19 Pretty Wedding Getaway Cars to Inspire You

Drive into your happily ever after in style.

bride and groom in convertible with floral arrangement

Photo by Yessica Cruz; Floral design by Marcela Barrera

As your wedding day comes to an end, make the night even more memorable by ensuring your reception departure is one to remember. How? With an epic wedding getaway car. After all, your guests will be there to cheer and wave as you and your spouse embark on the next chapter of your lives together, so you'll want to make sure your reception exit stands out. Not to mention, it will give your photographer a chance to capture some truly cinematic shots of the end of the festivities. One of our favorite ideas? Riding off into the sunset, or towards an inky sky full of stars, in a really cool car—we can't help but love vintage vehicles for this impactful moment, especially when they are adorned with beautiful decorations for a picture-perfect departure.

While wedding protocol traditionally delegates the decorating duties to the groomsmen or wedding party as a whole, many modern couples tend to have their planner take on the task or even see to the details personally. We also adore the idea of having artistic nieces and nephews, or other little ones, lend a hand in outfitting the vehicle and getting involved in the wedding décor. Regardless of who is doing the decorating, it's important to ensure the outfitting takes place as far in advance as possible so that it doesn't interfere with any big-day events or contribute to an ill-timed, awkward moment. And, while most floral accouterments are good for use on vehicles, keep in mind that certain materials may be corrosive to the paint job or ruin the car. For example, products with sugar (think, whipped cream) can damage the paint and strong tapes and adhesives can strip it upon removal. With that said, the world is your oyster when it comes to getaway car décor ideas from garlands of greenery to painted signs to floaty balloons.

If the car is a rental, be sure to discuss your plans with the company or driver beforehand as there may be restrictions or additional fees to consider.

Keep reading for more creative ways to personalize your wedding getaway car.

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Fresh Flowers

Wedding Getaway Car with Fresh Flowers

Ryan Ray

A creamy-white vintage getaway car just seems to go hand-in-hand with an individually-lettered "Just Married" sign. The pretty fresh-flower embellishments add a colorful and romantic touch.

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Focus on Color

A bride and groom get out of a baby blue getaway car at their wedding reception.

Photo by Kelley Williams

Sometimes, all you need is a cool car and a pop of color, as seen with this sleek baby-blue vintage car which put the bride and groom at center stage.

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Create a Garden

A bride and groom sitting in their white getaway care at their wedding.

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography

If you have a stunning, blank canvas like this classic white convertible, try playing with it by placing flower arrangements around (and inside!) the car for an excellent photo op.

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A Handwritten Sign

A bride and groom drive away in a blue Mercedes convertible with a Just Married sign.

Photo by Kaley from Kansas

There's something both playful and truly timeless about creating a handwritten "Just Married" sign and popping it in the back of a chic car like this blue convertible Mercedes.

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An All-White Theme

A bride and groom in a white convertible getaway car with white flowers and greenery.

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

All-white on your wedding day is a timeless look, and this sophisticated white floral arrangement—with accents of lush greenery—is perfect for an elegant affair.

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A Greenery Garland

Wedding Getaway Car with Greenery Garland

Jessica Burke Photography

Lush garlands of in-season greenery are a great way to decorate the ceremony aisle and reception tables but why not also your getaway car? Drape a long garland to the back of your vehicle to complement the overall wedding look.

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A Floral Wreath

Wedding Getaway Car with Wreath

Photo by Lauren Ballingit

Garlands are gorgeous, but we also love the idea of adorning your wheels with an elegant wreath. Attach it to the trunk of the car and add a calligraphed "Just Married" banner.

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Tin Cans

Wedding Getaway Car With Tin Cans

Henry + Mac

A trail of tin cans is a traditional pièce de résistance to any getaway car. Tie them to the bumper of your vehicle with ribbons along with greenery garlands or vines. We've also seen these replaced with coconuts for a fun, tropical touch.

Be sure to do your research before tying on the tin cans! Dragging cans is illegal in some areas as they can throw sparks when hitting the pavement.

