35 One-Tier Wedding Cakes Perfect for Small Celebrations

Find inspiration for an elegant and detailed small-scale cake.

One-tier white wedding cake with dried white rosebuds, florals, and foliage on a cake stand

Photo by KT Merry

While a towering, multi-tiered wedding cake brings a sense of awe and drama to a wedding reception, a single-tier cake can make just as big of an impact at a fraction of the size. Whether you need your cake to match an intimate guest list or want a cutting cake for just you and your new spouse to enjoy, you don't need to trade taste, detail, or impact for tiers. A one-tier wedding cake can be an elegant and delicious option for your wedding celebration.

Ahead, we rounded up 35 one-tier wedding cakes to help inspire your own dream reception confection. Let these lovely petite cakes prove to your guests that good things often come in small packages.

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Clear Winners

Three one-tier white wedding cakes on acrylic stands with white and pink florals on table

Photo by Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

Acrylic stands filled with florals displayed three unique white cakes at a backyard garden wedding.

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Pretty Peonies

One-tier white carrot wedding cake topped with pink peonies on cake stand next to "carrot cake" sign

Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

At an intimate Denver wedding, fresh peonies topped a pretty buttercream-iced carrot cake that was made from a family recipe.

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A Tongue-in-Cheek Topper

One-tier white cake with painted buttercream white and green florals with "Friggin Finally" cake topper on cake stand surrounded by greenery

Photo by Sean Thomas Photography

Buttercream flowers and gold flecks wrap the sides of this one-tier cake, while a topper reading “Friggin’ Finally” adds a cheeky accent.

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Flavorful Trio

Three single-tier white cakes on stands decorated with pink, white, and purple flowers on a pink table

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

Choosing to display three individual cakes allowed a couple to offer treats in three distinct flavors, including almond, chocolate, and blood-orange.

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Red Alert

Single-tier semi-naked cake topped with red florals on white cake stand

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photo

Vibrant red flowers provide a dose of bright color against a small, semi-naked wedding cake.

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Top With Sugar

One-tier white cake with ripple topped with pink and white sugar flowers next to candles

Photo by Justine Milton Photography

Don't want to add to your floral budget? This single-tiered design was topped with a lush bouquet of flowers—all made with sugar.

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Lovely Leaves

Single-tier white wedding cake with pressed white florals and leaves on cake stand

Photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography

Want a design that is simple and sweet? Take note of this smooth white cake, which was decorated with tiny pressed wildflowers and leaves. The cake even coordinated with the printed linens.

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Something Blue

Single-tier semi-naked white wedding cake with violets and white roses on a white cake stand

Photo by Adriana Rivera

At a coastal microwedding, a single-tier, semi-naked vanilla rum cake was topped with bold blue flowers and emerald leaves for a colorful pop.

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Pressed to Impress

One-tier white wedding cake with pressed florals topped with honeycomb on cake stand

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo

One-tier cakes won’t stop your baker from including intricate decorations, like the fresh-pressed flowers set by hand on this honeycomb-topped confection.

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Branching Out

Single-tier pale blue watercolor cake with cherry blossoms on white cake stand

Photo by Rosalind Miller Cakes

Give a single-tier cake more height and width with an architectural adornment, like the cherry blossom branch on this watercolor cake.

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Garden-Inspired Sweet

One-tier white wedding cake with orange, pink, and white florals and dried grasses

Photo by Love Is My Favorite Color

A small garland of fresh flowers and understated texturing add visual interest to this cream and genoise cake from a Portugal celebration.

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Fruit Forward

Single-tier white wedding cake with blackberries, red berries, greenery, figs, and pink and red flowers

Photo by Suzanne Li Photography

Textured buttercream and abundance of fresh berries, vines, figs, and flowers make this cake well-suited for an outdoor wedding.

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Three of a Kind

One-tier chocolate, caramel, and coconut cakes on cakes stands surrounded by yellow tulips, yellow and white roses, and small yellow blooms

Photo by Emily Barbee

A trio of single-tier cakes in different flavors were displayed on individual stands and surrounded by cheerful yellow florals at a bayside Alabama wedding.

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Neutral Territory

Single-tier semi-naked cake with white orchid, pink roses, and dried foliage on cake stand

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

A semi-naked Funfetti cake on a simple wooden stand was decorated with white and terracotta flowers to complement a wedding's earth-toned aesthetic.

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Dog Day

Bundt cake with white frosting and a three-dog cake topper with the sign "We Do Too!"

Photo by We the Romantics

Opting for a single-tier cake allows you to choose a cake shape that wouldn’t easily stack. Take note of this wedding bundt cake, which was decorated with a custom topper of the brides’ dogs at their Texas nuptials.

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Center Stage

Single-tier white cake surrounded by pink and orange roses and orange and red cupcakes

Photo by Peyton Byford

A frosted cake surrounded by blush-toned florals serves as a pretty centerpiece for a colorful cupcake display.

