaking Celebration

A gay Hindu couple at their wedding inside a temple while guests throw red petals in the air

Photo by Charmi Peña Photography

We love how celebratory this photo is. When Aditya Madiraju and Amit Shah decided to have their traditional Hindu wedding in a temple, they didn't know just how much of an effect it would have on the LGBTQ+ community. But when their wedding photos ended up going viral, they realized just how groundbreaking their celebration was.

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Mrs. and Mrs. Jackets

Two brides standing on a city street, facing away, wearing matching green bomber jackets with "Mrs. Rozell" embroidered on the back

Photo by Alicia Swedenborg

Mrs. and Mrs. jackets for the win! These stylish city brides pull off matching bombers so well.

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An Adorable Getting-Ready Moment

One groom adjusting the other groom's tuxedo on their wedding day

Photo by The Nichols

These grooms opted to get ready for their wedding together—and we're so glad they did. How sweet is this photo?

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A First Dance as Husbands

Two grooms having their first dance

Photo by Golden Hour Studios

So much love for these grooms during their first dance as husband and husband. Just imagine how romantic it was with Amy Winehouse’s cover of “No Greater Love" playing in the background!

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Leaving It All on the Dancefloor

Jen & Taylor Dreamy Garden Wedding

Photo by Alexandra Lee Photography

Nothing pulls at our heartstrings quite like overwhelmingly emotional moments like this. Brides Jen and Taylor hug each other tightly after completing their first dance to “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina. A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one conveys all the happy feelings like no other.

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A Perfect Family Photo

Two grooms kissing and holding a white French bulldog on a leash

Photo by Agaton Strom

Now, this is a wedding-day family photo for the books. We love the idea of incorporating your dog into your wedding and portraits.

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A Joyful Candid

grooms cross a New York City street

Photo by Les Loups

It was a picture-perfect moment as two grooms made their way across the New York City streets on their way from their rooftop ceremony to their hotel reception.

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End of the Evening Bliss

grooms celebrate after reception in bathtub

Photo by Stephanie Lynn

At their San Francisco wedding, these two grooms kicked back and enjoyed a private moment in a bathtub after their spontaneous first dance. "We never did any lessons beforehand or discussed the logistics of how it would play out,” they admit. “When the DJ called us up, we already had our buzzes and were rejoicing in the company. But, when the music started and we began dancing, we both immediately started singing, laughing, and smiling—we had so much fun. It was unique to us: It wasn’t a sappy precious moment, but more of a display of the love, laughter, and fun our relationship represents. The whole crowd joined in; it was a movie moment.”

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An Intimate Dance

Jeffrey Postlethwaite and Jonathan Grahm kiss at wedding

Photo by Lulan Studio

The morning after their Malibu wedding, grooms Jeffrey and Jonathan returned to their venue in their pajamas. “We walked in and it was empty. They had reset everything and were getting ready for whatever their next event was in that space,” the duo recalls. “Suddenly, out of nowhere, Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ came on! In our pajamas, we went right to the dance floor, and danced to the entire song again—this time just the two of us—in the exact same spot we had danced our first dance only hours before. It was like out of a movie or fairy tale—pretty incredible and magical.”

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An Epic After Party

brides at afterparty with disco balls

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

“No matter what happens, stay true to yourself,” bride Andrea advises other couples when looking back on her wedding day. “We knew what we wanted from the beginning, and we did not let go of what was important. In the end, what we were left with was the feeling of love that surrounded us—that feeling is what we will hold on to for life.”

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An Electric Ceremony

Jules Von Hep and Mark Beverlo celebrate at wedding ceremony

Photo by Jacob Van Rozelaar

Jules and Mark's Netherlands wedding included a ceremony they would never forget. "Walking down the aisle and the moments before were life highlights," reflects Jules. "My Dad started crying seconds prior and as we walked down the aisle, everyone whooped and cheered, and I punched my bouquet in the air. The energy in the room was unexpected and electric. People were sobbing, screaming with joy, applauding. It was a moment I don’t think any of us will ever forget. Even the catering staff were crying and they didn’t know us!”

