25 Wedding Photos that Prove Rain on Your Big Day Isn't a Big Deal

All brides are scared of rain on their wedding day, but these pretty portraits prove anything from a light sprinkle to a major downpour can still result in some beautiful moments

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Most brides' biggest wedding-day fear? After having a no-show groom, it's likely rain in the forecast. The first fear is legit, but the second one — not so much. Yes, rain can put a damper on your big-day plans, but it's really not as detrimental to your day as you would imagine. In fact, rain can make for some beautiful wedding photos.

While we'll hand it to you that seriously dangerous weather, like floods, tornadoes, or a significant snowstorm, can wreak havoc on your plans, a typical rain shower is nothing to fear. Most cultures even view rain on the big day as a sign of good luck!

Just like we suggested you step outside for photos if snow falls on your wedding day, we're telling you to plan to get your toes wet, too. April showers bring May flowers, but they also have the potential to bring open-minded couples special wedding photos. Not only does rain create a romantic backdrop and dreamy atmosphere, but a bit of rain also gives you the opportunity to get creative with your snapshots.

From couples ducking under umbrellas to brave bridesmaids running through raindrops, we found gorgeous wedding photos that prove a little rain can actually be a good thing.

Ready to embrace sprinkles if they fall as you say "I do?" Then click through to see 25 of our favorite rainy day wedding photos.

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