12 Ways to Decorate Your Fall Wedding With Pumpkins


Photo and Tabletop by Casa de Perrin

If you're planning an autumn wedding, pumpkins might not be at the top of your must-have decor list. But with their range of hues, sizes, and textures, these versatile and undeniably autumnal decorating elements can make a chic and striking statement.

But first things first: It's best to skip the jack-o-lanterns and black-and-orange accents to avoid Halloween associations. Instead, consider your wedding color palette and overall vibe, and adapt your strategy accordingly. For instance, if you're going for a seasonally fall feel, you can opt for pumpkins in traditional orange and subtly incorporate them throughout your wedding day for consistency.

A few favorite ideas? Lining them up as aisle markers, placing them on a welcome table, or sending guests home with them at the end of the night. If your color palette clashes with bright orange, consider buying faux options or a few cans of spray paint. When done in different hues, pumpkins can add texture to your decor without taking away from the design's overall aesthetic (think metallic tones for an elevated vibe and white for a more subdued look).

If you're after an organic take on the seasonal decor, pair pumpkins with other fruits and vegetables (like squash and apples) for an effortlessly chic market-style vibe.

We’ve rounded up a dozen ways to incorporate the beloved gourd into your big day. Trust us, these ideas are anything but basic.

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Line the Aisle

pumpkin decor

Photo by Gina Paulson Photography

Make your fall wedding decor the center of attention (literally) by lining the ceremony aisle with pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. The seasonal favorite—shown here in shades of green, white, and orange—can add a rustic touch to any setting and frame the aisle for the perfect photo op.

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Direct Guests

<p>Pumpkins on shelves</p>

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

Post ceremony, consider guiding guests to their reception seats by attaching escort cards to mini pumpkins. This look can be accomplished in a number of ways, but we're especially into the blue-and-white look shown because it complements the wedding's color palette. To recreate this display for your own wedding, simply tie ribbon (in any color) to individual white pumpkins. Then arrange them on a vertical structure like a cabinet or bookshelf to show off.

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Add a Touch of Glam

pumpkin escort card

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Planning & Design by Keely Thorne Events

If you're going for a more elevated vibe, meet your new best friend: spray paint. Pumpkins can be painted any color you'd like, but we're partial to a metallic hue if you're looking to elevate the rustic look.

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Accentuate the Setting

pumpkin decor

 Photo by Megan Walker Photography

Pumpkins can also serve as an accents for otherwise understated areas, like this natural table display. Paired with bistro chairs and an arrangement of pampas grass, the pumpkins play up the autumnal aesthetic without overshadowing the setup.

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Decorate the Table

pumpkin table

Photo, Design & Rentals by Casa de Perrin 

Of course, you can't forget about pumpkins when setting the table. Underscore your fall vibe by putting them front and center. But, as with any centerpiece, remember that the decor shouldn't overwhelm the table or your dinner guests. Avoid this faux pas by scattering the pumpkins throughout and keeping them below eye level.

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Set the Mood

pumpkin table

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Planning & Design by Lisa Vorce

When decorating with pumpkins, it's important to remember that you're working with produce that is not symmetrical or perfect in its design. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so work with what you've got by creating bundles of mismatched pairings. Overall, this intentional yet carefree approach can create a relaxed, warm, and welcoming look.

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Play Up the Season

pumpkin table

Photo by Gianluca and Mary Adovasio; Planning & Design by Chic Weddings in Italy

Another favorite idea is decorating the table with purely fresh produce. When done right, this concept evokes chic market vibes, even when done on a budget. Our only suggestion is to take the theme and run with it, meaning avoid the candelabras and chandeliers and keep the rest of the decor equally laid back and casual.

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Add Color

pumpkin decor

Photo, Design & Rentals by Casa de Perrin

If you're looking for a really unexpected way to decorate the table, copy Casa de Perrin and create fresh works of art. Keep this look more "creative" and less "craft project" by sticking to a simple and cohesive palette, as shown here in blue and white.

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Mark Each Seat

Jessica Castro Weddings

With a slip of paper and a loop of string, custom name cards can be inserted or attached to pumpkins letting everyone know where they’re going to be seated. After use, they’ll make great guest favors at the end of the night.

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Play With Different Styles


Photo by Billy Donya Photography

We've said it once, and we'll say it again: Fall wedding decor does not have to mean rustic. This decidedly modern setting incorporates midcentury-inspired glasses and candlesticks alongside pampas grass and gold-accented gourds.

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Highlight the Head Table

pumpkin decor

 Photo by Gina Paulson Photography

Mark your distinguished seats with an extra-special display of pumpkins. Here, we love how their warm tones are repeated in the table candles and blooms up above.

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Mark Your Exit

pumpkin decor

 Photo by Morgan Marie Photography

Before the wedding ends, make one final getaway surrounded by pumpkins. Talk about a major photo-op moment—and perfect end to your fall wedding.

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