32 Impossibly Pretty Rose Bouquets

There are countless ways to debut a fresh, modern, and entirely unique rose bouquet.

Bride holds a simple wedding bouquet of all-white roses with long stems.

Photo by Kiyah C.

It's no surprise that rose bouquets are still such a popular choice for modern weddings—after all, these blooms symbolize love and romance more than any other flower. Pair that with the fact that they're versatile and absolutely gorgeous, and you're on your way to creating an unforgettable arrangement to carry with you down the aisle on the most romantic day of your life.

A wedding bouquet should, of course, always reflect the person carrying it, so from sumptuous garden roses to delicate spray varieties, there's a rose in the bunch for every kind of bride. Classic brides, for example, can't go wrong with a simple bouquet of red or white long-stem roses. Alternatively, garden roses in creamy, soft pastel hues tote an unmistakable feminine vibe for elegant brides, who can mix in a bundle of greenery to give the bouquet a more natural appearance. But don't think that rosy blooms are all dainty blushes and off-white hues. Boho brides can also incorporate roses into their wedding mix by layering loose flowers in dreamy, dark shades, adding in unexpected touches such as succulents along with darker-hued roses, and trailing greenery in a hand-gathered arrangement for a surprisingly sultry result.

With so many stunning colors, shapes, and unexpected textures, there are bountiful ways to include this classic flower in your bridal bouquet. So without future ado, it's time to stop and smell the roses—scroll below to see 32 of our favorite rose wedding bouquets.

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Moody Rose Bouquet With Burgundy Blooms

Dark Rose Bouquet

Courtesy of Oleander Curated; Photo by With Love & Embers Photography

Dark hues give this rosy mix by Oleander a seriously sultry vibe.

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Yellow and Orange Bouquet With Roses and Dahlias

Yellow Rose and Orange Dahlia Bouquet

Jessie Schultz Photography

Not Just in Novels crafted this boho beauty of yellow roses and burnt orange dahlias.

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Mauve Rose Bouquet

Mauve Rose Bouquet

Angie Diaz Photography; Styled by Utterly Engage

A breezy bouquet of mauve roses and greenery by Catalina Neal.

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Yellow and Peach Rose Bouquet

Yellow Rose Bouquet

Allen Tsai Photography

Golden yellow roses add some sunshine to this arrangement by Moss Floral Design.

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Rose, Peony, and Greenery Bouquet

Rose Bouquet with Trailing Greenery

Lauren Fair Photography

A spring bouquet overflowing with roses, peonies, and trailing greenery by Oleander.

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Pink and Blush Rose Bouquet

Coral, Cream, and Pink Rose Bouquet

India Earl

A rose bouquet of desert sunset hues by Hart Floral.

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Neutral-Hued Rose Bouquet

Cream and Taupe Rose Bouquet with Greenery

India Earl

Cream-colored and taupe roses and trailing greenery make for an organically gorgeous arrangement from Bloom by Madison.

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Pink and White Bouquet With Greenery

Rose Bouquet

A lovely, lush bouquet of light pink roses, anemones, and succulents by florist company Irises Designs.

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Rose Bouquet With Organic Greenery

Blush and White Rose Bouquet

Courtesy of Nectar & Root; Photo by 822 Weddings; Styling by Little Branch Events

A soft rose bouquet straight out of an English garden party wedding, created by Nectar & Root.

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Rose Bouquet With Red Charm Peonies

Garden Rose, Anemone, and Peony Bouquet

Almond Leaf Studios

A romantic bouquet of pink and white garden roses, anemones, and red charm peonies by Springvine Design.

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Rose and Peony Bouquet

Rose and Peony Bouquet

Fiona Vail Photography

A rose and peony bouquet of muted hues that's tied with trailing ribbons features stunning, cascading greenery and dried flowers.

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Rose and Peony Bouquet With Eucalyptus

Creamy and Burgundy Rose Bouquet

Photo by Almond Leaf Studios

Springvine Design combined creamy roses and burgundy blooms, resulting in a modern, romantic bouquet.

