14 Real Brides Who Wore Glasses on Their Wedding Day

And were an absolute vision!

Lola Rose Photography

We've all seen the ’90s rom coms positing that the only thing between a nerdy girl embracing unparalleled popularity and good looks are a pair of glasses. We also know that the correct response to this kind of thinking is—to borrow a phrase from the ’90s—"As if!"

Anybody who believes glasses can't be beautiful is the one who is actually visually impaired. And in celebration of all the smokin' hot spectacled babes out there, we've rounded up some inspiration pics for future brides planning to rock specs on their big day. As with any wedding day accessory, your bridal frames are a chance to express your distinct personality and style. See how these brides incorporated eyewear into their signature wedding looks, and follow the shopping links to cop a similar design.

You've got the future spouse, now go find your other perfect pair!

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Kia Eyeglasses in Dark Tortoise

De Nueva Photography

You can never go wrong with tortoiseshell frames that match anything and everything.

SHOP NOW: Michael Kors, was $119, now $89

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Marc Jacobs Embellished Cat Eye Glasses

Ghost Photo

Cat-eyes are the ultimate flirty and feminine combo.

SHOP NOW: Farfetch, was $218, now $163

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Lamb Kyah (LA030) Eyeglasses

Chaz Cruz

Can't decide between two different finishes? Get both—like this bride did with her hybrid black and tortoiseshell specs.

SHOP NOW: Frames Direct, $225

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Warby Parker Finch Eyeglasses in Rose Crystal

Lola Rose Photography

Pretty in pink and playfully translucent, this pair perfectly sums up the phrase "geek chic."

SHOP NOW: Warby Parker, $95

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ECO 2.0 New York Eyeglasses


If you tend to gravitate toward classic styles, these thin-framed beauties are as timeless as they come.

SHOP NOW: Frames Direct, $195

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Elyo in 362/Horn

Lara Hotz Photography

Vintage touches—such as a slightly modified popular frame shape (like the Wayfarer in the back) or intricate metal detailing on end pieces—mean you can stay subtle but still stand out.

SHOP NOW: Oliver Peoples, $420

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Ray-Ban Round Metal Eyeglasses

McBride Pictures

Would you call your vibe more retro than traditional? Rock rounded frames that are less expected and still iconic.

SHOP NOW: Ray-Ban, $168

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Rebecca Readers

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Accentuate your surrounding features by selecting a complementary frame color—like this bride did with burgundy undertones that played up her hair and lipstick.

SHOP NOW: Kate Spade, $68

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Prada PR 18OVA Alternate Fit Eyeglasses

Studio 2020

Sleek and classy, a solid black pair of glasses will always be a solid choice.

SHOP NOW: Frames Direct, was $255, now $128

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Pantos Eyeglasses in Transparent

Egle Jociute

Here comes the bride all spec'ed in white! Translucent frames are clearly a trend right now, and they just so happen to be bridal-friendly too.

SHOP NOW: Chanel, $384

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Jimmy Choo Plastic Rectangular Eyeglasses 53 029A in Shiny Black

Sasithon Photography

Your wedding photographer will be taking lots of profile shots, so you could make a statement with the side of your glasses instead of the front.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $150

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Kate Spade Johnna 0OO4 in Havana Pink

Perry Vaile

We hope you see every aspect of your wedding day through figurative rose-colored glasses, so why not consider a literal pair too?

SHOP NOW: Jet, $107

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Ray-Ban RB6422 Semi Rim Eyeglasses

We Made These

Semi-rimmed glasses, with their lightweight structure and unique sophisticated design, feel right for the specialist of special occasions.

SHOP NOW: Ray-Ban, $168

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Classic Soft Square Optical Frame in Vintage Havana

Melia Melia Photography

Don't be afraid to go bold with the pattern and/or thickness of your frames—especially in neutral tones that won't compete with the rest of your ensemble.

SHOP NOW: Tom Ford, $520

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