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Name Plate

Single-tier semi-naked cake with pink, red, and yellow florals and a "Alex & Shannon" cake topper on blue stand

Photo by Deborah Ann Photography

This simple, semi-naked cake gets a boost of personality from vibrant flowers, a blue cake stand, and a shimmering topper with the couples' names.

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Petal Pusher

One-tier white wedding cake with purple and red pressed florals on wood cake stand

Photo by Meraki Wedding Photo & Film

At a minimalist outdoor wedding, a single-tier cake decorated with edible flowers was a rustic after-dinner delight.

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Fruit-Topped Treat

One-tier naked cake topped with white and red frosting on a cake stand and a single-tier white cake

Photo by Mo Davis Photography

A small cake with carefully piped filling complements a more traditional single-tier frosted cake at a New Orleans wedding's dessert table.

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Bold Black

Single-tier black wedding cake with greenery on cake stand

Photo by Ivy & Stone Cake Design

While you might think a black cake has no place at a wedding reception, this bold frosting color creates a super-chic contrast against fresh flowers or vines.

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Marbled Magic

Single-tier marbled white, green, and black wedding cake on wooden stand on table with light greenery

Photo by Ari Simphukham

Green and black marbling on this small chocolate-truffle cutting cake stood out against white linens and an industrial venue at a San Francisco celebration.

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Big Blooms

Single-tier white naked cake with large white flower and greenery on cake stand

Photo by Anna Roussos

An oversized white flower and vibrant green leaves complement this cake’s green drip icing topper.

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Going Green

Single-tier white wedding cake adorned with succulents, leaves, and green and purple florals

Photo by Amy Caroline Photography

Vivid greens and fresh succulents give this one-tier cake a nature-inspired aesthetic.

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Chic Chocolate

Single-tier semi-naked chocolate cake with silver dollar eucalyptus and white flowers on cake stand above macarons

Photo by Kristen Marie Weddings and Portraits

Adding a single-tier, semi-naked chocolate cake to your wedding day dessert spread allows you to satisfy every type of sweet tooth.

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Square Deal

Square on-tier meringue cake with white drip icing, blackberries, blueberries, raspberry meringue and white accents

Photo by Wilton

A meringue and berry cake drizzled with frosting is an unexpectedly modern single-tier dessert option.

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Leveling Up

Three square One-Tiered Wedding Cakes on elevated acrylic stands with pink, orange, and purple flowers and greenery

Photo by Andre Maier Photography

Make a memorable presentation of your single-tiered cakes by draping them with oversized flowers and securing the confections on raised stands.

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Seasonal Hues

Single-tier yellow cake topped with orange and pink florals

Photo by Carley Jayne Photo 

A beautiful burnt orange cake topped with autumnal blooms is perfect for a fall wedding.

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Pretty in Pink

Single-tier white wedding cake with pink dahlias, roses, and daisies on cake stand

Photo by Annie McElwain

Add rosy and citrus-hued blooms to a semi-naked cake to create a punchy accent at a summer reception.

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Simple and Elegant

One-tier white wedding cake on cakes stand with dried white floral buds and dried grasses

Photo by KT Merry

Asymmetrical grasses placed on top of this smooth white cake were a subtle callout to a wedding's Wyoming ranch venue.

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Put a Ring on It

Single-tier wedding cake with white frosting, silver pearls, faux engagement rings, and a "Mrs. & Mrs." cake topper

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

A homemade one-tier spice cake dripping with simple icing gets a dose of sparkle from silver adornments, two rings, and a glittering "Mrs. and Mrs." topper.

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Filled With Love

Single-tier pink cake with gold leaf and red heart-shaped macarons with gold leaf on cake stand

Photo by Steve Steinhardt Photographer

Gold leaf accents, heart-shaped macarons, and light pink fondant combine to create a sweet treat that’s all about love. This design is perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding.

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Sage Advice

Single-tier sage wedding cake with an orange rose, white flowers, and gold leaf

Photo by Megan Montalvo Photo

On a scallop-edged cake, gold leaf and antique-toned blooms stand out against sage green frosting for a bohemian vibe.

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Flowing Flowers

One-tier semi-naked cake with pink and white roses and pink dried foliage on marble stands

Photo by Chellise Michael Photography

Pastel flowers and draping blooms are organic accents atop this semi-naked olive-oil cake with vegan buttercream.

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Sweet Sprinkles

Single-tier white cake on table with chocolate sprinkles and "foreva eva" cake topper with gold cake cutting set

Photo by Emily Gude

A single-tier confetti cake decorated with chocolate sprinkles puts a fun and festive twist on traditional wedding cake at a glamorous Baltimore wedding.

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Packed With Petals

Single-tier white wedding cake topped with fruit on stand with purple hydrangea flowers and ribbons next to cake pops on stands

Photo by Jacob Van Rozelaar

At a wedding in the Dutch countryside, a petite, single-tier cake made a big impact when presented on a tiered stand with purple hydrangea petals.

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