68 Rustic Wedding Ideas for Casual and Cozy Nuptials

Rustic wedding table

Roberta Facchini

There's something innately comforting about a rustic-themed wedding, like the warm feeling of returning home and being cozy. What better way to begin your new life with your spouse than by capturing the sentiments of home from the get-go? A relaxed atmosphere, soothing neutral tones, all the bounty of nature, and sturdy wood accents to ground the casual palette are all facets that speak to the rustic wedding persona.

"I feel that the setting is the most important," says wedding planner Julie Lindenman of Julie Lindenman Events. "Working with a palette or design that ties in the natural surroundings feels the most authentic to me." But capturing such an intimate aesthetic that is entirely you can be difficult, especially amidst a sea of trendy rustic wedding décor we've no doubt seen a million times. "Keep it simple," advises Vanessa Vierra of Vanessa Noël Events. "Sometimes with a rustic design, the tendency can be to try to overdo it with signage and clutter. Less is more!"

Meet the Expert

  • Julie Lindenman is a wedding planner and the founder of Julie Lindenman Events, a full-service wedding and event production company based in NYC.
  • Vanessa Vierra is the owner and creative director of Vanessa Noël Events.

Whether you're pulling out all the stops or opting for something a bit more laid-back, check out our picks of the best rustic wedding ideas.

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A Feeling of Home

Barn reception

Nicole Leever; Event Planning by Vanessa Noël Events; Floral Design by Idlewild Floral 

More than any accessories or types of wedding decorations you opt for, rustic weddings are all about creating a feeling of organic simplicity and comfort. "The way that we design 'rustic' is in a more elevated and timeless way," explains Vierra. "Rustic becomes synonymous with comfort and farm-to-table; connected to nature and an understated design that enhances our already beautiful surroundings." 

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Birch and Quill Calligraphy Escort Cards

Birch and Quill Calligraphy Escort Cards

Koman Photography

Maintain a bit of formality during your rustic-themed soirée with custom calligraphy escort cards. Display them with clothespins and twine to exude the chic casualness that goes hand in hand with this wedding style.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $1 per card

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Our Vows Wedding Vow Bag

Vow Pouch

Our Vows / Etsy

A charming protective pouch is the perfect vessel to store your wedding vows on your big day and for years to come.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $4.95

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Rustic Ceremony Seating

Bistro chairs

Chris & Ruth; Event Planning by Laura Bravi; Floral Design by Il Profumo dei Fiori; Rentals by Lincei Catering Umbria and Il Profumo dei Fiori

When having an outdoor ceremony, the key is to let the natural splendor of the environment shine. While minimal bench style seating is the traditional go-to, we are obsessed with the scene set with these romantic bistro chairs amongst an olive grove.

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Globe String Lights

Globe String Lights


Having an outdoor wedding? Cue the lights and set the mood with strings of delicate, globe-shaped bulbs to decorate the venue.
SHOP NOW: Amazon, $44.98

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Z Create Design Donuts Sign

Donuts Sign

Z Create Design / Etsy

Even your reception desserts deserve a dash of rustic appeal. If you're serving everyone's favorite round confection, create a fully-fledged donut wall and display them proudly underneath a wooden cutout cursive sign.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $30.51

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A Rustic Hairdo

Rustic Hair

TOM LEUNG PHOTOGRAPHY; Hair by Sarah Tupper; Floral Design by Doe + Jay 

The perfect hair adornment for a rustic bride, bridesmaid, or flower girl is guazy ribbon and a sprig of fresh flowers. This particular circlet features white scabiosa and miniature ferns. Be still our rustic-loving hearts.

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Earthy Aisle Runners

Aisle and altar florals

SERGIO SANDONÁ; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events

Make your grand entrance down a dreamy aisle flush with earthy blooms, wildflowers, and foraged botanicals like at Lindenman's own wedding. "I enjoy working with floral teams who are happy incorporating local wildflowers into their work, or décor vendors who use found objects to tie in the rustic surroundings," she says.

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Melanie Porter Co. Green Leaf Fairy Lights

Melanie Porter Co. Green Leaf Fairy Lights

Melanie Porter Co. / Etsy

Channel natural elements and adorn any flat surface with hand-spun fairy lights, embellished with mini leaves. These can even spruce up your reception tablescape.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $30.51

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Jarful House Set of Rustic Wall Sconces

Mason Jar Sconces

Jarful House / Etsy

Mason jars have earned themselves a spot as rustic wedding staples. These distressed mason jars with a wood backdrop are ideal for easy hanging décor.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $64.99

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A Bouquet Train

Bridal bouquet

Kami Olavarria; Event Planning by Saguzo Eventos; Floral Design by Addy Florales and Native Poppy 

In lieu of a train, this bride opted for a dramatic 60-inch amber ribbon tied to her bouquet for an added "sense of flow". The autumnal hues and soft textures have all the makings of a rustic dream.