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A Meaningful First Dance

Erin and Erin holding each other while a live band performs their first dance

Photo by Love Tribe Weddings

At their Napa wedding, brides Erin and Erin swayed to “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner in the style of Noah Reid. “We asked our wedding band, Vybe Society, to learn our first dance song, and they did such an amazing job,” the two gush. “The female artist sang it as well, which was a special touch as we are a same-sex couple.”

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A Dance Floor Moment

Two grooms dancing at wedding in just married and groom shirts

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography

Actors Jason Gotay and Michael Hartung had a special fashion moment at their reception. "During the dance party portion of the evening, we planned a costume change and reveal to surprise our guests. Styled by Stephanie Tricola, we made an entrance in matching “Groom” t-shirts that said 'Just' and 'Married' on the back of each one, with Jason appearing in pants from Zadig & Voltaire and Dr. Martens combat boots and Michael tearing up the dance floor in a tulle skirt from David’s Bridal," share the couple. "Michael’s grandmother provided jewelry to accessorize our looks. Our entrance was choreographed to 'End of Time' by Beyoncé, naturally, and it was a definite highlight of the evening."

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An Intimate Stroll

grooms portrait at Dodger Stadium

Photo by Anée Atelier

These grooms had extremely tender moments together during their portrait session. “That part was so special, and we are so grateful for our amazing photographers who captured those moments," they share.

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A Moment Between Two Timeless Grooms

groom first look

Photo by Jose Ruiz Photography

"Our first look was incredibly special," share grooms Michael and Javi at their Puerto Rico wedding. "We were both surprised by what we had picked to wear (and slightly relieved that they matched). But, it was special to be by ourselves and to have that moment be captured."

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A Post-Ceremony High-Five

Two brides high-fiving after their wedding

Photo by Clarkie Photography

We bet we know what these brides were saying as they high-fived post-nuptials: "We did it!" The playful moment was just a precursor to the sheer fun spotlighted at their Los Angeles wedding.

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Calming Vows

Jen and MC kissing during their ceremony

Photo by Sylvie Rosokoff

At their intimate Connecticut ceremony, couple Jen and MC felt a moment of calm as their officiant read their pre-written vows. Jen adds, "I just remember standing across from MC, as Julie read our vows, and feeling the calmest I’ve ever been. As someone with lifelong anxiety, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was magic.”

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A Magical First Dance

Amy and Sarah hugging during their first dance in the middle of the forest

Photo by Justine Milton Photography

Sarah and Amy held an intimate celebration in Alberta, Canada with only 10 of their friends as guests. “Our first dance was in the middle of the forest, surrounded by our closest friends, with ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young playing in the background,” the couple remembers. “It felt so magical and romantic."

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An Emotional First Look

Heather and Kelly doing their first look on a rooftop balcony

Photo by We the Romantics

“Our first look was unforgettable,” Heather remembers of her Texas wedding. “As Kelly waited on the expansive balcony of the hotel suite, she played a song that means so much to us as a couple, ‘Grave’ by Thomas Rhett. I was so nervous when I walked out to meet her, but when I tapped her to turn around, she had the sweetest look on her face as she saw my dress for the first time. We laughed, hugged, and cried as our family and friends looked on from inside the suite.”

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A Beautiful Ceremony

Kissing during the recessional

Photo by John & Joseph

The personalized vows from Megan and Gretchen's Beverly Hills wedding were full of emotion. Megan wrote, “Let us always remember we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole. We will have long hard days, but we will never have them alone. Where you are is where I belong.” In her vows, Gretchen said, “I’m here with all the versions of you I’ve met over 10 years of vacations, date nights, and business plans. And even if the point of life isn’t just to be happy, I am, down to the bones.”

