34 Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings for Every Bride

The teardrop shape is having a serious moment. We've rounded up our favorites for every style and budget

Updated 05/30/19

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Don't call it a comeback. We're seriously loving pear-shaped engagement rings right now, and we're not the only ones. Carrie Bradshaw may not have loved her pear-shaped diamond ("with a gold band"), but that was so 2002! Pear-shaped rings are having a resurgence and for good reason; they're timeless, chic, and really stand out.

We all know the cut: pointy on top, rounded at the bottom, otherwise referred to as a "teardrop." No matter its size, a pear-shaped diamond always seems to sparkle just a little bit more than its counterparts.

Opting for a teardrop on your ring finger allows you to you keep things simple or go more extravagant—variations range from minimal solitaires in classic settings to ornate, vintage-inspired styles to unique takes with gemstones. Then, there are entirely unconventional settings like clusters, double-band rings, and off-kilter stones—all of which are perfect for those inclined to forego tradition. For a little more embellishment, you can choose a pear-shaped engagement ring with accent stones or try a coordinating nesting band which will create the illusion of a bigger ring.

Set in yellow, white, or rose gold, there's no doubt the teardrop shape makes an impact—even the most modest pears standout. If you prefer a bit more drama, however, go for the pavé halo or double-shank band.

Bonus tip: A pear shape can feel easily customizable as it can be worn with the diamond facing up, down, east-west, or slightly off-kilter; lady's choice! When opting for an ultra-modern version, minimal settings really help a dazzling pear-cut diamond shine.

Have we convinced you sufficiently? Ahead, browse our favorite pear-shaped engagement rings to find the perfect one for you. Then, start dropping those hints.

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ILA Aleta Pear-Shaped Ring

Courtesy of ILA

SHOP NOW: ILA, Priced from $800

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Brilliant Earth 14K Rose Gold Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring (1/4 ct. tw.)

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, Priced from $990 (not including center stone)

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Jennie Kwon Diamond Tilt Ring

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon, $1,190

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Selin Kent Pear Ring

Courtesy of Selin Kent

SHOP NOW: Selin Kent, $1,950

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Vrai & Oro The Pear Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, Priced from $2,107

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Wwake One of a Kind Nestled Pear Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Wwake

SHOP NOW: Wwake, $2,289

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Elisa Solomon Pavlova Pink Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Catbird

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $2,318

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Ken & Dana Design Versie Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

SHOP NOW: Ken & Dana Design, Priced from $2,600 (not including center stone)

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Mociun Rose Cut Pear Diamond Ring .27ct

Courtesy of Mociun

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $2,990

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Lauren Wolf Jewelry Contemporary Claw Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Lauren Wolf Jewelry, $3,300

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Catbird Wedding Leda The Swan Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Catbird

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $3,400

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Jemma Wynne Prive Diamond Pear Ring

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, $4,830

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Jade Trau Sadie Solitaire Ring

Courtesy of Jade Trau

SHOP NOW: Jade Trau, $5,150

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Anna Sheffield Petite Pear Luna Suite No. 92

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $5,635

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Shahla Karimi Pear East-West Ring

Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $8,300

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Kataoka Diamond Pear Crown Ring

Courtesy of Kataoka

SHOP NOW: Kataoka, $9,180

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Sofia Kaman Aliza Pear Shape Salt And Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Sofia Kaman

SHOP NOW: Sofia Kaman

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KatKim Duét Pear Pavé Ring

Courtesy of KatKim

SHOP NOW: KatKim, $9,600

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Gillian Conroy Jewelry 0.75ct Pear Brilliant-cut White Diamond & Yellow Gold Bezel Ring

Courtesy of Gillian Conroy Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Gillian Conroy Jewelry, $10,250

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Eva Fehren The Faceted Pear in Platinum

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

SHOP NOW: Eva Fehren, $13,275

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Harry Winston Classic Winston Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones

Courtesy of Harry Winston

SHOP NOW: Harry Winston, Priced from $26,700

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Après Jewelry The Kaia Ring

Courtesy of Après Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Après Jewelry, Priced from $1,770 (not including center stone)

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Tacori Simply Tacori Pear Engagement Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of Tacori

SHOP NOW: Tacori, Priced from $2,990 (not including center stone)

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Single Stone Frankie 1.50ct I/SI1 Certified Vintage Pear Shaped Diamond in 18K Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Single Stone

SHOP NOW: Single Stone

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Soleste Pear-shaped Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band Style #66839

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., Priced from $7,350

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Lizzie Mandler Pear Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

SHOP NOW: Lizzie Mandler, Price Upon Request

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Leo Ingwer Pink Pear Ring

Courtesy of Leo Ingwer

SHOP NOW: Leo Ingwer, Price Upon Request

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Kwiat Pear Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Courtesy of Kwiat

SHOP NOW: Kwiat, Price Upon Request

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Bario Neal Custom Heirloom Diamond Angled Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal , Price Upon Request

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David Yurman Lanai Full Pave Engagement Ring with Diamonds in Platinum, Pear

Courtesy of David Yurman

SHOP NOW: David Yurman, Price Upon Request

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Ashley Zhang Custom Pear Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, Price Upon Request

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Mark Broumand 1.18ct Pear Shaped Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

SHOP NOW: Mark Broumand, Price Upon Request

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Cartier 1895 Solitaire Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of Cartier

SHOP NOW: Cartier, Price Upon Request

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ManiaMania Radiance Ring 14k Rose Gold with White Diamond Ring

Courtesy of ManiaMania

SHOP NOW: ManiaMania, Price Upon Request

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