40 Perfect Peony Wedding Bouquets

White, pink, and coral peony bouquet

Photo by The Love Studio

With peak peony season beginning in early spring and extending through late June, there's no shortage of gorgeous wedding flowers for your bridal bouquet. Despite the relatively small window of budget-friendly growing time, brides clamor for this quintessential wedding flower all year-round. And can you really blame them? With the fluffy blooms available in white, cream, yellow, and varying shades of pink and red, peonies are the perfect addition to all bridal bouquets.

Whether you're hosting a ballroom bash, an outdoor rustic celebration, or a city-chic affair, peonies complement every type of wedding. For a classic style, pair these beauties with similar traditional flowers, such as roses, and for something more modern, add unexpected blooms like wildflowers or king protea. Also, remember that pretty peony bouquets can be created to accommodate any budget: You can splurge on an arrangement that's strictly peonies, and at the same time, you can save big by using the popular blossom as an accent flower within an arrangement filled with more affordable blooms.

To make peonies more budget-friendly, carry a single posy down the aisle rather than a traditional bouquet. Since they are so voluminous, fewer stems still make a serious impact.

We rounded up 40 stunning peony bouquets, from all-white blooms to colorful coral, pink, red, and plum hues—with a few colors in between—for brides of every style.

Pretty Pastels

Pastel Peony and rose bouquet

Photo by Allison Kuhn Photography

Consider this the pastel bouquet of dreams. Roses in the most tender eggshell shade and soft pink peonies create a delicate palette for wispy greenery. We're obsessed with the depth created by the pops of deep purple and textured buds.

Feminine Frills

Big Peony bouquet

Photo by Dyan Elizabeth

No tiny buds and barely-there blooms here. This bouquet is overflowing with megawatt florals and all the soft, frilly textures you could ever want. Classic pink peonies and sorbet-colored roses are always a romantic, springtime choice.

Summer Brights

Brightly colored Peony bouquet

Photo by Meg Sexton

Colorful and bright, peonies make the perfect combination for a summertime bouquet—especially this yellow-centered variety that imparts all the sunny warmth of the season. Peach-toned dahlias, white anemones, and sprigs of lavender finish off the look.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage Peony bouquet

Photo by Grey Lily Photography

We’re totally getting vintage vibes from the color palette here. Coral and apricot-hued peonies are paired with ivory blossoms and powdery eucalyptus branches. Such a heated color scheme was practically custom made for a late summer or early fall celebration.

A Moody Mélange

Moody Peony bouquet

Photo by Jessica Tremp

We’re all about these moody purple and burgundy hues creating a sultry vibe. Pastel pink roses add a hint of softness to the otherwise deep bouquet—a stunning touch to a winter wedding or spring/summer fête with a renaissance palette.

A Perfect Match

Pink and white Peony bouquet

Photo by Ferri Photography

When your bouquet matches your wedding dress, your bridal style is on point. This pale-pink bundle of peonies, roses, and greenery matches the bride's floral embroidered dress beautifully. This entire look is certifiably springtime fine!

A Creamsicle Bouquet

Cream and orange Peony bouquet

Photo by Laura Hotz

White and orange create an unexpected color combination—one we love for a rustic take on an autumn wedding. Dusty mauve tones and crimson accents balance out the brightness to create this divine harmony of florals.

Boho Charm

Bohemian Peony bouquet with ferns

Photo by Jason Mark Harris

These peonies get a bohemian spin paired with wildflowers and cascading ferns. We love how the coral and fuchsia colors lean toward the more seductive and warm rather than bright and overly cheerful—a perfect palette for the touches of yellow and purple. This arrangement is nothing short of a midsummer night's dream.

Pinks Galore

Pink Peony bouquet

Photo by Erin Wheat Photography

This peony bouquet is oh-so pretty in pink. The variety of shades from barely-there pastels to baby blushes to dusty, deeper shades adds dimension to the mix without looking overly monochromatic.

Sorbet Splendor

Sorbet-hued Peony bouquet

Photo by Shannon Yau Photography

White and peach peonies are pure romance while a few sprigs of green provide a welcomed anchor to the airy arrangement. This sorbet-colored mix just reminds us of decadent, frozen deserts on the riviera in summer. Sigh.

