32 Stunning Oval Engagement Rings

A modern-bride favorite.

Rose gold oval ring

 Aprés Jewelry

Whether you’re hoping for a minimal, timeless, or vintage-inspired engagement ring, an oval-cut diamond will do just the trick. With their elongated shape, flattering effect, and ability to look bigger than their actual carat size, oval diamonds are becoming more and more popular in a variety of settings. 

What Is an Oval Engagement Ring?

An oval engagement ring incorporates an oval-cut diamond or a gemstone such as a ruby or sapphire. Modern oval diamonds have been available since 1957, after the cut was introduced by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan. An oval-cut stone may be incorporated into any setting from solitaire or three-stone to a diamond pavé band.

The Appeal of an Oval Engagement Ring

Oval engagement rings are a stunning choice and appeal to a variety of brides, including those looking for something just slightly different. “Oval engagement rings are great for women who love the classics but want something just a little bit unique,” says Lauren Priori, owner of L. Priori Jewelry. “Ovals have the ability to feel feminine and fresh but are still more timeless than trendier shapes like pears or marquises.”

  • An oval engagement ring may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for something slightly unique.
  • An oval-cut diamond or gemstone looks larger than a round stone, offering more bang for your buck.
  • This style ring offers a flattering, elongated shape.

Meet the Expert

Lauren Priori is the owner of L. Priori Jewelry, a custom jeweler based in Philadelphia. A Gemological Institute of America (GIA) trained Graduate Gemologist, Priori is an expert in the craft of jewelry design.

How to Select an Oval Engagement Ring

To select the perfect oval engagement ring, keep in mind that each oval-cut diamond is truly unique. “Some of them are long and thin, others are wide and round, some have pointy ends, and some have flatter ends that almost veer into cushion-shaped territory,” says Priori. “Look at a variety of stones to make sure you choose the stone that's right for you. At the end of the day, trust your own eyes! You're the one wearing the diamond, so you have to love it.”

According to Priori, it's also important to keep an eye out for the bow-tie effect, or a dark facet pattern, that can often occur with oval stones. “All ovals will have some bow tie, but you'll want a stone that's as evenly bright throughout as possible,” she says. 

If an alternative oval engagement ring appeals to you, every type of setting from solitaire to sparkly pavé bands and halos are right at your fingertips. No matter your taste, there’s undoubtedly an oval in the perfect setting for you.

Here are our 32 favorite oval engagement rings.

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Still House Double Gold Band Ring With Oval Diamond Solitaire

Double gold banded ring with oval diamond

Still House

This double-band setting is architectural and sleek, offering a modern option. Its double-band is made with recycled gold and paired with an oval-cut diamond for a stunning design.

SHOP NOW: Still House, $9,350

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Eva Fehren Rose Gold Pavé Ring With Portrait Cut Oval Diamond

Inverted oval diamond ring

Eva Fehren

We’ve never seen anything like this incredible portrait-cut oval ring. With a rose gold band decorated in diamonds, as well as an inverted oval diamond, this option handmade in New York City is definitely a unique piece to be cherished for years to come.

SHOP NOW: Eva Fehren, price upon request

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Lizzie Mandler Gold Ring With Oval Diamond Solitaire

Gold oval diamond solitaire ring

Lizzie Mandler 

Utilizing an oval diamond makes a solitaire setting stand out that much more. And this ring, with 18-karat yellow gold, captures that perfectly to create a lovely piece.

SHOP NOW: Lizzie Mandler, price upon request

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Zales Rose Gold Split Shank Ring With Oval Diamond

Rose gold oval diamond split ring


We can't get enough of this rose gold split shank option. With such an intriguing design, paired with a gorgeous oval diamond solitaire, this is the perfect ring for the bride who wants something classic, yet a touch unique.

SHOP NOW: Zales, $4,668.30

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Vrai Hover White Gold Pavé Ring With Oval Diamond

Hover white gold oval ring


This stunning gem switches up the typical solitaire setting. With a white gold pavé band and a gorgeous oval diamond, this is an unexpected twist on a classic setting.

SHOP NOW: Vrai, price upon request

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Ceremony Yellow Gold Bezel Setting Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold ring with oval diamond


This East-West oval just screams sleek. We love the classic simplicity of this yellow gold design, with a feminine touch and just a tiny hint of vintage appeal.

