Did You Know: You Can Register for Hulu, Uber, and Other Gift Cards

Experiential gifts are the way to go


With engagement season soon upon us (more than 40 percent of Zola couples start wedding planning between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day!), I’m prepping to give my registry spiel to many newly engaged couples. The quick talking points?

Asking for gifts isn’t greedy—Great-Aunt Jean just wants to celebrate your love with a mixer.

And 3. Don’t sleep on adding experiential gifts in the form of gift cards. Wedding guests love knowing what they’re contributing to. Giving a Fandango gift card to your favorite movie buff couple is so much more gratifying than a plain old check. Check out Zola’s latest experiential launches to register for, including (but definitely not limited to) Hulu, Uber, Home Depot, StubHub, and more.

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Hulu Gift Card

Courtesy of Hulu

The surefire way to never, ever run out of shows. Plus, what’s more romantic than a rerun marathon?

SHOP NOW: Zola, starting at $25

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Stubhub $100 Gift Card

Courtesy of Stubhub

Any time you’re thinking, wow we should get out more, use one of these. Sports! Theater! Music! It’s all out there for the taking.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $100

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Uber $100 Gift Card

Courtesy of Uber

You’ll be SO thankful you added these, whether you’re out on the town or need a ride in the rain.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $100

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Fandango Gift Card

Courtesy of Fandango

Plan ahead for date nights and give yourselves a good excuse to eat buttered popcorn.

SHOP NOW: Zola, starting at $25

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CharityChoice $100 Gift Card

Courtesy of CharityChoice

Giving back feels pretty freaking great. And you can choose from hundreds of charities that mean the most to you two.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $100

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Home Depot Gift Card

Courtesy of Home Depot

For all those newlywed home DIYs on your list. Plus, treat yourselves to some power tool upgrades (you won’t regret it).

SHOP NOW: Zola, starting at $100

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Forage SF Wild Mushroom Adventure

Courtesy of Forage SF

Have you ever gone on foraging? Me neither. There’s nothing more gratifying than trying something new, and you get to experience gorgeous outdoor scenery, too.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $190.99

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