Experiment with different textures when choosing a ribbon to tie to your bouquet. Lace and tulle are always quintessentially bridal, and burlap has all the trappings of a rustic moment.

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A Barrel Bar

Wine barrel bar table

O'Malley Photographers; Wedding Planning and Floral Design by Valley and Co.

Create a visual focal point for an alfresco cocktail hour by creating a bar out of wine barrels topped with a wooden board. Accent with some dried flowers and you have an exquisite display for drinks.

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Lake Manor Metal Lanterns

Lake Manor Metal Lanterns


If you're craving more natural light for your wedding venue, these votive holders will do the trick. The iron adds to the relaxed yet decidedly modern vibe of these lanterns.

SHOP NOW: Wayfair, $33.88

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The Dutch Goldfinch Personalized Wine Cork Place Card Holder

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

The Dutch Goldfinch / Etsy

Good news, wine lovers, you can incorporate your vino enthusiasm into your rustic nuptials. Cork pieces emblazoned with your names and wedding date create a striking display for your escort cards.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $22 for 10

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An Open-Air Chapel


Jeremiah & Rachel; Event Planning and Floral Design by Greenwood Events

An open-air chapel provides a structured ceremonial space without obstructing the sweeping pastoral views. Drape vines and greenery from the beams to create an illusion of age and weathering against the bones of reclaimed lumber.

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An Eco-Friendly Toss

Olive leaves

Sara Lobla 

Continue the organic and sustainable theme into your grand exist by choosing natural alternatives to confetti. Have guests toss handfuls of olive leaves, dried lavender, rose petals, calendulas, whatever your heart desires.

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TalkingGloves Personalized Monogram Ring Pillow

TalkingGloves Personalized Monogram Ring Pillow

TalkingGloves / Etsy 

With monogrammed lace and satin ribbon, this embroidery hoop makes for a creative take on the traditional ring bearer pillow.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $45

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Ines Wedding Gallery Vow Books

Rustic Vow Books

Ines Wedding Gallery / Etsy 

These adorable rustic vow books are an absolute must-have for any nature-loving pair, complete with wooden covers emblazoned with your engraved initials.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $22.32

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Printed Linens

Cocktail tables

Liz Banfield; Event Planning by A Day in May Events

Summery floral prints like these are always reminiscent of balmy summer days. Incorporate those warm memories into your wedding day by weaving them into your cocktail hour for a homey atmosphere.

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Eclectic Tablescapes

Colorful rustic tablescape

Pat Furey; Floral Design by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

Bare tables look striking when topped with sumptuous jewel tones. Brass accents, mismatched amber-hued glassware, and bolts of vivid blues create an enchanting atmosphere.

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Z Create Design Wedding Chair Signs Hoop Style

Wedding chair signs

Z Create Design / Etsy

Play on the wood and floral decorations synonymous with rustic wedding décor through matching seat backs. These adorable "Mr." and "Mrs." hoops can be repurposed and live on as home décor.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $67.90

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Baby's Breath by Sarine Dried Baby's Breath Flower Crown

Baby's Breath Flower Crown

Baby's Breath by Sarine / Etsy 

Baby's breath—a pastoral wedding decoration must-have—has never looked better than in flower crown form, adorning the heads of your bridesmaids or flower girl.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $28.15

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Hanging Installations

Woven rattan pendant lights

​SERGIO SANDONÁ; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events

Whether in a barn, tent, or any space with high ceilings consider adding an installation of woven rattan pendant lights and accent with greenery.

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An Edible Tablescape

Vegetable and wheat table runner

Cassidy Carson; Event Planning by Fête Nashville; Floral Design by Enchanted Florist  

Create a sustainable tablescape by swapping out floral centerpieces for fruits and veggies. These tables were decorated with garland runners of lettuce, apples, artichokes, pomegranates, and bunches of wheat. "My favorite part was that, after the wedding, all of the fruits and vegetables we used to decorate the tables were fed to the farm's animals," explains bride Kim.

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Fira Studio Heart Cake Topper With Custom Initials

Heart cake topper

Fira Studio / Etsy

Yes, your cake topper can also revel in the full rustic treatment. A simple plywood heart bedecked with your initials makes for the final romantic touch to your dessert.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $18.94

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Little Helper Ensembles

Page boys

​SERGIO SANDONÁ; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events 

Don't forget the littlest members of your bridal party. Lindenman outfitted the page boys at her own wedding to look every bit the rustic-chic gentlemen in gray pants, white button-downs, blush linen bow ties, and leather suspenders.

