14 Real Brides Who Wore Glasses on Their Wedding Day

Bride with hair in bun wearing glasses

Photo by Lola Rose Photography

If you're a to-be-wed who rocks specs on the reg, fear not—you can look super glamorous on your big day without investing in contact lenses (or seeing double). As with any wedding day accessory, your bridal frames are a chance to express your distinct personality and style. You'll be a perfect 10 whether you wish to wear your everyday frames or don a brand new pair that complements your big-day look.

If you're on the fence about wearing glasses, consider the pros and cons. On the upside, you can add a perfect finishing touch to your bridal look (think a great pair of cat-eye frames for a vintage-inspired style). You'll also stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Furthermore, if you aren't used to putting in and wearing contacts, don't downplay how uncomfortable you might be on your wedding day. Glasses are an easier option if you've never tried contacts, which can dry out your eyes and make them look bloodshot.

Think photos, though: Glasses can cause a reflective glare, and you'll want to be able to see your eyes and that gorgeous bridal makeup. On the topic of makeup, you may have to adjust your eye look to complement your frames, and you might have to nix those big falsies. Another thing to consider is how glasses might affect your first kiss. The last thing you want is a first-kiss photo where your glasses are crooked or pushed into your partner's face. Do a few practice rounds first, we're sure you won't mind!

If you're worried about your glasses producing a glare in your pictures, practice photos—either during your engagement session or a planned shoot before the wedding—can give you a heads up on what to expect. You can also discuss reducing some of that glare in the editing process with your photographer.

Ahead, get inspired by these 14 real brides wore glasses on their wedding day—and were an absolute vision!

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Simple, Rounded Tortoiseshells

Bride and groom sitting on stoop and looking at each other happily

Photo by De Nueva Photography

You can never go wrong with tortoiseshell frames that match anything and everything. These frames have a simple, rounded style with a dark tortoiseshell color that complements the bride's casual dress, natural hair, and floral-inspired headpiece.

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Vintage-Inspired Cat-Eyes

Bride and groom exiting wedding while guests blow bubbles

Photo by Ghost Photo

Cat-eyes are the ultimate flirty and feminine combo. This bride's black, rounded cat-eyes are subtle enough that they don't overdo it in combination with her bangs. A long-sleeved, lace bodice on her gown completes this stunning vintage look.

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Thick-Rimmed With a Hybrid Finish

Bride and groom sitting on stairs and smiling

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Can't decide between two different finishes? Get both—as this bride did with her hybrid black and tortoiseshell specs. Those ultra-thick-rimmed wayfarers go great with her simple, barely-there makeup and pared-down hairstyle.

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Rosy and "Geek Chic"

Bride in white gown with her hair in a bun wearing glasses and red lipstick

Photo by Lola Rose Photography

Pretty in pink and playfully translucent, this pair perfectly sums up the phrase "geek chic." These '70s-inspired, big square frames perfectly complement this bride's sassy topknot, defined brows, simple nose hoop, and red lips.

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Classic and Understated

Groom kissing his bride on the cheek, who is wearing glasses and holding a bouquet

Photo by RachLovesTroy

If you tend to gravitate towards classic styles, these thin-framed beauties are as timeless as they come. They feature a subtly rounded shape and a black-and-brown tortoiseshell pattern for an understated look.

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Round and Textured

Bride with curly hair wearing round glasses in white wedding dress

Photo by Jessica Catherin 

This bride rocks these translucent round glasses with textured frames. The unevenness of the rims complements her natural hair and the fringed neckline of her dress, while the lack of color completes a pared-down aesthetic and draws the eye toward her deep plum lip.

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Coordinating Wayfarers

Two brides with glasses holding one another and smiling outdoors

Photo by Lara Hotz Photography

A vintage touch, like a slightly modified version of a popular frame shape, means you can stay subtle and stand out. The bride in the front rocks classic wayfarers with a brown tortoiseshell finish, while her wife-to-be dons a more rounded-out version in a solid, dark brown color. We love coordinating couples!

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Classic Black and Striking Gold

Black bride in glasses and strapless weddinggown

Photo by Carly Romeo

These classic black frames have somewhat thick rims and a round shape with a squared-off bottom. They may seem simple from the front, but look closely, and the stems are glimmering gold for an extra touch of bridal glamor. We're sure it matches great with her rings and other big-day bling.

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Trendy Transluscents

Bride on her groom's shoulders looking into his eyes

Photo by Egle Jociute

Here comes the bride, all spec'd in white! Translucent frames are clearly a trend right now, and they just so happen to be bridal-friendly too. These round "nerd" frames go hand-in-hand with this bride's unconventional look featuring a collared dress and white socks with chunky black heels.

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Low-Key Rectangles With a Detail

Bride wearing glasses and smiling into the camera while posing with spouse in the woods

Photo by Micha and Megan 

Go with your everyday bespectacled look at your wedding, but with a special touch. This bride's straightforward black-rimmed rectangle frames feature a simple pearl detail at the corner that goes beautifully with her headpiece and white gown.

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Two-Toned Wayfarers

Bride and groom posing with bouquet

Photo by Perry Vaile

We hope you see every aspect of your wedding day through figurative rose-colored glasses, so why not consider a literal pair too? This bride's oversized wayfarers flaunt a rosy hue with a brown tortoiseshell finish on the corners for a two-toned look.

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Black-Rimmed Rectangles

Bride walking down the aisle and smiling with a man on her arm

Photo by Studio 2020

Sleek and classy, a solid black pair of glasses is always a great choice. This bride rocks rectangular frames to fit her face shape, but you can go with any style of black-rimmed specs, from round to square.

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Semi-Rimmed and Cat-Inspired

Bride wearing semi-rimmed glasses holding her bouquet and smiling

Photo by We Made These

Semi-rimmed glasses, with their lightweight structure and unique sophisticated design, feel right for the most special of special occasions. This bride rocks a cat-eye inspired pair for a touch of sass with gold stems to match her bridal jewelry.

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A Touch of Embellishment

Indian bride wearing glasses

Photo by Lightyear Studio 

For weddings where it's customary for the bride to wear lots of ornamental jewels or headpieces, like at an Indian wedding, there's no reason why her glasses shouldn't fit the theme as well. This bride stuns in these uniquely shaped black frames with gold embellishments on the side, perfect for those profile shots.

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