39 Same-Sex Wedding Photos That Will Give You All the Feels During Pride Month

Love is love

brides in BHLDN dresses

Photo by Kristin Sweeting Photography

While any time of year is the perfect time to celebrate LGBTQ+ love, June marks LGBTQ+ Pride month and we're honoring the occasion with some truly heartwarming and tear-jerking same-sex wedding photos that are positively bursting with love. And we promise—these super stunning snapshots will hit you straight in the feels.

We may still have a long way to go in marriage equality, but there’s no denying that we have also made some serious strides. A victory for love, same-sex weddings are currently legally recognized in 30 countries and territories. The Netherlands was the first to turn the tide, passing a law for same-sex marriage in 2001, and the United States is the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage in its historic Supreme Court ruling (a landmark decision we’re still applauding years later—not that we’d ever stop).

Getting married is undeniably one emotional and celebratory affair—but to be able to tie the knot with the love of your life after being denied the right to do so and believing it was something you’d never be able to do? Now that is a whole different kind of celebration, bringing a new meaning to the monumental milestone. And for each and every photo from the LGBTQ+ weddings below, there’s no missing that exact feeling etched across every couple’s face. As these brides and brides and grooms and grooms show, at the end of the big day, we’re all the same: two people dedicating their love and support for the rest of their lives together. LGBT+ weddings are simply just weddings, after all.

It seems like anything that isn't a 'traditional' wedding is imperfect, but the truth is that love is perfect even if it's different than what you're used to.

From jubilant depictions of love and laughter to the more tender moments and the sweet feelings of pride, these same-sex wedding photos are filled with such palpable emotion you'll be reaching for the Kleenex. Bring on the happy tears—because these 39 couples prove that love is love.

ceremony recessional
Photo by Sara Lobla

Reflecting on his jungle-inspired wedding in Barcelona to his love, Ale, groom Oscar said, "It seems like anything that isn't a 'traditional' wedding is imperfect, but the truth is that love is perfect even if it's different than what you're used to."

Photo by Cassie Castellaw Photography

Between the gorgeous florals and beautiful brides, this is a "You may now kiss the bride" moment that has us swooning.

first dance
Photo by Towards the Moon

For their first dance, brides Chelsey and Alyssa chose "You & Me” by Dave Matthews Band. “I totally lost it,” said Chelsey of when the tune began to play. “When that song first came out in 2009, Alyssa and I used to dance to it all the time, alone at home. Our relationship was still very much a secret. I never thought then that someday we’d be able to be dancing, in front of everyone we know, at our wedding.”

Photo by Aimlee Photography

Just like this tearful bride (crying happy tears, of course), these clearly emotional vows have us reaching for the tissues, too.

Main Image
Photo by Katie Edwards Photography

The joy these brides clearly felt at their Sedona wedding is positively contagious.

Photo by Melia Lucida

"We both decided to write our own vows, which was one of the best decisions we made throughout our wedding experience," groom Ross said of his gorgeous Hawaiian wedding to Noa. "The writing process was a fantastic moment to reflect on our relationship and realize why we want to spend the rest of our lives together."

Photo by Thierry Joubert

These beautiful brides couldn't help tearing up when they laid eyes on one another at their romantic ceremony in the south of France.

Photo by Emma Weiss Photo

Here comes the bride (well, one of them). First look photos never fail to bring a tear to our eye.

bride wearing sunglasses
Photo by Thierry Joubert

Have you ever seen brides so cool? For their nuptials, co-founders of London-based interior design firm Sella Concept, Gayle Noonan and Tatjana von Stein, headed to the Spanish countryside and threw a party we wish we were invited to.

father-daughter dances
Photo by Henry + Mac

At their warehouse wedding in Portland, Maine, both brides took a spin on the dance floor with their dads to "My Girl" by the Temptations. "We danced with our own dads, then danced with our fathers-in-law toward the end of the song," said bride Allison. "Our families have been so supportive of our relationship since day one, and we were so lucky to have them by our sides on our wedding day."

gay wedding grooms at altar
Photo by Angie Diaz Photography

These grooms celebrated their wedding in beautiful Maui, where the newlyweds and guests were treated to an amazing sight: multiple humpback whales breached out in the ocean after the "I dos."

Photo by River West Photography

What a picture-perfect moment. Between these brides' awesome wedding-day attire and their joyful expressions, we're head-over-heels for this stunning snapshot.