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Plentiful Pies

Pie dessert table

Kindred Weddings; Floral Design by Marigold; Pies by Gizditch Ranch

Forgo the usual dessert bar, or traditional wedding cake even, and have an exclusive pie table instead. "We served the pies warmed in an outdoor fire oven and served à la mode,” explains bride Sarah.

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Masters3Sisters Wooden Lanterns

Wooden lanterns

Masters3Sisters / Etsy 

Rich, wooden lanterns inject tons of rustic charm to any fête and can be quite versatile. Use a few to light up dark areas or brighten them up by tucking fresh flowers inside instead.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $44

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Flower Girl Ensembles

Flower girls

Katie Grant; Flower Girl Attire by Harriette Gordon; Floral Design by Ivy Flowers

These adorable little flower girls wore earthy crowns of dried bunny tails that matched their mini-bouquets. Add their wholesome gray dresses and black Mary Janes and we couldn't think of a more appropriately rustic ensemble.

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Wildflower Escort Card Display

Rustic Wildflower Escort Card Display

SERGIO SANDONÁ; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events 

Escort card displays are a great place to show off your creative side. Lindenman's garden-inspired wall is covered in local flowers, each attached to a card that directs guests to their tables. Bonus: It can double as a photo booth backdrop.

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Preserved Pink Gypso Bunch

Preserved Pink Gypso Bunch


Dried flowers are the perfect rustic touch to wedding decorations. These preserved gypso branches incorporate tons of texture with their frilly stems adding a playful charm to any arrangement.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, $28

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SweethomeByLulu Crochet Doilies

Crochet Doilies

SweethomeByLulu / Etsy

While the mere mention of doilies may transport you back to memories of your grandma's doily-covered home, there are ways to incorporate them into a rustic-chic theme. We personally love the idea of using these as place settings to serve as delicate backdrops to charger plates and unforgettable food.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $26.70

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Literary Lights

Candles and poems hanging in trees

MK Sadler; Event Planning by Princess Wedding; Paper by Silk & Willow

Create a romantic outdoor atmosphere by hanging love letters and snippets of your favorite poems in the trees alongside lit candle votives. Mood, set.

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A Ranch-Style Seating Chart

Seating chart display

​Jeremiah & Rachel; Event Planning and Floral Design by Greenwood Events 

At this Montana ranch wedding, the seating chart was framed by elk antlers, with each table assignment pinned to a plywood board. A base of large blossoms added softness to the rugged display.

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Our Vows Personalized Vow Books

Personalized Vow Books

Our Vows / Etsy 

These gorgeous vow books are made of handmade cotton paper to inscribe your nuptial promises on. A sheer ribbon completes the stunning package.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $24.95

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Open Vintage Shutters Lantern Table Numbers

Open Vintage Shutters Lantern Table Numbers

Open Vintage Shutters / Etsy

These vintage lanterns can be customized with table numbers so that wedding guests can easily find their seats.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $12.99

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Baby's Breath Bouquets

Flower girls/junior bridesmaids

Madeline Broderick Photography; Floral Design by Splints and Daisies 

You already know we love baby's breath in floral crowns, but how about sprays of baby's breath in lieu of complicated bouquets? Opting for simpler touches adds tenderness as opposed to overwhelming drama, an ongoing theme when it comes to rustic wedding ideas.

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Table Stationery

Baguette menu card

Jennings King; Event Planning by Fox Events; Paper Products Studio R and J.Lily Design 

These menus were printed on bread bags containing small baguettes for each guest. A sprig of rosemary and twine finish off the provincial vibe.

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Homemade Cookies


Rebecca Yale; Event Planning by Callista & Company; Catering by Naturally Delicious 

Nothing says homegrown like a batch of freshly baked cookies. Personalize your wedding reception by using your favorite family recipes or host a bake-off the night before and have your guests bring their own favorites, along with the accompanying recipes to start off your newlywed recipe collection.

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Airy Lighting

Table setting

Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Exclusive Italy Weddings; Floral Design by La Rosa Canina

Transform a sturdy wooden table into a light and airy rustic tablescape by incorporating pastel tones, clear glassware, and satin-finished champagne-gold metals. We especially love the lush pergola and hanging lanterns creating a cozy atmosphere despite the alfresco dinner.

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Fresh Accents

Flower Girl

Kurt Boomer; Event Planning by Jacqueline Hallgarth Events; Floral Design by Janna Brown Design Co. 

