19 Salt-and-Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings for the Alternative Bride

Different and one of a kind!

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It’s been ingrained in our brains that a sparkling (and sizable!) white diamond makes the ultimate engagement ring. But, as many modern brides will attest, a white diamond isn’t the be-all and end-all. If you lean toward an alternative aesthetic or you’re simply interested in an engagement ring that’s less expected, then a salt-and-pepper diamond is a fantastic choice.

What Is a Salt-and-Pepper Diamond?

A salt-and-pepper diamond is a diamond with inclusions that appear black and white. Some will have more inclusions than others, and no two diamonds are alike—some will be dark and moody, others come light and bright with just a few tiny blemishes, while still others can look almost gray.

Salt-and-pepper diamonds are still diamonds, which means they’re still incredibly rare and valuable. The difference is that they come with a smidge more character than a highly sought flawless white diamond and make for a distinctive engagement ring that veers slightly left of center without teetering too far into avant-garde territory.

While salt-and-pepper diamonds are inherently alternative, you can opt for the speckled stone in a timeless setting to prevent it from feeling overly modern—a solitaire stone will read super clean, especially in a classic cut like cushion, round, oval, or pear. Or, if you are feeling something especially unique, modern stone shapes and settings abound. You can even go for a raw or rough cut salt-and-pepper diamond or a rose-gold setting if you’re coveting an engagement ring with loads of character.

If you think a salt-and-pepper diamond is right for your engagement ring, ahead, scroll our edit of 19 options for every style and budget.

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Anueva Jewelry Build Your Own Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Anueva Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Anueva Jewelry, $1,150

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Après Jewelry The Salt + Pepper Kite Ring

Courtesy of Après Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Après Jewelry, $975

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Ignite Metals Natural Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Ring With White Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold

Courtesy of Ignite Metals

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $1,800

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byAngeline Fancy Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Solitaire Engagement in 14k Rose Gold

Courtesy of byAngeline

SHOP NOW: byAngeline, $1,895

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Michael Gabriels One of a Kind 1.16 Carat Salt and Pepper Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring Set in Matte White Gold

Courtesy of Michael Gabriels

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $1,989

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Rachel Boston 18k White Gold Salt and Pepper Grey Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Rachel Boston

SHOP NOW: 1stdibs, $2,470

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Sofia Zakia Salt & Pepper Diamond Wandering Star Ring

Courtesy of Sofia Zakia

SHOP NOW: Sofia Zakia, $2,495

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Margaret Cross Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Margaret Cross

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $2,500

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Jennie Kwon Salt and Pepper Balance Ring

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon, $2,500

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Doozie Salt & Pepper Diamond Halo Ring in 14k Yellow With Textured Band

Courtesy of Doozie

SHOP NOW: Doozie, $2,750

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Capucinne Fine Jewelry Diamond Ring Set Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Capucinne

SHOP NOW: Capucinne Fine Jewelry, $2,800

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Franklin Gem 14k Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Franklin Gem

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $2,850

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Pilar Agueci Salt and Pepper Oval Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Pilar Agueci

ShOp NOW: Pilar Agueci, approximately $3,400

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Digby & Iona Nico Ring

Courtesy of Digby & Iona

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $3,670

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Sofia Kaman Simple Solitaire Marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond

Courtesy of Sofia Kaman

SHOP NOW: Sofia Kaman, $3,950

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Concierge Diamonds Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring With Side Trillions

Courtesy of Concierge Diamonds Inc.

SHOP NOW: 1stdibs, $4,000

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Blair Lauren Brown Full Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Blair Lauren Brown

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $7,150

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Variance Salt and Pepper Rough 4 Carat Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Variance

SHOP NOW: Variance, $9,800

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Michelle Oh Kate's Ring

Courtesy of Michelle Oh

SHOP NOW: Michelle Oh, price upon request

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