SHOP NOW: Ceremony, price upon request

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KatKim Gold Open Band With Oval Diamond Solitaire

Open gold band with oval diamond ring


A KatKim signature, this open band is both simple and eye-catching. Incorporating a gold band with an oval diamond, this unique design is awe-inspiring.

SHOP NOW: KatKim, price upon request

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Shahla Karimi East-West Gold Pavé Band With Oval Diamond

Gold oval ring with baguette side stones

 Shahla Karimi

We love the addition of baguette diamonds to the band of this ring, switching up the typical pavé look. With an East-West oval setting, this is such a gorgeous and unique option, reminiscent of the 1920s.

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $1,990

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Tiffany & Co. Oval Halo Ring With Diamond Platinum Band

Tiffany oval diamond halo ring

Tiffany & Co.

With a pavé band, this oval is the epitome of classic. Halos offer the perfect setting to really make an oval diamond shine.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., price upon request

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Vrai Platinum Split Shank Ring With Oval Diamond

White gold split shank oval diamond ring


This platinum ring marries classic and modern in the most beautiful way. With a split shank band, with partial pavé and an oval solitaire, you'll have a hard time not staring at this ring for hours on end.

SHOP NOW: Vrai, price upon request

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Blue Nile Yellow Gold Wide Band Ring With Oval Diamond

Wide band gold ring with oval diamond

 Blue Nile

This oval solitaire is a sparkly stunner, but the incorporation of a wide yellow gold band turns the design on its head. Typically, solitaires are set with a thin, sleek band, but we love the way this bold design is switching it up.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $5,314

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Jemma Wynne White Gold Ring With Blackened Diamond Pavé Frame

Blackened white gold ring with oval diamond

Jemma Wynne

With a blackened pavé, this East-West oval is for the alternative bride. This ring boasts such a gorgeous vintage vibe.

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, price upon request

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Mociun Yellow Gold Reverse Set Oval Diamond Ring

Gold band ring with baguettes and oval diamond


This reverse-set antique diamond ring feels so romantic. With an 18-karat yellow gold band, six baguette diamonds, and one oval diamond, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $16,500

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Aprés Jewelry Gold Ring With Rustic Oval Diamond Solitaire

Gold band with oval diamond solitaire

 Aprés Jewelry

What’s more distinctive than a rustic oval diamond on a super-thin band? The way this ring marries a classic solitaire setting with claw prongs and an absolutely gorgeous rustic diamond perfectly brings together old and new.

SHOP NOW: Aprés Jewelry, price upon request

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Vera Wang White Gold Oval Diamond Halo Ring With Black Rhodium

Vera Wang halo oval diamond ring


This piece just screams classic, yet incredibly unique. White gold is paired with black rhodium to set a bold stage for diamonds along the band, as well as a stunning oval halo.

SHOP NOW: Zales, $3,660.30

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Porter Gulch Gold Pavé Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold oval diamond ring with side stones

Porter Gulch

Featuring eight baguettes on a yellow band, this ring is a bit Art Deco. The gorgeous band paired with an oval diamond is a unique take on minimalism. 

SHOP NOW: Porter Gulch, $4,675

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Blue Nile Rose Gold Ring With Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo

Rose gold ring with oval ruby

Blue Nile

For many, opting for an oval ring is all about the vintage vibe, and this ring certainly hits that on the nail. With a rose gold band, a diamond halo, and a beautiful oval ruby, this design is a dream.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $6,000

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Jade Trau Yellow Gold Pavé Wrap Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold diamond ring with oval diamond

Jade Trau

Go for some drama with this unique wrap ring. We love the way a diamond pavé band leads to an oval diamond for a striking look.

SHOP NOW: Jade Trau, $10,700

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Kwiat Side Stone Oval Diamond Ring in Platinum

Oval diamond ring with side stones


If you’re all about glitz, look no further than this platinum ring with an oval diamond. The two dazzling side stones incorporated truly make this ring pop.