Flower crowns aren't the only way to bring in a touch of freshness. Tucking a few loose stems or fresh sprigs into a hairstyle is adorably rustic and far more budget-friendly.

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A Homespun Escort Card Display

Seating chart

Nicole Leever; Event Planning by Vanessa Noël Events; Floral Design by Idlewild Floral

These seating arrangements were written on containers brimming with olive leaves, eucalyptus, and moss for a residential spin on an escort card display. "We wanted the seating chart to feel very organic and homey without feeling girly," explains Vierra. "We opted for greenery instead of flowers, but greenery with no shortage of texture and variance. This is a great option for rustic design, especially if you're going for a style that feels more farm-to-table."

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Amber Waves of Grain

Wheat décor

Cassidy Carson; Event Planning by Fête Nashville; Floral Design by Enchanted Florist  

Bunches of golden wheat make for an autumnal, rustic alternative to traditional flower arrangements. These aisle runners contrast beautifully with the white chairs.

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Rustic Wood Slices Individual Slabs of Bark

Wood Slices

Rust Wood Slices / Etsy 

Wood slices are a versatile and budget-friendly way to incorporate a dose of rustic-chic to any wedding decorations. Use them in lieu of chargers, or as a cake stand, or as a base for decorative arrangements like the above.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $4.76

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La Mia Casa Wedding Garland

La Mia Casa Wedding Garland

La Mia Casa / Etsy

Decorate your venue (or hang them off of trees for an outdoor celebration) with these dainty heart-shaped paper doilies.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $7.20

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Clustered Vases

Floral arrangement

Kristin Sweeting; Floral Design by Overgrowth Floral

For an easy DIY of rustic table décor, put together an eclectic mix of mismatched bud vases in various colors and styles. Get creative by adding miscellaneous household items like small glass pitchers and bottles to the assortment.

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Local Goods

DIY Favors

Rebecca Yale 

Think local when it comes to wedding favors or creative place cards. "I love the idea of sourcing locally," says Lindenman. "For our wedding weekend, we wanted to support local businesses. I still get photos from our guests making pancakes using the farm-crafted syrup we gifted them."

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Copper Elements

Rustic Tablescape with Copper Accents

Whitney Darling; Event Planning by RO & Co. Events; Floral Design by Bloom Babes; Rentals by Adore FolkloreAmber Event RentalsArchive RentalsBright Event RentalsHostess Haven, La Tavola Fine Linen & Theoni

Pops of copper bring warmth and luster to neutral tones while still complementing the rustic table décor. This tablescape pairs copper mugs and flatware with amber and fuchsia hues. Eucalyptus, fresh grapefruits, and canopies of bougainvillea freshen up the aesthetic while rattan lanterns add texture.

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Something Blue

Rustic floral display

Aaron Delesie; Event Planning by EKS Events; Floral Design by DesignWorks; Rentals by Premier Party Rental 

A vintage dresser was transformed into a whimsical petal station where guests could load up on cones filled with loose rose petals for the couple's grand exit.

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A Rustic Alfresco Tablescape

Rustic tablescape

MK Sadler; Event Planning by Princess Wedding; Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori  

A bare wooden table is topped with matte silver candlesticks and vases, a scattering of wine bottles, and fresh greenery. A gauzy white runner adds a touch of sumptuous softness while wooden garden chairs blend in seamlessly.

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Vintage Reflections

Mirror sign

Carmen Santorelli; Event Planning by All Who Wander Events 

Vintage elements with bronze or brass fixtures make for a great accompaniment to a rustic theme as they easily complement raw wood and natural greenery. Mirrors, candlesticks, or picture frames can add an ornate elegance to any space without taking over the scenery.

Transform mirrors or picture frames into signage for the entryway, bar, or tables by writing on them yourself or having decals made that adhere to the surface.

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Janney Leather Vow Books

Leather Vow Books

Janney Leather / Etsy 

Rugged yet soft, these leather-bound vow books will keep your precious nuptial sentiments safe for a lifetime.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $25.90

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Open Vintage Shutters Personalized Lanterns

Open Vintage Shutters Personalized Lanterns

Open Vintage Shutters / Etsy 

How charming are these miniature, painted lanterns? Use them to light up walkways, scatter them around tables or, have your bridesmaids carry them down the aisle.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $13.34

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Lawn Games

Lawn Games

Photo by Jeannine Lombardo Photography

"You want your guests to enjoy the outdoor setting, so why not incorporate fun games into your cocktail hour?" says Lindenman. She personally recommends Upstate Jamboree, a rental company that builds all of their games from sustainably-harvested local lumber.

