8 Registry Picks for Pie Lovers

Everything you need to bake the perfect pie!


The moment I know fall is in full swing? When we start serving apple pie instead of cake for employee birthday festivities. And I’ll be the first to say it: the only good parts of the weather getting chilly are the pie possibilities. While official pie season in New York seems to be in swing during the holidays, I can’t leave out equally-delicious summer picks like rhubarb, strawberry, and peach. YUM. So when it comes to registering for your wedding, I recommend adding a few great pie-centric pieces you’ll love having around for years to come (at the delight of your pie-obsessed loved ones). Did I mention it’s super easy to make? Here are some of my personal favorites that also happen to be best sellers on Zola.

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Crate and Barrel Ruffled Pie Dish

This dish won’t set you back a ton of dough (get it), so if it gets left at a friend’s place, it’s no biggie. Plus, who doesn’t love ruffles?

SHOP NOW: Zola, $19.95

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Willow Park Ashford Salad Plate, Set of 4

Here’s a little pointer: salad plates can sub in as dessert plates whenever you want—they're usually the same or a very similar size. I love these simple, clean ones from Willow Park because they let the pie shine. And that’s what it’s all about.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $34.99

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Mosser Glass Large Cake Stand

Use this for much more than just pie displaying—elevate fall florals and candles, give mini jack-o-lanterns a boost...go wild!

SHOP NOW:, Zola, $73.99

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Le Creuset Pie Bird

Besides being cute, this pie bird actually lets your pies ventilate so you get a perfect, non-sunken crust every time.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $12.99

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Crate and Barrel French Kitchen Marble and Copper Trivet

Don’t be like me and realize you need a trivet at the worst time (while trying to place a burning pie dish on a bare wooden table). Get the trivet now, and one that looks gorgeous, too.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $19.95

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JOSEPH JOSEPH Non-Slip Roll-Up Pastry/Baking Mat

One of my secrets that I am hesitant to share (but will because it’s a life saver for last-minute parties): using pre-made crusts. Homemade or not, these mats are great for no-mess rolling!

SHOP NOW: Zola, $19.99

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Libbey Urban Story 8-Piece Bowl Set

Use these gorgeous, muted bowls for mixing dough, stirring fillings, and storing slices. Plus, lids made them fridge-friendly!

SHOP NOW: Zola, $79.99

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KitchenAid 17-Piece Starter Tool & Gadget Set

Not sure what baking gadgets you have in your random drawer full of lone teaspoons? Start fresh with this set, and you’ll never have to ask “DO we have a whisk?” again.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $59.99

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