Proposal Goals Alert! These 37 Proposal Photos Are Crazy-Epic

Lynn Lewis Photography

Proposal season is upon us! Grand gestures, tiny boxes, and ultimate professions of love abound. Let’s be real—there is no wrong time to propose; pretty one wouldn’t complain if their S.O. gets down on one knee during the heat of summer or the rains of spring, but there’s something about the holidays—or cuffing season—that inspires significant others to give the gift of a lifetime.

Naturally, we were inspired to unearth some of the best proposal photos out there. We’ve got the epic—on the cliffs in Big Sur, the creative—a rock climbing gym alive with fairy lights and rose petals, the romantic—on a gondola in Venice of all places, the sweet—in a field surrounded by flowers shaped like a heart, the classic—in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and the adventurous—post-sky diving session, anyone?

Some are sweet and simple, while others are grand and elaborate—either way, it’s easy to tell the proposer went above and beyond and that the love is there. And not only did they put undeniable thought, love, and creativity into these romantic schemes, but had the foresight to hire a photographer to capture it all? A surprise proposal takes on a whole new meaning, not only shocking with some dazzling bling and the promise of a lifetime but with the priceless touch of memorializing the moment on film.

Behold, some serious #proposalgoals that will hit you straight in the heart—and proof that love isn’t dead.

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On a Mountain Road Trip

Courtesy of Sheena Shahangian Photography

How dreamy is this autumnal proposal in the hills of Aspen, Colorado? It was the site of Rob and David’s first road trip earlier in the summer, making it the perfect destination to get engaged.

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Cliffside in Big Sur

Lynn Lewis Photography

This cliffside Big Sur proposal just took our breath away, and so does the story that goes along with it. Every year of their relationship, Brian and Candice had a picnic atop the bluffs to celebrate where they fell in love—on their seventh anniversary, Brian made it extra special.

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A Walk Through Scottish Coal Fields

Photo by The Kitcheners

George would always joke that his girlfriend, Manon, would get coal for a present, but always had a thoughtful gift waiting for her. When it came time to propose during their trip to Scotland, he presented the ring perfectly—in a ring box made to look like coal.

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A Hike with a Framed Photo

Aileen Choi

Jennifer took Jessica on a hike filled with surprises that began with a personalized video. At the mountaintop, a picture frame with an image of the couple marked the proposal spot.

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On the Shores of a New England Lake

Kortni Maria

This lakeside proposal is beyond adorable—and has a classic New England feel.

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In a Flower-Filled Field

Chuy Photography

Leeran popped the question and got an eye-popping reaction. Did we mention this proposal took place in flowers shaped in a heart?

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A Romantic Italian Affair

Mary & Maurizio — Quattro Studio

Someone can whisk us off to Italy any day for a proposal that looks like this.

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In Front of the Eiffel Tower

Do It Paris Way

A Paris proposal with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop? Talk about iconic.

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On a Canoe

proposal photo in rowboat on lake

Photo by Ashton Teriece

How seriously romantic is a proposal in a canoe on a lake? Captured between the weeds, this naturally framed shot makes the moment even more intimate.

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On a Snowy Mountaintop

Photo by Relic Photographic

This gorgeous couple may not be able to stop looking at the ring, but we can’t stop looking at the snowy perfection of the mountainous backdrop. What an epic winter proposal!

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At a Rock Climbing Gym

Photo by India Earl

Maddy and Luis are an adventurous couple, so it was only fitting he proposed while rock climbing. When Maddy reached the top, friends shut off the lights and littered the ground with rose petals and string lights, turning them on to light up the gym in a romantic glow as Luis popped the question against the soundtrack of “First Day of My Life.”

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Wedding and Proposal in One

Photo by Alondra Vega Photography

There’s a reason why this couple is looking picture-perfect (and why they’re already wearing wedding rings!). They were modeling for a styled shoot when fake groom Matthew turned into a real groom by getting on one knee to Meredith.

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On the Edge of the Ocean

Man kneeling on beach kissing standing woman during proposal

Photo by Devin Jenkins Photo

Can it get more perfect than having the waves crash around you as you’re being proposed to? We don’t think so!

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In the Middle of the Jungle

Man kneeling proposing to standing woman on road in jungle

Photo by Jayleigh Daniel

That moment when you can’t even stand up straight because you’re so overwhelmed with joy. And what a stunning spot to propose—this groom knows how to pick a location.

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On a Picnic in the Park

Photo by Andie Avery Photography

As if this adorable picnic proposal during the day’s golden hour isn’t already cute enough, even cuter is the fact that these two are junior high sweethearts.

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On the Edge of the Lake

Photo by Rock Sandretto

Lakefront charm is heightened with rose petals and twinkling lights, making this magical moment all the more surreal.