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A Rustic Wedding Arch

Rustic wedding arch

Carmen Santorelli

This charming nuptial arch was built by the bride's father out of oak branches. The bride and groom personally decorated the structure with swags of eucalyptus and fresh garden roses.

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A Moss Table Runner

Rustic Table Decor

James x Schulze; Event Planning by Calluna Events; Décor & Design by Eclectic Hive; Floral Design by Bare Root Flora; Tabletop Rentals by Yonder Floral and Decor House 

This bare table is adorned with an earthy runner of moss embellished with candles, scattered flowers, and fresh fruit. Wooden charger plates and champagne-gold flatware pair incredibly well with the simple yet bountiful setting.

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Susie's Wood Shop Wood Crate Centerpiece

Wooden Flower Box

Susie's Wood Shop / Etsy

Reclaimed wood planter boxes packed with mason jars are another versatile and budget-friendly accessory for any rustic theme. Use them to hold floral arrangements, fill them with glowing fairy lights, or stuff them with garnishes for the cocktail bar..

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $18

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My Primitive Boutique Last Name Sign

My Primitive Boutique Last Name Sign

My Primitive Boutique / Etsy

A custom sign combining your first names and new last name is the perfect rustic wedding decoration that can easily transition into your new home together.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $79

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Sweet Confetti Co. Acrylic Table Numbers With Wood Stands

Sweet Confetti Co. Acrylic Table Numbers With Wood Stands

Sweet Confetti Co. / Etsy

These acrylic table numbers give off the illusion of expensive glass for a far more attractive price. The minimalist look will blend seamlessly with your rustic table décor

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $9.95

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A Rustic Focal Point

Escort card display

Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Floral Design by Marigold 

An antique dresser holds an assortment of wicker baskets brimming with olive branches and minimalist escort cards attached to olive leaves with leather cords—all the trappings of an idyllic pastoral fête.

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Place Card Holder Shop Personalized Wooden Place Card Holder

Place Card Holder Shop Personalized Wooden Place Card Holder

Place Card Holder Shop / Etsy

How cute are these birch place card holders? Each can be burned with custom text and date for a personalized wedding favor.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $61.99 for 25

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Effective Draperie

Barn interior

Nicole Leever; Event Planning by Vanessa Noël Events; Floral Design by Idlewild Floral 

"The size of the barn was quite large for the guest count so the draping helped in several ways—it filled the space well and made the scale of the barn feel more appropriate, lightened up the dark interior, and added layers of texture," explains Vierra. "While wood is a staple in rustic design, it can also become quite dark and heavy so using draping in creative ways can lighten up the space and add softness."  

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The Little Rustic Farm Birch Wood Vase

The Little Rustic Farm Birch Wood Vase

The Little Rustic Farm / Etsy 

A birch planter box carved with your initials for every centerpiece. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $34.99

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Simplified Tablescapes

Natural linens

Ross Harvey; Event Planning by The Lake Como Wedding Planner; Rentals by Tearose

"Go for more high-end materials and textures like linen, stoneware, and iron to keep the focus on the quality of those elements rather than the quantity of things to look at," says Vierra. "This will help maintain sophistication in your rustic theme and keep the aesthetic timeless." Neutral hues with a heathered grain evoke an organic feel without having to go full burlap to achieve a rustic look.

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The Virginia Artisans Reserved Chair Sign

The Virginia Artisans Reserved Chair Sign

The Virginia Artisans / Etsy 

Show a little extra love for your VIPs at your ceremony with these wooden "reserved" signs to hold their place until they arrive.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $25

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Seagrass Lanterns With Glass Inserts

Seagrass Lanterns


Illuminate your venue with the warm, comforting glow of candles tucked away in these organic lanterns. Cluster various heights together in crevices, stairwells—anywhere that needs a little touch of luminosity.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, $58

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Fresh Olive Branch Bunch

Fresh Olive Branch Bunch


If we haven't made a case for olive branches already, here are a few extra rustic wedding ideas to get your DIY on. Use them to fill centerpieces or scatter them down runners for a mediterranean vibe. Tuck them into hairstyles or get crafty and weave them into floral crowns. Grab a bunch and let them shine on their own in your bridal bouquet. The possibilities are endless.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, $68

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A Warm Bonfire


Ahmed Wehbe / Getty Images 

"One of the highlights of our wedding was a bonfire after party," says Lindenman. "We easily could have brought down chairs or cute lounge pieces, but we chose to go with the existing tree stumps that surrounded it. Using the natural elements was a great way to keep things understated and authentic to the environment."

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