50 Beautiful Real-Life Engagement Rings That Will Totally Inspire You

Dazzling and sparkling, these swoon-worthy rocks from real brides themselves are sure to inspire you — or your significant other

Updated 12/05/16

Ludovica & Valerio

We’re guilty of swooning over perfectly cut diamonds and dazzling gemstones as much as the next bride, so we of course thought this engagement season as the perfect excuse to round up some stunning sparklers from real brides themselves. After all, engagement rings are overwhelming — from pavé to split shank bands, from solitaires to halo settings, it can be hard to narrow down a style or two that best reflects who you are. Your poor significant other is probably stuck still trying to figure out the difference between cushion and princess cuts (for the record, the former has gently rounded corners and the latter pointed corners)!

If you’re a classic bride, you can’t go wrong with a channel setting or solitaire diamond. And whether classic or modern (or both), it’s easy to fall in love with the more popular round, cushion, and princess cuts, found in a variety of styles but more times than not complemented by a halo setting (hint: it makes the center diamond look even larger). Of course, there’s always a striking emerald cut, whose general large, rectangular size is always worth ogling over, and the marquise-cut diamond, which never fails to emit regal vibes.

If your style is more alternative, there are plenty of options besides the standard white diamond. Whether it’s sapphire, emerald, pink quartz, or another gorgeous stone, colored gemstones are on trend right now. Their bold hues often make enough of a statement that the rest of the ring can remain simple and minimal. Also, think vintage — antique pieces, whether truly an heirloom or a modern ring inspired from a different era, often have a one of a kind look, or at least something you won’t see on the street every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Let these dazzling engagement rings from real brides inspire you. (We don’t blame you if you “accidentally” leave your favorite open on your significant other's computer!)

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An Oval-Cut Ring With a Double Halo

Maria Lamb

Since we can’t spot an inch of this ring not covered in diamonds, it’s safe to say this rock is jaw-dropping. Double the halo, double the sparkle.

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A Unique Trillion-Cut Ring With Open Wedding Band

Laura Goldenberger Photography

Simple and bohemian chic, this trillion cut carries both free-spirited and urban vibes. The look is complete when nestled into an open wedding band.

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An Oval-Cut Engagement Ring With a Split-Shank Band

engagement ring

Jenny McCann Photography

You really need a split shank band to hold a rock this big! A soft gold subtly stands out against a crystal-clear diamond.

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Ring Featuring a Halo of Round-Cut Diamonds

Seth & Kaiti Photography

A smooth band puts the spotlight on a stunning oval stone crowned with a halo of diamonds.

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Photo by Tamara Gruner Photography

From the stone to the band, the rose gold in this ring is nothing but romantically trendy, especially when paired with a diamond-shaped silhouette.

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Sapphire Engagement Ring With Double Halo

Branco Prata

A double pavé diamond halo features an oval-cut sapphire that ever-so-slightly imitates the twinkling waves of the deep ocean blue.

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A Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Rachel May Photography

The unique snowflake design in this vintage-inspired ring is just magical, making it fit for a princess.

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring in a Filigree Setting

Blue Rose Photography

This queenly and feminine rose gold ring is full of style, beauty, and grace — and not something easily found on someone else’s finger.

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A Floral-Inspired Engagement Ring

Amalie Orrange Photography

Bold, but not flashy, this vintage floral-inspired gem is sweet enough for a Southern belle.

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A Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Photo: Nicki Metcalf; Ring: MaejeanVintage

Delicate and beautiful, this vintage rose gold design has a hint of whimsy, making it a dream ring for any artsy bride.

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An Art-Deco-Inspired Engagement Ring

Photo by Hartman Outdoor Photography

A simple, but beautiful stone crowned by a rose gold fan has an Art Deco air of the glamorous 1920s.

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An Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Camille Catherine Photography

Four diamonds frame a large emerald-cut diamond, complemented by a dainty rose gold band in a regal look.

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An Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Jessica Cooper Photography

With a crystal-clear emerald flanked by two diamonds, this three-stone setting couldn’t get much more gorgeous. We’re legit green with envy.

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A Round-Cut Diamond With Halo

Nicole Baas Photography

Diamonds and gold sitting pretty in pink? Talk about elegant, classy, and chic.

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Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Jane Z Photography

Glamorous, elegant, whimsical, bohemian — a dazzling halo makes this pear-cut engagement ring totally breathtaking.

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An Emerald-Cut Diamond on Pavé Band

Allen Tsai Photography

There’s no missing this modern larger-than-life emerald-cut rock — it’s certainly a showstopper.

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An Opal Ring With Diamond Halo

Emily March Photography

This elegant Victorian-era opal ring shaped by an oval of diamonds has an enchanting rainbow play of color.

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An Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Shannon Moffit Photography

A soft aquamarine jewel mimics the light of the sky, while an antique setting lends it an heirloom vibe.

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An Oval-Cut Emerald Engagement Ring

Ludovica & Valerio

Light and minimal with a vintage feel, a rounded artistic jewel pays homage to Impressionist style.

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An Intricate Floral-Inspired Engagement Ring

Lindsey Paradiso

Be still our hearts — this ring is certainly up there among the most beautifully intricate we’ve seen. With a flower reminiscent design, it looks like it was plucked straight from a diamond garden.

