30 Rustic Wedding Cakes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Tree-Inspired Rustic Wedding Cake with Roses

Keira Lemonis Photography; Cake by Crisan Bakery

More and more nearly-weds are opting for naturally beautiful nuptials just as effortless as their love. From homegrown ceremonies to barn receptions, rustic weddings have become an industry-wide mainstay, with brides going crazy for organic details and touches of subtle elegance.

"The rustic wedding cake movement is rather broad, from fully covered with a rustic or textured finish to totally exposed with cake icing contained only within the layers," says wedding cake baker Jo Hameister. "For The Cake & I the in-between semi-naked has been the most popular. A very thin layer of icing exposing only some of the cake layers peeking through."

Meet the Expert

Jo Hameister is a wedding cake designer and artisan focused on individually handcrafting each confectionary piece. She is the owner of The Cake & I, located in Perth, Australia.

With berries, blooms, and other nature-inspired details, rustic wedding cakes are the countrified confections of choice that have guests scrambling to score a slice. These simplified sweets offer an earthier aesthetic, dripping with woodland details and natural touches, like crawling vines, twigs and twine, gorgeous greenery, and faux-bois frosting designs.

"Fruit, especially figs and pears are so divine," adds Hameister. Sounds deliciously dreamy, right? "I think the simplicity of the cakes and being on the opposite end of the scale to a 'traditional' cake is appealing to many couples," says Hameister. "They just look delicious!" In short, these cakes really do put the chic in country-chic.

We've found 30 rustic wedding cake ideas just perfect for your lovely laid-back wedding day.

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Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

A country-chic naked wedding cake by Sprinkle & Dash , blooming with pink-hued flowers and greenery

Mallory Renee Photo

This country-chic, semi-naked wedding cake by Sprinkle & Dash is positively blooming with a swag of pastel-hued flowers and greenery. The homemade look of the barely decorated cake is elevated with the sweet floral addition. "Rustic doesn't mean badly made," explains Hameister. "The secret to a really beautiful naked cake is that it's still perfect—straight sides and top. There is nowhere to hide in a naked cake."

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Wedding Cake Wrapped in Vines

A three-tiered wedding cake crawling with woodland vines and flowers by Amy Swann Cakes

Tobiah Tayo

This three-tiered wedding cake crawling with woodland vines and blossoms by Amy Swann Cakes has a natural wildness about it. The crowns of wildflowers winding around each layer look as if they were plucked right off a forest fairy's hair. If you're looking for some enchanted woodland wedding inspo, look no further than this freshly-foraged masterpiece.

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Buttercream White Wedding Cake

A three-tiered white wedding cake covered in blush blooms by Virginia's Cakes , sitting on a tree stump cake display

Mustard Seed Photo

A traditional three-tiered white wedding cake by Virginia's Cakes, gets a homey twist with soft horizontal texture. For added femininity, large blush-toned blooms, ferns, and creamy roses were scattered throughout the delicious piece. The saccharine display was anchored with a rugged tree stump fashioned into a cake stand, providing some much needed contrast.

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Four-Tiered Black Wedding Cake

A four-tiered black wedding cake by Artistic Bites adorned with fall foliage


These dramatic, moody hues will definitely make a statement. This four-tiered black wedding cake by Artistic Bites is adorned with lush fall foliage and pops of brooding crimsons. We're obsessed with the freshness that this masterpiece radiates despite its surprisingly dark tones.

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Naked Wedding Cake With Jam Filling

A rustic naked wedding cake by Cakewalk Bake Shop with a dusting of powdered sugar and dripping with jam filling

Sara and Rocky

Powdered sugar and jam, it doesn't get any more homegrown than that. This positively rustic, naked wedding cake by Cakewalk Bake Shop could've come right out of grandma's own kitchen. Each wholesome tier is humbly decorated with a dusting of sugar and a few powdery-hued blossoms tucked amongst the jam-dripping layers.

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Single-Tiered Wedding Cake With Decorative Acorns

A rustic fall wedding cake embellished with autumnal leaves and metallic acorns by Nine Cakes

Judy Pak

Hello, autumnal wedding cake! This single layer cutie by Nine Cakes is artfully embellished with a scattering of metallic acorns and gold leaf. Add a garland of fallen leaves to the base and you have rustic fall perfection.

"Always quality over quantity," advises Hameister. "If your budget doesn't allow for a multi-tiered cake then opt for a single tier—with the right styling it can be just as beautiful and not break the bank."

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Four-Tiered Wedding Cake Topped With Flowers

A nearly-naked rustic wedding cake by Sweet Thought Cakes with flowers and foliage

Ali Paul

This nearly-naked, rustic wedding cake oozes an earthy charm with its muted tones and humble icing. We love how the base cake peeks through the frosting of the nearly-naked tiers, almost giving off the illusion of layered tree bark. Neutral blossoms and foliage complete the look.