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Vanity Plates

Mercedes convertible with vanity plates

Clark Brewer Photography

Sometimes simplicity can go a long way. This cool Mercedes remains the star of the show with just a vanity plate to broadcast the adoration shared by the two love birds.

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"Just Married" Window Decals

Just Married Wedding Getaway Car

Acqua Photo

Instead of scrawling "Just Married" on the rear window with lipstick, opt for something simpler (and a whole lot less messy!): window decals. This couple's version, which they applied to the back of their retro Volkswagen Beetle, is from Kate Spade and is super easy to apply and then later remove.

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A Convertible Brimming With Flowers

Wedding Getaway Car With Red Flowers

Lacie Hansen Photography

If you're riding in a classic convertible, put the top down and ask your florist to adorn the back with loads and loads of flowers, like the viburnum, amaryllises, and dahlias seen here. Your departure will truly be unforgettable—and leave a stunning scent in its stead, too.

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"Just Married" Bunting

Newlyweds in getaway car with "just married" banner

Amrit Photography; Event Design by Finesse Décor; Floral Design by Da Fiori Floral Design  

This white 1965 Chevy Impala SS (borrowed from the bride's brother) evokes all the vibes with a burlap bunting banner boasting the couple's newlywed status. We especially love the muted greenery, powdery-toned florals, and frilly textures adorning the trunk of the convertible.

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A Greenery-Filled Truck Bed

Vintage Ford truck with greenery filled bed

Henry + Mac; Event Planning by Glass Event Planning; Floral Design by Flowers by Semia 

A laid-back, Massachusetts backyard wedding innately calls for a no-frills approach to decorating the getaway car. All this photogenic, black Ford truck needed was a burst of organic greenery to fill the bed and match the verdant surroundings.

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A Hand-Painted Sign

"Mr. & Mrs." Painted sign

Evan Hopman

Delicate details can be just as impactful as grandiose decorations, and in the case of this cozy elopement much more fitting. This charming, hand-painted sign hung off the back of the couple's getaway van and proclaimed their new titles for all to see.

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A Draped Banner

"Just Married" draped banner

KR Moreno; Event Planning by Katie Gregg Events & Co.; Car Rental by Motor City Vintage Rentals

What's a Detroit wedding without an ode to the Motor City's automotive history? Overabundant décor would have just taken away from this beauty's retro panache and that iconic Motown soul. With its elegant calligraphy and beautiful draping, this cloth banner is all that's needed for a classic send-off.

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A Greenery Wreath

VW Bus with wreath

JOSE VILLA; Event Planning by BELLAFARE 

We can't help but swoon over this adorable old VW van. Whether utilized as an ultra-cool photo booth or a stylish getaway vehicle, this wreath-adorned cutie is a wedding-day must.

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A Decked-Out Truck Bed

Vintage El Camino decked out with blankets, pillows, and a garland of roses

Amber Vickery; Event Planning by Gina Whittington of The Whitt Experience; Floral Design by Gypsy Floral


Talk about driving off in style! This vintage Chevy El Camino was outfitted not only with a garland of greenery and roses but also fashioned with blankets, rugs, and throw pillows for the most comfortable and luxurious ride. We'd go so far as to say all that famed Southern hospitality was certainly not lost on this Texan wedding.

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Floral Elegance

Floral-adorned convertible

Yessica Cruz; Floral Design by Marcela Barrera

This couple's sleek black getaway convertible is deserving of the most sophisticated décor. Creamy white florals and lush greenery beautifully accent the trunk and door handles for a departure that's nothing short of a full-fledged editorial moment. We'd say this level of work is best left to a professional florist to execute.

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Playful Balloons

Giant balloons on getaway car


Flowers are dreamy and delicate details are divine, but nothing says "party" quite like a bevy of balloons. This whimsical ride was finished off with a bouquet of jumbo balloons, a customary "Just Married" sign, and a trail of larger-than-life pom-poms tied to the hitch.

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