SHOP NOW: Kwiat, price upon request

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L. Priori Yellow Gold Halo Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold ring with oval diamond halo

 L. Priori

Oval diamonds offer the perfect opportunity to create timeless designs, and this rose-cut oval ring is no exception. With yellow gold and a diamond halo, this glitzy option is simply stunning.

SHOP NOW: L. Priori, $6,150

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Grace Lee Rose Gold Octagonal Ring With Oval Diamond

Rose gold ring with oval diamond in octagon

 Grace Lee

With an octagonal bezel setting, this rose-cut oval is nothing short of exceptional. Set with a rose gold band, this is such a unique option, while still incorporating a classic oval.

SHOP NOW: Grace Lee, $5,880

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Michelle Oh White Gold Pavé Ring With East-West Oval Diamond

Oval diamond ring with side stones

Michelle Oh

The juxtaposition of an oval stone with this delicate square band is so unique. With six round diamonds and a beautiful oval diamond, this ring truly shines.

SHOP NOW: Michelle Oh, price upon request

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ILA Yellow Gold Signet Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold engagement ring with oval diamond


If delicate isn’t your look, how about eight claw prongs and a signet setting? Made with recycled 18-karat gold, this design offers a unique way to show off a dreamy oval-cut diamond.

SHOP NOW: ILA, price upon request

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Aprés Jewelry Yellow Gold Pavé Ring With Oval Diamond Halo

Rose gold ring with oval diamond halo

 Aprés Jewelry

This is the ultimate rose gold oval engagement ring. With 18-karat rose gold, a pavé band, and an oval diamond in the center, this ring holds its simplicity while incorporating a lovely sparkle.

SHOP NOW: Aprés Jewelry, price upon request

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Material Good Platinum Double Pavé Ring With Oval Diamond

Double banded oval diamond engagement ring

Material Good

With a double micro pavé band, this oval ring has some serious sparkle. This piece incorporates the classic influence of a solitaire, while remaining unique with a platinum double band.

SHOP NOW: Material Good, $34,200

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Jennie Kwon Yellow Gold Ring With East-West Oval Diamond Solitaire

Simple yellow gold ring with oval diamond

Jennie Kwon 

How sweet is this delicate oval ring? While many settings utilize an oval-cut diamond to look larger, this sleek ring is just the opposite. We love the simple inclusion of an East-West oval diamond with milgrain detailing.

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon, $535

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Michelle Oh Rose Gold Ring With Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo

Rose gold ring with diamonds and oval sapphire

 Michelle Oh

Hello, gorgeous! Rose gold meets white diamonds and a brilliant oval sapphire with this ring. This timeless oval is the definition of stunning design.

SHOP NOW: Michelle Oh, price upon request

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Forevermark Platinum Pavé Band With Oval Diamond

Diamond pave band ring with oval diamond


This platinum band incorporates pavé diamonds for even more sparkle to pair with a beautiful oval diamond. And as an added bonus, the ring arches up into the basket beneath the center diamond to offer the ultimate comfort-fit.

SHOP NOW: Forevermark, $3,595

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Bario Neal Yellow Gold Three-Stone Hexagon Ring With Oval Diamond

Gold ring with hexagon and oval diamonds

Bario Neal

Who says an oval diamond can't be incorporated into a three-stone setting? This ring, with 14-karat yellow gold and hexagonal side stones, is a true work of art.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, price upon request

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Anna Sheffield Yellow Gold Ring With East-West Oval Diamond Solitaire

Gold ring with east-west oval diamond

Anna Sheffield

We love the simplicity of this ring, with subtle unique additions. A tapered shank sets this East-West ring apart, along with double-prongs and a gorgeous oval diamond.

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $12,765

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Simply Tacori Platinum Ring With Side Stones and Oval Diamond

Platinum ring with oval diamond and side stones

Simply Tacori

We can't get over all of the intricate details of this piece. A platinum band features baguette side stones, adding a contrasting geometric touch to this oval diamond ring.

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $4,890

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Kay Jewelers Rose Gold Three-Stone Ring With Oval Diamond

Rose gold ring with oval diamond and side stones

 Kay Jewelers

This is such a stunning, romantic option with a hint of a vintage feel. A rose gold band is paired with two round side stones and a bold oval diamond in the center for a gorgeous look.

SHOP NOW: Kay Jewelers, from $1,724.25

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