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Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake

A naked chocolate wedding cake, dusted with powdered sugar and sitting atop a rustic wooden tree stump

Struth Photography

What's a woodsy fête without a fitting confectionary creation? The naked layers of this chocolate wedding cake by Cop It Sweet basically mimic the actual wooden tree stump that showcases it. Dusted with powdered sugar and sprouting with natural buds, this rustic cake looks like it grew straight out of the forest floor.

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Two-Tiered White Wedding Cake

A simple two-tiered white wedding cake on an ivy-covered wooden cake stand

Kristyn Hogan

A simple, two-tiered white wedding cake gets a rustic makeover with the addition of contrasting textures. A laid-back frosting technique, smooth wooden base, and halo of ivy exalt this dessert to rustic heights. The resulting earthy color scheme exudes a lovely organic charm.

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Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake With Flowers and Greenery

A classic floral wedding cake made rustic with decorative eucalyptus leaves by Edelweiss Bakery

John Schnack

These tones! A classic wedding cake by Edelweiss Bakery is given the rustic treatment with sprigs of eucalyptus and pale pink roses, creating a refreshing color scheme. Repurpose a barrel into a cake table and decorate with tea lights to complete the vibe.

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Buttercream Wedding Cake With Decorative Flowers and Pinecones

A three-tiered white wedding cake by Elise Cakes with texturized frosting, lush blooms, and rustic pinecones

Lindsey Gage

This three-tiered white wedding cake by Elise Cakes is dressed with texturized, stucco frosting. A scattering of lush blooms of roses and dahlias add a fresh floral touch. But the true pièce de résistance? Itty-bitty pinecones nestled atop each layer.

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Single-Tiered Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

A single-tiered wedding cake by Quintessential Cakes , served on a wooden round for a country-chic vibe

Katherine Schultz Photography

Transform any wedding cake into a countrified masterpiece with rustically textured buttercream. This single-tiered wedding cake by Quintessential Cakes, is served on a wooden round for a country-chic vibe. Top with a freshly-picked posy and you have a darling dessert.

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Nearly-Naked Wedding Cake With Flowers

A thinly-frosted white wedding cake topped with pale petals by Angel Delights

Shauna Veasey

A thinly-iced white wedding cake can take on a frosty appearance. Pale petals and powdery greenery further push the fresh aesthetic. Set on a rich wooden base to anchor the look and provide some contrast to the otherwise faded palette.

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Four-Tiered Wedding Cake With Greenery

A thinly-frosted white wedding cake garnished with greenery by The Cake & I

Teneil Kable

We're obsessed with this natural color scheme. A thinly-frosted white wedding cake by The Cake & I boasts a mix of soft ivory and peeks of the sponge's natural warm browns. Pops of rich greenery and the ashy base of the wooden barrel complete the gorgeous aesthetic. "I look at this cake and honestly cannot believe this was my first attempt at a naked cake," says Hameister. "It was for a 'shed' wedding on a farm, and it has been my only delivery that I've been able to reverse straight up to the cake table (wine barrel)!"

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Wedding Cake Featuring Gold Foil Detailing

A gold and white wedding cake covered in a forest of florals and topped with fall berries

Brianna Wilbur

Why not have your wedding cake be your something blue, too? This soft, pastel-blue wedding cake is embellished with accents of gold foil for a hint of drama. Tufts of greenery, autumnal berries, and a bed of flowers bring the dessert back down to earth for a stunningly rustic-chic display.

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Birch-Inspired Wedding Cake

A birch tree inspired wedding cake adorned with a chalkboard monogram by Alliance Bakery

City Savvy Imaging

Chalkboards, strong arbors, and tree swings paint a comforting picture of childhood romance. Alliance Bakery created this charmingly youthful display with a birch-tree-inspired wedding cake adorned with a chalkboard monogram. The birch-bark texture of the fondant is so realistic you may need to reassure your guests. Our favorite part? The wooden-swing cake stand, of course!

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White Wedding Cake Topped With Fruit and Caramel

A three-tiered white wedding cake dripping with caramel, rustic fall fruits, and torched marshmallow fluff by Miss Ladybird Cakes

Miss Ladybird Cakes

This mouthwatering creation by Miss Ladybird Cakes is almost too delicious only admire from afar. The three-tiered, white wedding cake is literally dripping with autumnal goodness⁠—aka caramel. Rustic fall fruits and torched marshmallow fluff complete the campfire aesthetic.

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Gold and White Wedding Cake

A simplistic-chic wedding cake with metallic gold foil and a floral cake topper

Sally Pinera

This simplistic, chic wedding cake is smoothed to perfection with flawlessly executed fondant. Dramatic elegance is added with sheets of gold foil that take on an ethereal glow from the candles illuminating the base. A bed of fresh blossoms adds a softness and femininity to the contemporary style.

