13 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding With Pumpkins That Are Anything But Basic

These fall wedding ideas are pumpkin spice and everything nice

Updated 10/11/17

Photo by Meaghan Elliot Photography, Flowers by Intrigue Designs

Weaving pumpkins into your wedding décor doesn't mean your venue has to transform into a haunted house. Done right, pumpkins can pay a hearty and festive homage to the fall season as opposed to a Halloween tribute. After all, we're all guilty of loving anything and everything pumpkin spice; who says you can't bring that flair to your fall wedding?

First things first, skip the jack-o-lanterns and black accents to avoid holiday overkill. If you're feeling traditional orange, subtly incorporate different sized pumpkins throughout various elements of your wedding for consistency. Line them up as aisle markers, place them on a welcome table, or litter a corner with them for a playful look. If your color palette will clash with bright orange, get out the spray paint. White transforms a pumpkin's loud vibes into soft ones, and silver, bronze, or gold (or all three!) are just the trick to glamming up the gourds. Or, pair them with other fruits and vegetables of the harvest such as squash and apples for an earthy and bohemian feel.

But pumpkins aren't all about the aesthetic; they're also about function. Creativity can transform them into vases, soup appetizers, or even escort cards. Use them in lieu of flowers as pumpkin centerpieces to cut the costs, and get it to do double duty by carving table numbers into their faces—creepy jack-o-lanterns, goodbye!

Here's a secret: your pumpkins don't even have to be real. Faux pumpkins are just as delightful and come in finishes (like metallic) that spray paint can't necessarily recreate. Brown wicker pumpkins are another option—a whimsical choice for a rustic wedding.

We hardly think it’s fair that anyone with an affinity for pumpkins is automatically labeled #basic. In the spirit of the season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to incorporate the beloved gourd into your big day. Check out some of our favorite non-basic ways to celebrate your nuptials with pumpkins.

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Floral Arrangements

Photo by Lauren Werkheiser Photography, Flowers by Intrigue Designs

Think you can't sneak pumpkins into your bouquet and venue floral arrangements? Think again. This beautiful arrangement has a few vibrant, mini pumpkins peaking out.

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Invitation Suite

Photo by Lauren Werkheiser Photography

Even if you opt to avoid including pumpkins on your invitations or major decor, it's always good to have a few seasonal props to help your photographer an ambiance for certain shots. For example, this image of the invitations, save-the-date cards and maps are given sense of place with the blanket, leaves, and mini pumpkin.

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Decorative Signs

Claire Cohen

We endorse pretty much anything hand lettered, but these pumpkins are so pretty! The simple black calligraphy against white-painted pumpkins is stunning as a decoration for a sweetheart table.

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Aisle Style

Photo by Meaghan Elliot Photography, Flowers by Intrigue Designs

This seats at this wedding were beautifully adorned with a mix of colorful (some metallic) pumpkins, deep-hued flowers and mason jars, adding a rustic finish to the fall celebration.

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Walkway Décor

AZCO Rustic Designs & Rentals

If you'd rather decorate the rows of seats with flowers only, consider decorating the walkway leading up to your ceremony area. This couple (the dynamic duo behind wedding decor at Azco Rustic Designs & Rentals) used white pumpkins to line the path to their outdoor wedding arch.

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Wedding Arches

Jessica Castro Weddings

Couples usually say their vows in the shadows of a floral arch or custom wedding structure. This fall wedding framed their nuptials with pumpkins ranging in different sizes and shades of orange and yellow. They were complemented by the subtle flowers looped into the greenery of the arch.

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Table Runner

Jessica Castro Weddings

This array of miniature pumpkins and gourds in orange, yellow, and light green are delightfully assorted for a fall-inspired look, and give off perfect-for-the-season rustic and country vibes.

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Place Cards

Graceful Events

Metallic pumpkins are never a bad idea—especially when their stem doubles as a place card-holder. Brown paper with a gold border makes the names pop.

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Place Settings

Jessica Castro Weddings

With a slip of paper and a loop of string, custom name cards can be inserted or attached to pumpkins letting everyone know where they’re going to be seated! After use, they’ll make great take home favors to add to any fall home decor too.

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Jessica Castro Weddings

While plopping down pumpkins in the center of the table might not be your style, these hollowed out pumpkins-turned-vases are the epitome of creativity and festive fun. Fill with your favorite peat moss, flowers, and succulents for a great combination of greenery, muted tones, and of course—bright orange.

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Decorative Accents

AZCO Rustic Designs & Rentals

Pumpkins can also serve as an accent for otherwise understated areas, like this signage. Paired with the haystacks and fall florals, the pumpkins play up the autumnal aesthetic without overshadowing the necessary directions.

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Outdoor Décor

Photo by Meaghan Elliot Photography, Flowers by Intrigue Designs

When setting the outdoor scene for your wedding, or creating the pretty backdrop pictured, it’s just the right time to add pops of pumpkin—just try not to go overboard! Spray-painting them to match your color scheme creates a subtle look to place on outdoor staircases or strategically around outdoor altars.

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Dessert Décor

Hero Images

You don't have to serve pumpkin-flavored desserts at your fall wedding (although it's highly recommended), but decorative pumpkins make a great addition to any dessert bar or cake table.

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