59 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

From dogs and cats to pigs and even an elephant, don't forget about your other important family members on your big day

Updated 01/12/16
Ben Q Photography

Whether you and your fiancé share a beloved pet or you can't imagine walking down the aisle without your childhood pup, there are plenty of ways to make your favorite animal part of your wedding day. From dogs and cats to more unexpected four-legged friends like goats and elephants, you'll be surprised (and delighted!) by all of the creative ways couples are incorporating their pets into their big day.

One great way to include your pet is during the ceremony. Dogs often stand in for the flower girl or ring bearer. Plus, you can dress them accordingly with an adorable top hat or flower crown — it's a picture-perfect wedding moment.

If you and your groom are fans of the less-traditional animal, there's no need to shy away from including them. We've seen couples find unique ways to incorporate baby goats, birds, elephants, horses and even pigs into their special day, making for some incredible photos.

Sure, including a pet in your ceremony or reception may take a little extra work and planning, but you'll be pleased to have included your animal pal in the long run. To help you find the best way to include your dog, cat, horse, or any other animal you love, we found 40 examples of real brides and grooms that made places for pets in the wedding day.

At left: This bride not only showed off her gorgeous statement-back wedding dress, but also gave her adorable pup a chance to pose for his own very own close-up!.

Britt Croft Photography

This farm wedding had quite the special guest — a donkey! Even the most offbeat pets can be dressed up (like with a romantic floral wreath) for your big day.

Jack Looney

Say cheese! This camera-ready pup is dressed to the nines for his parents' black-tie affair in an adorable pint-sized tuxedo.

James Christianson

This Chocolate Lab smiles for the camera, wearing a simple checkered collar for a touch of southern flair.

Jen Ing Photography

Sure, a llama may not be the most suitable choice for a ring bearer, but who says they can't make for a few Instagram-worthy photo-ops?

Kate Preftakes Photography

These pint-sized poodles take the cake for most adorable wedding guests, wearing fluffy tulle skirts that are the perfect complement to the bride's floaty wedding dress.

Kristin La Voie Photography

This family portrait is all smiles, with the couple's pup taking over front and center for a picture-perfect snapshot.

Lauren Peele

A classic black bow-tie is all this Yellow Lab needed for the family wedding portrait.

Meredith Heuer

This couple incorporated the bride's sweet Daschund, Balloon, for their breezy outdoor wedding portraits.

Molly Magee Photography

If you know your pet won't be able to handle a full-on floral wreath without chewing it into pieces, opt for accessorizing your four-legged friend with a single bright bloom.

Rachel May Photography

Hosting a winter wedding? This couple incorporated the holiday cheer by donning their English golden retriever with a festive tinsel wreath that accents boldly against the dog's snow-white coat.

Rachel Red Photography

This bow-tie clad American Bulldog couldn't wait to join his family for post-ceremony photos.

Rebekah Murray

This pretty husky brims with excitement as he leads his parents out of the church into a snow-dusted winter wonderland.

Robin Proctor Photography

If you're hosting an outdoor wedding, consider adding natural elements to your pup's wedding attire. This furry pooch looks perfectly posed in his greenery-wreath ensemble, that matches the outdoor décor seamlessly.

Sonya Khegay Photography

This groom holds an adorable little bunny for a charming photo that is sure to be a wedding-day favorite.

Studio 29

This adorable pooch can't contain his excitement for the big day as he jumps on the bride's wedding dress beaming with a tongue-wagging smile. One important tip to remember: Keep a stain-remover pen on hand in case your pup leaves a few discernible paw prints on your dress!

The Melideos

This dashing pup sits pretty on the bride's tiered, cascading wedding dress, almost blending right in if not for the black vest and bow-tie!

Vesic Photography

Add a pop of color with a bright-colored bow-tie for a simple, eye-catching look for your pup. And don't forget to shower your pet with love and kisses!

Volatile Photography

Nothing can separate a man and his best friend, so why not go all out with matching attire? Suited in a gray pinstripe vest and bow-tie, this pup might be a contender for best dressed wedding guest!

Vicki Grafton Photography

This couple had just one guest at their quiet elopement — their adorable Labradoodle! He wore a pale bowtie for their family portraits in the woods.

Carmen Santorelli Photography

The bride and groom dressed up their sweet Weimaraner puppy with a few peach-colored flowers on her collar.

Lauren Peele Photography

Wow your guests with an unexpected animal addition — this majestic elephant, sporting a greenery garland, is sure to make a statement.

Marta Locklear Photography

A wreath of greenery and pale-pink ranunculus pop against this German Shepherds dark coat.

Caroline Lima Photography

A simple wreath of bright greenery can be the perfect accent for your four-legged friend. This Golden Retriever dons a mixed arrangement that works well for any wedding season.

Kim Thiel Photography

A colorful bowtie livens up this dog's wedding-day look.

Analisa Joy Photography

Consider dressing your pet according to theme. At this Wizard of Oz-inspired bash, a garland-adorned pup stands in as Toto!

