6 Pre-Wedding Wellness Supplements for Brides


There’s no question that every bride wants to be her best self for that biggest-of-big day when she says “I do” to her partner. It’s why we start to hit the gym with more regularity, pay more attention to eating healthy, grow out our hair, and start getting facials—not to mention hire the perfect team to beautify us for the ceremony. As anyone preparing for a day when all cameras will be trained on her will know, what we put in our mouths can make powerful changes. Such is the case with wellness supplements: capsules, dust, droplets or even supercharged water that, taken consistently, can have stunning results. Here are six beauty-enhancing, feel-good potions perfect for brides-to-be in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding—and beyond.

Before starting any supplements, check with your doctor to make sure it is the right decision for you and your body. Keep in mind that some supplements can have adverse interactions with other medications.

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goop Wellness High School Genes

Courtesy of Goop

Like the name implies, this vitamin capsule is stuffed with elements designed to address weight. It’s ideal for brides focused on healthy weight loss and cleansing, detoxifying and boosting the metabolism. Alpha lipoic acid helps combat free-radical damage and oxidative stress on the body, while Chinese herbs including licorice root, ginger, and green tea catechins balance the gut and aid weight loss.

SHOP NOW: Goop, $90, $17 with subscription

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Sagely Relief & Recovery Capsules

Courtesy of Sagely

Brides who are working out hard may want to start a regimen of Sagely’s CBD (10mg) and turmeric capsules, which combat inflammation and mild pain and can ease recovery from intense exercise sessions. When your body feels good your mind is more likely to, too, and the idea with this supplement is that you’ll end up more comfortable, relieved and ready to take on the day.

SHOP NOW: Sagely, $50

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Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

Brides swear by these strawberry-flavored gummies made with vital nutrients, vitamins E and C and biotin to improve skin, enhance hair health, and aid in collagen production. Regular use strengthens nails, and over time hair may feel thicker and fuller, negating the need for extensions.

Note: People can have different reactions to Biotin (such as acne breakouts), so make sure to test this out at least 6 months before your wedding to gauge how your body will react.

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Ritual Essential for Women Vitamin

Courtesy of Rituals

Who could say no to a skin-perfecting, joy promoting, battery charging, and age-defying capsule? All these things and more—think cognitive function, healthy joints and calmness—are benefits of Ritual’s female-focused daily vitamin that uses only high-quality essential nutrients to fill gaps in a woman’s diet. Vitamins E, D3, B12, K2 MK7, folate, iron, magnesium, boron, and omega-3 fatty acids are encapsulated in a bead in oil, meaning you won’t feel nauseous if taking it on an empty stomach.

SHOP NOW: Ritual, $30/month

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Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Courtesy of Moon Juice

The natural wellness brand’s proprietary blend of adaptogenic super-herbs and minerals helps combat the effects of stress on the body, which is an inevitable evil in all wedding-planning processes. Mix it into any beverage daily for cumulative benefits. Potent ingredients including amla, shisandra and pearl work to protect cells from free-radical damage, preserve collagen protein and enhance the elasticity of the skin, which means more luster and glow from within. And who doesn’t want that?

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Rising Springs Natural Mineral Supplement ($20)

We all know drinking lots of water is important all the time, but this H2O supplement actually does more than keep our body hydrated. Rising Springs is a highly mineralized water with naturally occurring silica that helps produce more collagen, a root source of plump, healthy skin plus better nails and hair. Passageways flow through granite lined with silica quartz crystals, contributing to the high-vibe charge of the alkaline water with fluoride to promote mouth and teeth health (it’s also packaged in a low-carbon-footprint bag in a box, so it’s easily transported and environmentally friendly).

SHOP NOW: Rising Springs, $20

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