An Evergreen Dream

Peony bouquet with greenery

Photo by Janice Morgan

Minimal blooms and maximal greens create an unexpected look we can’t get enough of. We’re especially loving the sporadic pops of orange against the statement white peonies.

Alpine Accents

Soft pink Peony bouquet

Photo by Erin Wilson Photography

This bouquet is nothing but a springtime reverie. The fresh palette of blush pinks, tender yellows, ivory peonies, and bright greens was just the right complement to this bride’s mountainside wedding

Colorful Composition

Colorful Peony bouquet

Photo by Priscilla Valentina Photography

This stunning beauty of a bouquet was crafted by the bride herself for her intimate wedding in Yosemite. We love how she combined peonies with various other flowers and imparted tons of different shapes and textures into the mix.

The Vibrant Vixen

Vibrant Peony bouquet

Photo by Foot Candles Photography

This vibrant peony bouquet is definitely no wallflower with sultry pops of warm pinks, bright oranges, powdery peaches, and moody burgundies. Plus, the multicolored trail of ribbons reminds us of a playful maypole celebrating the beginning of summer—and a marriage, in this case!

Tying ribbons to the base of a bouquet not only looks darling, but it's also a great way to add texture, color, movement, and a subtle nod to the wedding theme or style.

A Blushing Bouquet

Pale pink Peony bouquet

Photo by Daniel Kim Photography

Muted, neutral peonies have an air of sophisticated whimsy. Refreshingly crisp and oh-so feminine, this bouquet just calls for a springtime fête.

A Minimalist Mix

Minimalist Peony bouquet

Photo by The Stewarts Roam Photography

White peonies surrounded by leaves and buds have an understated beauty. We love the tiny buds injecting the slightest tinge of demure color to the medley.

Island Inspiration

Island inspired Peony bouquet

Photo by Wild Souls Studio

A tropical twist! All you need for some island flair is orange and coral peonies with palm and palmetto leaves.

Plum Perfection

Purple Peony bouquet

Photo by Danish Island Weddings

We can see why purple is the color of royalty—this plum bouquet is all majestic, from wisteria accents to lavender peonies. This refined palette and choice in florals make for the most elegant addition to summer or fall nuptials.

Desert Decadence

Desert-inspired Peony bouquet

Photo by Julia Harmsen Photography

Pair your peonies with king protea blooms for a desert-inspired touch. Heated hues of corals, oranges, pinks, and marigolds beautifully mirror the dry serenity and rising temperatures of the locale.

Freshly Foraged

Peony bouquet with wildflowers

Photo by Chelle Wootten

This bouquet has a bit of forest beauty with husky colors and wild ferns. The untamed composition of the greenery and wildflower mix gives this arrangement a freshly-foraged feel.

Romantic Reds

bouquet of red and white peonies

Photo by Dyan Elizabeth

You can’t get much more classic than a bouquet of red and white peonies and roses. This one in particular gives a fresh take with eucalyptus and a horizontal arrangement.

Preppy Pinks

Peony bouquet with preppy ribbon

Photo by Vanilla Photography

Pale pink peonies are simple and beautiful, complete with a preppy vibe thanks to a striped bow. This arrangement is picture-perfect for a nautical celebration on the coast or a New England garden wedding.

Oh, Happy Day

Happy-colored Peony bouquet

Photo by Jenna McElroy

A nuptial celebration is a happy day indeed. With sunshine yellow, punchy pink, dazzling coral, and gentle periwinkle tones, this bouquet embodies all the exciting emotions of the event.

Kitschy Glam

A playful bouquet brimming with all the colors under the sun

Photo by Plum & Oak Photography

A playful bouquet brimming with all the colors under the sun is perfect for a Palm Springs-inspired wedding. Shiny anthuriums, coral peonies, marigold ranunculi, and citrus-toned mums incorporate the playful colors and retro glam synonymous with the destination.

An Herbaceous Medley

Peony posy with thistle

Photo by Through The Woods We Ran

Who knew what magic a few peonies, thistle, and eucalyptus could create. This refreshing posy of blush-colored blooms and pale greenery is absolutely darling without losing an ounce of that big-day panache.