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White Wedding Cake With Wood Motif

A tree-inspired wedding cake, perfect for summer or fall nuptials

Troy Grover

Can you truly say you're in love if you haven't carved your eternal initials into a tree trunk? This tree-inspired cake soothes any concerns by displaying the visual representation of your commitment in confectionary form. The perfect complement to any summertime or fall nuptials.

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Nearly-Naked Wedding Cake With Roses and Greenery

An almost-naked white wedding cake topped with blush-hued roses and rustic greenery

Mariel Hannah Photo

We think we've made it quite clear that nearly-naked wedding cakes are amongst our faves for rustic celebrations. This almost-naked, white wedding cake has exposed layers of beige sponge and is accented with blush-hued roses and rich greenery. The all-white staging provides an oh-so modern backdrop.

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Lavender and Eucalyptus Wedding Cake

An autumn-ready wedding cake topped with sprigs of lavender and eucalyptus by Nine Cakes

Isabelle Selby

An autumn-ready wedding cake topped with sprigs of lavender and eucalyptus by Nine Cakes. We love the unconventional use of an ever-so-slight lavender shade to the frosting, blending perfectly with the buds and fresh greenery. With so many aromatic garnishes, we're sure this beauty smells just as wonderful as it tastes.

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White and Gold Wedding Cake With Flowers

A three-tiered white wedding cake adorned with a flourish of deeply-hued, country-chic blooms by d'Elissious Cake Studio

Rachel Havel

Don't be afraid to mix textures. This three-tiered wedding cake by d'Elissious Cake Studio has alternating layers of white, combed buttercream and smooth gold icing. It's finished off with a flourish of deeply-hued, country-chic blooms.

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Wedding Cake With Decorative Eucalyptus

A three-tiered naked wedding cake trimmed with vines of eucalyptus

Katy Gray

Muted, natural tones and verdant greenery are the perfect rustic complements. This three-tiered, naked wedding cake is trimmed with vines of eucalyptus. The whole feel seems so effortlessly organic, a fitting addition to any outdoor fête.

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Cloche-Covered Wedding Cake

A single-tiered white wedding cake complete with a laser-cut cake topper

Sara Lucero

A cloche is a must for protecting this sweet treasure. A single-tiered, white wedding cake is the epitome of humble simplicity, complete with a laser-cut cake topper. A wood-slice base finishes off the countrified mood.

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Chocolate Wedding Cake With Gold Foil

A rustic chocolate wedding cake gets a touch of glam with gold foil detailing

Diana McGregor

There's something incredibly charming and modest about a completely naked cake. This rustic, chocolate wedding cake features alternating tiers of unfinished cake and a glamorous midsection of smooth fondant and gold-leaf detailing. A stunning juxtaposition of homemade modesty and nuptial opulence.

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Wedding Cake Topped With Succulents

A four-tiered rustic wedding cake adorned with green succulents and a tree-inspired carving

Allegro Photography

Beautiful blossoms and greenery may have the upper hand in the décor department, but this arbor-inspired cake makes a serious case for succulents. The four-tiered, rustic wedding cake is adorned with green succulents of various sizes giving a refreshing take on the more traditional desserts we've seen. And of course, what's a tree-inspired cake if it doesn't have your initials carved into the "bark?"

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Wedding "Cheese" Cake

An alternative big day dessert consisting of four tiers of delicious cheese from West Country Cheese Co

West Country Cheese Co.

So there's wedding cheesecake, and then there's a cheese wedding cake. This alternative big-day dessert consists of four tiers of delicious cheese from West Country Cheese Co adorned with fragrant bundles of rosemary. We're already reaching for the died fruits.

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Nearly-Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake

An almost-naked chocolate wedding cake adorned with a bushel of grapes and a modern decorative branch

The Colagrossis

It would be a crime to cover this decadent, chocolatey confection. The almost-naked wedding cake is smoothed out with the sheerest layer of icing, giving the rich brown sponge a frosted appearance. The masterpiece is adorned with a bushel of grapes and verdant branches adding depth to the color palette.

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White Wedding Cake With Decorative Greenery

A traditional wedding cake goes country-chic with rustic greenery

Rebecca Arthurs

A traditional wedding cake is quintessentially bridal with this all-white color scheme. We're digging the one mismatched tier of combed buttercream amongst its smooth counterparts. Swags of rustic greenery and berries add a dose of country-chic décor.

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Naked Wedding Cake With Garden Roses and Branches

A naked wedding cake topped with a straight-from-the-garden bouquet of greenery

Purple Tree Photography

A wedding cake with some serious height advantage on the competition. This naked cake exudes autumnal warmth with its pumpkin spice coloring. Topped with a straight-from-the-garden bouquet of orange hues and greenery, it's a statement-making addition to any fall nuptials.

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