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A Diamond Engagement Ring in an Unconventional Setting

Jake and Heather Photo

This unconventional setting calls to mind French aristocracy. It’s so beautiful, it could pass for a crown jewel.

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A Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring on a Gold Band

Tenth and Grace

The pearly sheen on this swoon-worthy ring glitters like shards of ice.

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Engagement Ring in a Hexagonal Setting

Taralynn Lawton

Who needs a main stone anyway? Diamond chips in an alternative hexagonal shape prove they’re just as sparkly.

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An East-to-West Engagement Ring

Photo: Matoli Keely Photography; Ring: Suz Somersall

A gold band accentuates the diamonds in this east to west oval ring in a design reminiscent of a spring flower.

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Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Gold Setting

Shannon Moffit Photography

Slender and delicate, this gold ring makes a statement with a round-cut diamond perfectly accentuated with four points.

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Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring With Halo

Heidi Lau Photography

A pear-shaped stone complemented by a halo flower is perfect for the bride who wants something timeless but unique.

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Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring With Split-Shank Band

Hieu Pham Photography

This striking sparkler nearly knocked us off our feet — you certainly don’t need a magnifying glass with a ring this big. A split shank pavé band leads all eyes to the knockout center, featuring an oval diamond in a pavé halo setting.

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A Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring

D’Arcy Benincosa Photography

Talk about head over heels in love — this antique platinum ring features a center marquise-cut diamond encased in an old European diamond-cut halo.

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A Round-Cut Diamond in a Flower-Shaped Setting

Brett Heidebrecht Photography

What’s more romantic than a flower-shaped setting? This unique rose gold and diamond ring is feminine and flirty.

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An Aquamarine Stone With Diamond Halo

Britni Dean Photography

It really doesn’t take much for an eye-catching jewel — this design is as minimalistic and simple as it is moody and dramatic.

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A Champagne-Colored Center Stone With Halo

Photo by Tiffany Loera

Ultra-glam and stylish, this rose hued ring is a fashion bride’s dream.

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A Vintage Engagement Ring in a Unique Diamond Setting

Jessica Tremp

Swoon-worthy and sparkling, this unique engagement ring is the definition of vintage bling.

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A Multi-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Christie Graham Photography

This heirloom ring is one-of-kind. A play of different cut diamonds arranged in varying silhouettes lends this beauty an air of vintage whimsy.

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A Round-Cut Engagement Ring With a Pavé Band

Photo by Jeff Brummett Visuals

Classic and timeless, this round stone on a pavé band is exactly what the traditional bride ordered.

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A Sapphire and Silver Engagement Ring

Michael and Carina Photography

Sapphire and silver — this moody pear-shaped ring resembles a beautiful droplet of water.

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A Classic Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

Shannon Moffit Photography

Sleek and sparkly with a classic cushion cut and simple band, this ring will never go out of style.

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A Cushion-Cut Diamond in a Halo Setting

Vic Boncivini Photography

A pavé band, halo setting, and cushion-cut diamond — what more could a girl ask for?

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A Lavender-Hued Center Stone on a Rose Gold Band

Avec L’Amour Photography

Ethereal and dreamy, this rose gold ring romantically showcases an oval gem that reflects soft lavender hues.

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A Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring

Photography by Gema

A gold band and round solitaire in a prong setting — you can’t get much more beautifully classic.

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An Art-Deco-Inspired Diamond and Emerald Ring

Stacy Able Photography

With an Art Deco flair and diamond and emerald pairing for a bit of glitz and glam, this marquise piece must be inspired by the green light Gatsby wistfully looks upon across the Bay.

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A Princess-Cut Engagement Ring on a Split-Shank Band

Paisley Lane Photography

The elegant twin curves of the band juxtaposes with the clean square shape of this princess-cut stone.

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A Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Cathy Durig Photography

A simple marquise diamond flashing against a smooth band is all understated elegance.

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A Round-Cut Diamond Ring With Side Stones

Yuliya M. Photography

With a center round diamond flanked by four smaller round diamonds, this ring couldn’t get more dazzling.

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A Square-Shaped Diamond With Halo

Sun and Sparrow

Complete with an airline and modern square silhouette, this halo has the perfect twist.

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A Canary Center Stone With Double Halo

Amanda K Photography

A double halo emphasizes the beauty of a canary diamond in this princess-cut sparkler.

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A Diamond Engagement Ring in a Prong Setting

Sun and Sparrow

Tradition speaks volumes in this channel band setting with a large diamond in a prong setting.

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An Antique Engagement Ring With a Round-Cut Center Stone

Lahna Marie Photography

This round antique ring is all about the details.

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A Floating Halo Engagement Ring

Grace Aston Photography

This floating halo ring features a fun juxtaposition of shapes, with a thick band, square setting, and round diamond.

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A Cushion-Cut Diamond on a Pavé Band

Alexis June Weddings

A cushion-cut diamond and pavé band do all the talking in this sparkler.

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A Princess-Cut Diamond on a Square Frame

Lahna Marie Photography

The silhouette of this princess-cut diamond is accentuated by a square frame of diamonds in a ring that is all vintage goodness.

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