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Taking a Break Together

Two grooms laying on a hammock and facing each other
Photo by Rouxby

Two grooms share a sweet moment on a hammock after exchanging their "I do's" so soak in the joy of their new marriage.

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A Tissue-Worthy Moment

bride and groom cry during wedding ceremony

Photo by Second Shot Photography

Tears arrived as couple Sydney and Snoop shared the vows they wrote for each other at their Atlanta wedding. "They mostly centered around our feelings about each other, how we met, and how we plan on making this marriage last forever," explains the couple.

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Flashing Their Rings

Two brides holding up their hands to show off their wedding rings

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

This totally cool couple chose to take their vows solo at a Brooklyn home while zooming with their loved ones, but that didn't take away from the romance. We love this shot of them showing off their rings together.

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Breaking the Glass Together

Two grooms stomping glass together at a Jewish wedding

Photo by Logan Cole Photography

This shot of two grooms breaking the glass together at their Jewish wedding is quite momentous—an inclusive take on an age-old tradition. Check out their proud families completely enthralled in the act.

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A Bike Ride Through the English Countryside

Two groom high-fiving while they ride bikes through the English countryside

Photo by Richard Skins Photography

We're so glad someone captured this adorable moment between two grooms as they leisurely bike through the English countryside. The Oxfordshire location is more than just beautiful, though; it's also symbolic. Londoners Nathan and Chris went on their first getaway there in 2015 and returned for their nuptials years later on the exact same weekend.

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A Gorgeous Sparkler Exit

Two brides kissing during a sparkler wedding exit

Photo by Red Apple Tree Photography

Who doesn't love sparkler exits? This drama-filled scene between two newlywed brides at their South Carolina wedding was the perfect photo op.

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A Statement-Making Portrait

Two brides smiling and holding hands, with one bride's "Love wins" tattoo exposed

Photo by Gloria Goode Photography

We know you're probably focused on the sheer love and happiness on these brides' faces as they gaze into each other's eyes, but this romantic shot also makes a statement. Notice one bride's "love wins" tattoo.

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Making Music Together

Two grooms playing tambourines at their wedding while guests watch and play along

Photo by Allan Zepeda Photography

This whimsical couple shook tambourines while their guests followed along at their Miami Beach wedding. Isn't love just making music together, after all?

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A Celebratory Tequila Shot

Two brides taking a tequila shot on their wedding day

Photo by Moni & Adri Photography

Because toasting with Champagne is a little too traditional, these brides embraced their tropical seaside locale by taking a tequila shot together to celebrate their love.

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A Tender Getting-Ready Moment

Two brides kissing on a balcony wearing bridal getting-ready robes

Photo by Natura Collective

These NYC brides wore matching bridal robes and hair accessories while getting ready together. We adore this shot of them sharing a sweet kiss before parting ways to put on their wedding dresses (which neither of them had seen on the other yet!).

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Happy Dance

Two brides smiling during their first dance

Photo by Alexandra Lee Photography

First dance photos capture the sweetest moments between newlyweds. We're getting choked up over the elated look on this bride's face while she shares an intimate dance with her new wife at their Chicago wedding.

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An Elevated Kiss

Grooms first kiss at forest ceremony

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography

At the end of their personalized ceremony, one groom lifted the other for a celebratory first kiss.

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Toasting to Love

Two brides making a toast at their wedding

Photo by Lisa Ziesing of Abby Jiu Photography

These two brides made a toast to love at their glam-inspired wedding reception. Just take in the heartwarming smiles on their faces as they say "cheers!" to a beautiful life together.

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Flying High

Anthony and JJ / A retro travel-themed wedding

Photo by Hannah Jan Photo

These groom's love traveling so much that they modeled their wedding theme as a celebration of the iconic '60s jet era. Their proposal was equally jet-set, taking place on the last night of a trip when JJ told his now-husband that he wanted to travel with him forever. Even their centerpieces were created from vintage postcards and boarding passes they'd collected over the years.

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