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In a Bucolic Pasture

Photo by Chelsea Seekell Photography

Gabby’s sweet and tender response makes our hearts flutter. David was waiting in his grandfather’s pasture with a record player playing their favorite song. We bet you can guess how this ended!

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On a Gondola

Photo by Serena Genovese Photography

Proposal on a gondola in Venice? Major props to this guy for nailing the grandest romantic proposal—and for being able to elicit such a shocked look on his girlfriend’s face!

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With a View of the City

Photo by Whitney Justesen

This couple’s first trip together was to San Francisco, so it was only natural that their proposal would happen in front of the panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Now this is what perfect looks like!

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After a Big Hike

Man kneeling to propose to standing woman on mountaintop

Photo by Miller Media and Photography

We think hiking 3.6 miles up to Beckler Peak, Washington, was totally worth the reward in the end—one stunning, life-changing proposal.

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In the Middle of the Desert

Photo by Chris and Ruth

You can’t beat these smiles! The edgiest couple got engaged in the edgiest location—Désert D'agafay in Morrocco. We call that a perfect fit.

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By An Abandoned Church

Photo by Jonnie + Garrett

This long-distance couple had the dreamiest of proposals, taking place in an abandoned 1930s church set up with flickering candles. Talk about ethereal.

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In a Greenhouse

Man kneeling to propose to standing woman in greenhouse

Photo by Rebecca Taylor Photography

From picture frames and a sign to bouquets and votives, we love the length Michael went to decorate this space with personal touches. We can’t blame Catie for clutching her heart from being overwhelmed by so much love.

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A Cozy Winter Hike

Photo by Ginger Snapp Photography

When you can’t stop gazing at the new rock on your finger! We’re loving the cozy proposal feels here, and let’s just say, those grins are pretty infectious.

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A Seaside Letter Exchange

Photo by Samantha Stokes

A windy day by the sea proposal complete with a heartfelt letter and tears of joy gives us all the feels.

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In a Winter Wonderland

Proposal on a Snowy Mountain

Photo by Dylan Howell

Pretty sure this couple is on cloud nine—literally and figuratively. The surreal landscape atop Saddle Mountain in Oregon was bit by Jack Frost, making for one gorgeous spot to get engaged.

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A Skydiving Surprise

Photo by Duke Moose

Now that’s a landing! After skydiving first, Zac was waiting on the ground, roses and ring in hand, as Kaestle floated down to him.

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In the New Zealand Mountains

Photo by Tinted Photography

Epic, to say the least, are we right? With a proposal among the mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand, it’s safe to say this guy knows how to make a grand gesture.

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At the Top of the Rock

Photo by Liesl Claire Photography

When you climb a large rock only to receive another one for your finger. How can you go wrong with such a sweet surprise at Horseshoe Bend?

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A Romantic Beach Picnic

Photo by Tyfrench Photo

That moment when your romantic beach picnic gets a plot twist—well, we don’t blame this girl for her disbelief!

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A Magical Sedona Moment

Photo by Olivia Markle

This proposal is straight up killin’ it! The perfect joy of emotions on her face is as priceless as the stunning Sedona setting.

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A Hogwart's Proposal for Harry Potter's Fans

Man kneeling to propose to standing woman at in front of Hogwarts with witness

Photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

Can a proposal get more magical than one in front of Hogwarts!? It totally makes up for never getting your Hogwarts letter. Major props to this guy for turning his muggle girlfriend into an engaged wizard—he even had a Wizarding World employee perform the Unbreakable Vow over them. Now that’s a Harry Potter dream come true.

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In a Field of Flowers

kneeling man proposing to standing woman in field of flowers

Photo by Ellie Logan Photography

This surprise proposal is just as wild as the surrounding blue mountains and field of flowers—it totally swept us off our feet!

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On the Streets of Venice

Photo by Serena Genovese Photography

We can’t decide what we love more—the picturesque canal under a foggy hazy or the pure, unfiltered enthusiasm of this cute couple.

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A European Dream

Kneeling man proposing to standing man in European city in autumn

Photo by Sasha Lannier

Pictured: a dreamy European autumn proposal (and some seriously snazzy red shoes). Not pictured: the saxophonist and violin/guitarist that played some moving love tunes before this tender moment happened.

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A Picture-Perfect Proposal

Photo by Lecinda Ward Photography

This proposal is the definition of sweet: Buddhi made a “clothesline” of photos from his five-year relationship with Neshadi as a backdrop to his meadow field proposal. How could a girl say no?

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La Dolce Vita

Photo by Serena Genovese Photography

From the sparkling blue water to the couple’s unfiltered joy, this moment is every bit beautiful.

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