25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

<p>Bride and groom holding hands</p>

Photo by Betsy Newman

As you know, we publish beautiful, emotional, and inspirational photos from real weddings every single day here at BRIDES. And in order to select said images, our editors pour through thousands upon thousands of photo galleries, Instagram feeds, and blog posts—you'd think it would get old eventually, right? Well, it doesn't! Every single time, in every single wedding gallery, we spot never-before-seen photos that stand out and moments that, quite frankly, stop us in our tracks (in which case, we naturally send screenshots to other editors with captions like, "Look at that smile!" or "OMG, he's crying!").

Of course, these photos often include the firsts—the first dance, the first kiss, the first look—but the one moment we always fall for is the ceremony exit (and, no, it's not because of the confetti toss or rice shower). Why do we love this moment, you ask? There are a few theories, but mostly we love that the ceremony exit is a purely candid moment. It's the moment when the couple realizes, "OMG, we did it!" Some brides cry, some grooms throw their hands in the air, and others sneak in another kiss. But no matter what the couple's reaction is, it's special to them. And in one photo, the photographer has (hopefully) captured all that joy and happiness. We love that—and we thought you would, too.

Here we give you a curated gallery packed full of emotional, candid, real photos. We hope these newlywed couples inspire you and get you excited for your own march down the aisle!

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Mary and Madison


Photo by Emmy Lowe

After exchanging vows in a circle of their nearest and dearest, Mary and Madison exited hand-in-hand to applause.

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A Beautiful Elopement


Photo by Jenny Fu

This couple may have shied away from a big wedding—“We’re both behind-the-scenes people. That’s kind of why we eloped,” says the bride—but they were definitely the center of attention during their rice-filled exit.

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Elizabeth and Colin

Ceremony Exit

Photo by Katie Dessin Photography

After a celebratory exit, the newlyweds moved to the farm's lawn for cocktail hour, where the bride's close friend played the guitar, harmonica, and violin.

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Carly and Oscar

<p>Bride and Groom Exit Church</p>

Photo by Fer Juaristi

After exchanging traditional vows during their church ceremony, Carly and Oscar exited to the bolero classic "Besame Mucho" as a nod to their Mexico City location.

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Hillary and Gab

<p>ceremony exit</p>

Photo by Alea Lovely

After their intimate, personal ceremony in Italy, the couple's guests tossed rose petals as the groom scooped up his new wife for a kiss!

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Chanel and Eric

ceremony exit

Photo by Sarah Falugo

Chanel and Eric exchanged vows under a chuppah made with the bride’s grandfather’s tallit and then ran off as Father John Misty’s “Real Love Baby” played. “My heart still melts every time I hear that song,” she says.

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Grace and Thomas

<p>ceremony exit</p>

Photo by Still55 Photography

After exiting to “Handel’s Hornpipe," the newlyweds popped champagne as they made their getaway on a trolley.

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Lucilla and Filippo

Lucilla Bonaccorsi Ceremony Exit

Photo by Pascal Chevallier

The couple married in a traditional Catholic ceremony at a private chapel on the family’s property, which was filled with thousands of pastel-colored petals. After exchanging vows, the newlyweds exited to a shower of more petals and doves flying away.

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Chloe and Joseph

Bride and Groom Exit

Photo by Kyle John

After their rainy, outdoor ceremony, this couple invited groomsmen to sing “Beth Rest” by Bon Iver for their recessional. “It added to the romance that Joseph and I were feeling,” Chloe explains.

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Jimmy and Chris

Grooms Exit Ceremony

Photo by Mae & Minh Photography

As soon as these grooms were pronounced married, they were draped with pink “husband” sashes and surrounded by hundreds of bubbles. Says Chris, “With the skyline in the background and bubbles everywhere, it made for some really special pictures!”

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Pernille and Philip

Bride and Groom Exit Ceremony

Photo by Polina Vinogradova

Pernille Teisbaek and her groom made their official exit from the ceremony in a Porsche Speedster decorated with cans, streamers, and paper hearts made by the bride's beautiful bridesmaids.

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Erin and Brooks

Olivia Rae James

This Charleston-based couple exchanged vows in a chapel covered in flowers before celebrating surrounded by even more floral beauty.

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Layne and Bucky

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

We think this groom likes the look of his new bling.

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Solange and Brian

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

This photo is evidence that a rice toss always makes for fun photos!

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Enlist the Band

Bride and Groom Ceremony Exit

Photo by Jenna McElroy

This couple embraced their destination wedding venue by enlisting a mariachi band to play for the recessional.

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Yasmine and Patrick

Bride throwing rice in the air

Photo by Forged in the North

These Brooklyn newlyweds exited to a shower of petals and plenty of applause! And how about the bride's epic reaction, right!?

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Amanda and Emily

Brides Exit Ceremony

Photo by Jay Lim Studio

After each walking down the aisle with their parents, these newlywed brides walked back down the aisle—this time, together!

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Make it Fun

Photo by Miss Gen Photography

This groom matched the confetti exit to his bright red pants!

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Jillian and Jimmy

Bride and groom recessional

Photo by Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay

This couple included their children in their walk down the aisle for a sweet family moment.

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Keep it Classic

Olivia Rae James

Sometimes, a bride and groom must brace themselves for what's to come (in this case, a shower of rice!).

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Chelsea and Ashley

<p>Bride and groom during rice toss</p>

Photo by Katie Grant

This bride wrote the entire ceremony, including the recess to an instrumental version of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up,” a fun, upbeat song that would be the start of their celebration.

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Add in a Pet

Photo by Olivia Rae James

This bride and groom included their adorable dog (wearing a flower crown!) in their exit.

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Isatu and Philipp

Ceremony Exit

Photo by Kate Headley

A flower-filled exit was perfect for this wedding in the English countryside.

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Joanna and Dean

Bride and Groom Exit Ceremony

Photo by Liz Banfield

Ribbons were the accessory of choice during this couple's church exit.

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Molly and Joel

Wedding Exit

Photo by Nicola Lemmon

Molly and Joel had their wedding party line the stairs as they made their grand exit, which doubled as their grand entrance as a married duo!

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