9 Fall Home Decor Pieces You Need

Soft and cozy essentials for fall decorating

Updated 09/18/18


When it comes to cozying up for fall, many of us instinctually start cold-weather nesting. Fall is the "get ready because it's about to get very cold" time, meaning you're switching out the linen pillows for velvet, and the lightweight bedspread for a heavier duvet.

Besides switching out fabrics and blanket weights, we're all for some subtle color swapping of home accessories and linens to get into that moodier, (dare we say sexier?) palette that fall inspires. Instead of your crisp whites and brighter pops of greens that we associate with summer, try to work in some mustard, navy, and gray for fall: all colors that can be easily translated independently into other seasonal palettes with some clever accessory swapping. Instead of golds, try working in some little hints of copper, which feels warmer and more harvest-y than gold. For your unexpected accent color, we firmly believe that a good dusty pink can work year round.

Here are 9 our favorite fall home decor pieces—grab 'em quick and get to nesting!

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Copper Footed Vase

Nothing embodies the palette of fall quite like copper; it somehow brings back memories of giant batches of mulled apple cider being stirred in a vintage copper pot and all the leaves taking on the more rusty hue. Hence, we love this pretty copper footed vase, just screaming for some fall wildflowers on your Thanksgiving table.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $62-$92

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A Velvet Floor Pillow

When the weather starts getting crisp, is there anything you want more than to be snuggled up at home with your S.O.? Preferably in front of a fireplace if you're lucky enough to have one in your home. If you don't, do the next best thing and load up your living area with soft goods and pillows galore. And we love a good floor pillow, and mustard + velvet = fall.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $44.99

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A Cozy Rug

It's like the chunkiest knit throw but...a rug. Your feet will thank us every time you walk on it, especially when winter comes around.

SHOP NOW: Overstock, $239.27

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A Supersoft Mattress Pad

Sure, it's not as sexy as a velvet floor pillow, but the addition of a down mattress pad will change the way you and your partner sleep—what's sexier than that?

SHOP NOW: Parachute Home, $219+

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Firewood Crock

If you're lucky enough to have a working fireplace, and you're not one for an electric/fake wood situation, you may have noticed how messy real firewood can be to store by your mantel. Instead, opt for this Farmhouse Pottery (a personal favorite of ours) crock and fill it with petite fire-starter wood.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $165

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Jewel-Toned Pillows

Have we mentioned velvet makes us think of fall? So do deep and moody jewel-tones. Grab one to two throw pillows that are playful with some embellishment and then choose the rest in solid velvet to balance things out. Pillows are one of the best ways to easily (and affordably!) change the look of a room in a flash.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $78

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Sophisticated Scented Candles

For some reason, in the summertime, our regularly scheduled programming of lighting a yummy smelling candle the minute we get home from work halts (maybe because we're going out into the world after work?) and then begins again when the weather starts to turn. Maybe it's the darker and shorter days that make us crave candlelight, but make sure you have plenty on hand to make you feel cozy and relaxed once daylight savings hits (instead of depressed. Sigh).

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $28

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A Throw For All Seasons

Find yourself a throw that'll take you from spring to fall with ease, i.e. lightweight but still insulating. We believe in investing in a quality throw that gets better with time, and isn't too fussy to be thrown in the wash. Get a color that suits you realistic color palette; this one comes in dusty blush, white, and light gray (all neutrals to us).

SHOP NOW: Coyuchi, $298+

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Pretty Mugs

With the weather turning, the amount of hot beverages you're about to consume is about to go way up. Time to finally throw away those weird mugs you've gotten for free from conferences and one-off events that are chipped and...just not cute. Invest in something you can use daily and even keep on open shelving in your kitchen with pride.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $44

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