Brides kissing
Photo by Luna de Mare

My Yen proposed to Gracie by putting together a book full of pictures and memories from their four years together. “On the last page was a picture of the ring and the question, ‘Will you marry me?’" said Gracie. "It was perfect."

brides in Colorado
Photo by Kristin Sweeting Photography

Two proposals are better than one. Before these two brides celebrated their wedding in Colorado, Roz proposed to Lauren while camping at Cathedral Lake near Aspen. "It was so beautiful with the snow covering everything around us, and I knew that was my chance to propose."

About six months later, Lauren decided that it was her turn to pop the question. She and Roz were at their favorite neighborhood bar in Denver, sitting outside and enjoying a drink. "I'd convinced the gas station across the street to put 'Roz, Marry Me' on their sign—it took her forever to notice," said Lauren with a laugh.

same sex brides
Phil Chester

This embrace captures so much love in one tender moment.

Groom's First Kiss
Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography

These grooms surprised all of their guests with a trip to a vineyard for their jubilant wedding.

Brides holding hands
Photo by Mackenzie Neville

If this isn't the definition of happiness, we don't know what is.

Grooms hugging during reception
Photo by Aaron and Whitney Photography

A candid moment between these grooms embodies everything we love about weddings in general.

Photo by Jay Lim Studio

"We did it!"

Grooms kissing
Photo by Mae & Minh Photography

This rooftop wedding was bursting with just as much color and life as the grooms tying the knot.

Grooms together
Photo by Kate Headley

We still can't get over how stylish these guys looked at their campground nuptials.

matching wedding bomber jackets
Photo by Alicia Swedenborg

Mrs. and Mrs. jackets for the win.

Grooms getting ready
Photo by The Nichols

These grooms opted to get ready for their wedding together—and we're so glad they did. How sweet is this photo?

Grooms during first dance
Photo by Golden Hour Studios

So much love for these grooms during their first dance as husband and husband.

Agaton Strom

A wedding-day family photo for the books.

Two Brides Embracing at Scottish Wedding
Photo by The Kitcheners

There’s nothing quite as euphoric as the moment after saying “I do” and that first married kiss. Kaylee and Karyln incorporated a few Scottish rites and read hand-written vows, making this moment all the more joyful.

Outdoor Wedding Portrait of Two Brides
Photo by Adam Riley Photography

Both of these dresses may be beautifully dazzling, but it’s nowhere near as bright as the look on both of these brides’ faces. Glowing sunlight helps capture this tender first look.

Two Brides at City Hall Wedding
Photo by Studio XIII Photography

If the elated looks on their faces say anything, it’s that stepping out of City Hall has never felt so triumphant.

Two Grooms Toasting at Wedding Reception
Photo by Clean Plate Pictures

Seriously, what’s cuter than Eskimo kisses? These two grooms put the “sweetheart” in sweetheart table.

Two Brides in Sheath Wedding Dresses
Photo by Kristin la Voie Photography

Find someone who looks at you the way this glamorous duo gazes into one another’s eyes.

Grooms in Blue Suits
Photo by Anagram Photo

An intimate stroll away from the crowd gave Ryan and Johnny some privacy to bask in newlywed happiness—and provided the opportunity for a great shot of their dapper duds.

Two Brides Embracing in Wedding Portrait
Photo by The Melideos

We’re not crying—you are. There’s no denying the compassion and love between these two timeless brides.

First Kiss at Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Enchanted Brides Photography

Captured: the newlyweds' first kiss. We bet these grooms wanted to press pause on this soulful moment.

Two Brides Kissing in Vineyard
Photo by Studio XIII Photography

How chic is this pair with their silk cowl back and crisp pantsuit? The real spotlight, though, is their sweet love in this magical moment.

Wedding Ceremony Confetti Exit
Photo by Claire Penn

A walk out of the chapel has never looked so celebratory. Jubilant and proud, Anthony and Nicholas nailed the confetti toss as much as they nailed their amazing tweed suits.

Woodsy Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas

These two autumnal beauties radiate love.

Wedding Portrait in Hammock
Photo by Rouxby

The way these two are looking at each other gives us all the feels. So, too, does their sharp and spiffy bowties and crisp white linen shirts, emitting Old Hollywood glamour and romance.

Two Groom Embracing
Photo by Carla Penoncelli

Serious cuteness overload with this giggly pair, already putting the vows of to have and to hold to good use.

Outdoor Bridal Portrait
Photo by Lavender + Twine

Hand holding and sweet kisses—the perfect romantic walk for two in a dreamy outdoor setting.

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