Jazz-Age Jewel Tones

Jewel-toned Peony bouquet

Photo by Love Me Do Photography

We love some good jewel tones, and this peony bouquet gets them just right. The bright yet moody mix of bold reds, saturated pinks, and deep creams have an undeniable opulence that's nothing short of old-world luxury.

Berry Bliss

Berry-hued Peony bouquet

Photo by Brittany Lee Photography; Floral Design by Presh Floral

This berry-toned bouquet is totally giving us heart eyes. The horizontal assembly is overflowing with a spring mix of large peonies, roses, and textured blooms.

Lavishly Lush

Lush Peony bouquet

Photo by The Love Studio

Lush and fabulous, this bouquet is serious wedding goals. Massive pink, ivory, and apricot-hued peonies make for a can't-miss, springtime display when paired with bits of greenery and frilly blush delphiniums.

Pale Pretties

Pale Pastel Peony bouquet

Photo by Lindsey Mueller Photography

Our hearts are all aflutter over this feminine bouquet of eucalyptus and light peonies. The pale tones not only pair beautifully together but look incredible next to that show-stopping blush gown.

A Cascading Creation

Cascading Peony bouquet

Photo by Purity Weddings

This seriously stunning arrangement is nothing short of a museum-worthy masterpiece. The bouquet is absolutely breathtaking thanks to its waterfall effect of greenery creating a base for the larger-than-life peonies and king proteas. We'd consider this the lovechild of Monet's impressionist florals and Dalí's melted surrealism.

Nuptial Whites

White Peony bouquet with greenery

Photo by Alexandra Wallace

We love how this bride is keeping with the tradition of all white, even down to her peony bouquet. The mix of monochromatic peonies, anemones, roses, and tiny buds keeps the arrangement from seeming too flat.

Monochromatic Majesty

Monochrome Peony bouquet

Photo by Ode Studios

A one-color palette has just as much impact as a multi-color one when the peonies are so vibrant. These supersized blooms need little more than some leafy stems to make a memorable entrance.

Add a Pop

Peony bouquet with pops of crimson

Photo by Vienna Glenn

A single splash of crimson adds a deep note in a sunshiny bouquet. The depth offers a nice sense of grounding to the otherwise bright composition, carrying it out of airy springtime celebrations to balmy midsummer and early fall fêtes.

Pristine Perfection

All White Peony Bouquet

Photo by Alexandra Wallace

We love how this peony bouquet in stark, crisp white blends seamlessly with this bride's dress. The bodacious blooms beautifully mimic the lace overlay on the gown creating a magnificent total look.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Retro glam Peony Bouquet

Photo by Fig Tree Pictures

The bigger the better, right? Especially when the blooms come in such vivacious colors of megawatt fuchsia, creamy corals, soft chiffon yellows, and barely-there mauves. We're getting some major retro-glam vibes here.

An Airy Arrangement

White and green Peony Bouquet

Photo by Sophie Kaye Photography

Swoon. This gorgeous white and green bouquet is all kinds of chic. We love how the long stems of greenery are left to run wild giving the arrangement an untamed aesthetic.

Home Grown

Peony and rose bouquet

Photo by Tara Whittaker; Floral Design by Flowers by Janie

Peonies, roses, and carnations combine for a fresh-from-the-garden-style bouquet. Clean, springtime hues of coral, blush, peach, and lilac get some dimension with brooding puffs of near-black blooms.

Big and Bold

Bold Peony bouquet

Photo by Dyan Elizabeth

Talk about a centerpiece bloom. It’s a straight-up show-stopper with these punchy colors and sunshine-yellow centers.

Coral Confection

Coral Peony bouquet

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event Design by TOAST Santa Barbara

We’re obsessing over the coral charm of this peony bouquet. Happy, marigold centers smile brightly as darling white buds fill out the saccharine composition. This would be the most delightful addition to whimsical spring or summer nuptials.

A Sunny Disposition

Krinkled Peony bouquet

Photo by Lauren Wrigley Photography; Floral Design by Jocelyn’s Floral

"Krinkled" white peonies are known for their snow-colored petals and sunny centers. They look absolutely divine nestled atop a massive bed of eucalyptus.

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