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White Rose Bouquet Tied With Ribbon

Large White Rose Bouquet

Allen Tsai Photography

Layers of Lovely created this bountiful classic bouquet of white and cream-hued roses.

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White, Red, and Bright Pink Rose Bouquet

Bright Pink and White Rose Bouquet

Allen Tsai Photography

We love this mixed-pink arrangement of garden roses and eucalyptus created by R. Love Floral.

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Cascading White Bouquet

cascading bouquet

The bride designed her stunning cascading bouquet made up of ivory orchids and creamy off-white roses.

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Loose and Organic Bridal Bouquet

Pastel Rose Bouquet

Courtesy of Oleander Curated; Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

This pretty pastel bouquet by Oleander features a mix of dried flowers and soft, coral rose blossoms.

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Rose and Anemone Bouquet

Peachy Rose Bouquet

Jessie Schultz Photography

Collected With Love paired peachy roses with blush peonies and white anemones to create this lush look.

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Small Bridesmaid Bouquet With Roses

Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet

Almond Leaf Studios

A lush pink rose is the focal point of this bridesmaid nosegay by Springvine Design.

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Classic White Rose Bouquet

White Rose Bouquet with Greenery

Michelle Boyd Photography

An elegant arrangement of full, white roses by Bramble & Bee.

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Dark Rose Bouquet

Modern and Dark Rose Bouquet

Courtesy of Oleander Curated; Photo by Forged in the North

A dark and dreamy bouquet of mauve, blush, gray, and dusty-yellow roses, created by Oleander.

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Bridal Bouquet With Peach Roses

Peach Rose Bouquet

Lauren Fair Photography

Wildflowers by Design arranged this impossibly romantic cluster of soft peach roses.

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Tight Bouquet of Red and Pink Roses

Classic Pink and Red Rose Bouquet

Serena Genovese Photography

A dainty combination of classic red and pink roses.

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A Tropical White Rose Bouquet

Portrait of the bride and groom

Photo by Melissa Marshall 

Bouquets created by María Límon included white roses, red anthurium, and eucalyptus.

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Peony, Anemone, and Rose Bouquet With Ribbon

Anemone, Peony, and Rose Bouquet

Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

A fresh springtime mix of white anemones, pink peonies, and garden roses.

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Bridal Bouquet With Roses, Tulips, and Ranunculuses

Yellow Bouquet of Roses, Tulips, and Ranunculus

Nadia Hung Photography

A sunshine yellow array of roses, tulips, and ranunculus by Jill Loves Lace.

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Bohemian Rose Bouquet With Succulents

White and Pink Rose, Greenery, and Succulent Bouquet

Jordan Voth

A loose, organic mix of white and pink roses, greenery, and succulents.

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Bridal Bouquet With Dark-Hued Blooms

Bohemian Rose Bouquet

Jordan Voth

A boho rose bouquet made for modern brides and desert "I dos."

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Plum and Magenta Rose Bouquet

Plum and Magenta Rose Bouquet

Rachel Elaine Photography

Pops of plum and magenta freshen up this greenery-forward rose bouquet by Root + Bloom.

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Oversized Rose Bouquet

Super-sized Bouquet of Yellow and Pink Roses

Rachel Elaine Photography

A stunning, super-sized cascade of pink and light yellow roses and bundles of greenery, created by Lizzie Bees Flower Shoppe.

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Red and Pink Summer Bouquet

Pink and Coral Rose Bouquet

Courtesy of Nectar & Root; Katie Jean Photos

Nectar & Root crafted this bold and bright bouquet, perfect for summertime nuptials.

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Fall Rose Bouquet

Fall Bouquet of Roses and Dahlias

Courtesy of Oleander Curated; Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Oleander created this fall-hued blend, full of show-stopping roses and eye-catching dahlias.

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Classic Red and Pink Rose Bouquet Tied With Ribbon

Feminine Pink Rose Bouquet

Twah Dougherty

Blush roses and blooming red accents make for an ultra-feminine bouquet.

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