6 Non-Traditional Bouquet Ideas For Your Bridal Party

Forget a simple bundle of flowers!

Updated 10/29/17

Photo by Jennifer Skog

As the bride, part of your responsibilities include asking the bridal party, selecting their attire—and figuring out what they're going to carry down the aisle. And while we will always love a tight bundle of garden roses or even a lush arrangement of poppies or peonies, sometimes you want to think out of the box (or, in this case, the bouquet). So, what if your girls—including the bridesmaids, flower girls, and even you—didn't carry a bouquet at all? Yes, that's right: We found the prettiest, unique, and modern alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet.

From geometric prisms (perf for a modern celebration) to actual tambourines (attention: music lovers!), these bouquet alternatives are far from ordinary—but don't think for a minute that means they're ugly! No, these non-traditional bouquet options are elevated, thoughtful, and most of all, pretty. (Three musts for all of your wedding-day décor.) For instance, one trend we're seeing is the flower hoop, which involves a hoop—it can be metal, plastic, or wooden—covered in bright blooms and greenery. The modern shape makes it unique and the blooms make it sweet—and thanks to its built-in handle, it's also super easy to carry. Seriously, your 'maids will thank you. We also love the wedding-day dreamcatcher, perfect for a boho bride; and it's even more perfect because your girls can save it as a keepsake long after they walk down the aisle for you.

Basically, whether you're a flower lover or not, keep reading to at least check out the new trends in modern-day bridesmaids' bouquets. Take a peek, decide if this trend is for you—and, of course, feel free to mix and match the ideas below. (For instance, we can totally see some flowing ribbons tied to that floral hoop!). We can't wait to see what creative, non-traditional bouquets you come up with!

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Floral Hoops

Photo by Valerie Demo

If you need a single photo to convince you to hop on this décor trend, this is the one. These girls look as if they're loving their greenery-covered arrangements, which happen to make for one fun photo op as well!

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Photo by Amanda K Photo Art

Boho brides, take note! This idea has your name written all over it. In this photo, we love how the mini dreamcatchers vibe with the flow-y bridesmaid dresses while also adding an alternative touch to an otherwise romantic look.

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Photo by Amanda K Photo Art

If you haven't heard, wreaths are super on-trend today. And it's really no surprise why as they can be used to to on the party entrance, as a ceremony backdrop, or even as a bridesmaids bouquet. Case in point: this organic beauty (featuring ranunculus and anemones), which would look beautiful in an springtime garden ceremony.

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Photo by Jennifer Skog

We love this idea for music lovers and alternative brides. And while your girls don't have to shake their tambourine as they walk down the aisle, it doesn't mean they can't! Why not have fun with it, right?!

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Geometric Prisms

These little pretties look great on the arm of a flower girl! We recommend this design for a modern celebration as you can even reuse these prism shapes in your table décor at the reception.

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Mini Circles

Photo by Anna Shackleford Photography ; Planning by Upstate I Do; Florals by Urban Petals

Another floral hoop for the win! These arrangements are also easy for the little ones to carry as they don't have to worry about holding the bouquet at just the right height.

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