Bamber Photography

Some pets don't need special adornment to have a meaningful role in your big day. Case in point: this sweet goat posed with the groom for a formal portrait.

I Heart Weddings

If you're having your dog step in as ring bearer, consider doing as this couple did. They found a neutral-hued bag to stash the rings in and attached it to a colorful bow-tie to avoid any mishaps during the walk down the aisle.

Jacque Lynn Photography

This winter-loving Husky dressed the part for this seasonal wedding. Wearing a wreath of holiday-inspired greenery and berries, he's the perfect addition to outdoor portraits.

Linda Chaja

This adorable bulldog got all dressed up for his walk down the aisle. Wearing a black-and-white vest and some pretty floral accents, he surely turned heads as the ring bearer.

Kristyn Hogan

Even if you don't have a conventional pet, that doesn't mean you have to leave them out of the nuptials. This couple had their potbellied pig as their ring bearer.

Laura Murray Photography

Not all pets will handle wearing a wedding outfit with grace. This couple dressed up their dog with a simple leash adorned with a lace bow.

Red Fly Studio

This happy Golden Retriever dons a wreath that is the perfect match for the bride's bouquet.

Heather Rowland Photography

This bride, clad in a lovely boho flower crown, poses with her equine pal during her formal portraits.

Katie Shuler

Being a flower dog is tiring! This tutu-clad pooch takes a break near the brides dress before the ceremony starts.

Kim Thiel Photography

If you're going the mismatched bridesmaid dress route, consider dressing your dog accordingly. This Scotty wears a floral wreath with pops of each 'maids color to help tie the look together.

Zachary Hunt Photography

A simple bow tie is a great way to give your pet a wedding-ready look that they won't detest. This white option is perfect for this couple's black cat, but feel free to customize your pet's look to match the wedding party's attire!

Leo Patrone Photography

Your something blue doesn't have to actually be on you. This sweet yellow Lab wears a blue collar and leash for portraits with the bride and groom.

Tana Photography

This little pup can hardly wait to escort the bride down the aisle, looking poised and ready to go in his formal black bow tie.

Stacy Able Photography

Formal attire shouldn't be limited to you and your groom! This adorable golden retriever donned a top hat and vest for his walk down the aisle.

Louisa Podlich for Rivets & Roses

This dog's typical collar got an upgrade by way of a colorful ruffled fabric option. Pick shades that match your chosen colors or highlight your reception space for a fun twist.

Lauren Peele Photography

Attach a small pillow to your pet's collar — like this couple did with their bulldog — for the walk down the aisle. It's a safe way to ensure your rings arrive at the altar unscathed.

Matt and Ashley Photography

This black-and-white dog accompanies the ring bearer down the aisle. Having one of your young attendants escort your pet is a great option for an animal that might be distracted by your many guests.

We Are The Mitchells via Tidewater and Tulle

This couple's Collie joined them for wedding portraits wearing a gorgeous wreath.

Nicole Ryan Photography

A Boxer lays down for a quick nap before the reception starts — unfortunately, it's on the bride's train!

Taylor Lord

Draw inspiration from your bouquet and the groom's boutonniere when picking flowers for your pet. This white Lab swears a mix of different pale-hued petals attached to a pink bow.

Shalynne Imaging Photography

What's even more showstopping than this bride's flower crown? Her adorable bunny!

The Grovers

Take a break from your pre-wedding beauty routine to show your pet some love. This bride sits down for a kiss from her bow tie-clad Retriever.

Tara Tomlinson

Cuddling with a fluffy pet is one surefire way to get rid of wedding day jitters. This bride snuggles up to her sweet puppy in a private moment.

Tana Photography

This dog is all smiles as she poses with the bride for a photo. Her collar and leash perfectly coordinate with the bride's lily bouquet, too.

Christina McNeill

A purple bandana is this dog's wedding accessory of choice. Pro tip: If your pet is this furry, you may want to include a lint roller in your day-of supplies.

Love Me Do Photography

To fit their rustic theme, this couple rented an owl from a local Audubon Center, and had it make rounds during cocktail hour.

Vanessa Joy Photography

This couple skipped any accessories and simply let their adorable dog speak for himself.

Tana Photography

This happy gray poodle stood in as "Best Dog" (check out his collar!) at his owner's wedding.

Erin + Tara

Some pets just can't be worked into the ceremony, but that doesn't mean you can't have them on hand at the reception for a few special portraits. This bride and her horse prove just how lovely this idea looks.

Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

If you can trust your feathered-friend not to take flight during the reception, do as this couple did — guests got to meet their rescued macaw throughout the party.

Frances Marron Photography courtesy of Magnolia Event Design

This sweet puppy wears an adorable tulle skirt in a blush tone that is a near-perfect match to the bridesmaid dresses.

Weber Photography

This bride dressed up her adorable baby lamb with dainty white flowers and a gauzy leash for an ethereal wedding portrait.

A Guy + A Girl

Send kids and puppies down the aisle as your ring bearer and you're sure to get an incredible reaction from guests.

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