A Travel Expert Predicts the Next Big Honeymoon Destinations

Melissa Biggs Bradley of Indagare says these are the must-go spots

Updated 08/13/18

Courtesy of COMO Shambhala Estate

Not all honeymoon destinations are created equally, as we know. And that’s why, to some extent, everyone you know ends up honeymooning in the same spot. Of course, as social media continues to rule our lives, and we spy photos of places we didn’t even know existed, the bubble expands, and “new” places start to inch their way up the list. Solidly on top of all that activity is Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founder and CEO of Indagare (Latin for “to discover”), a members-only, next-gen travel agency for luxury-minded travelers who seek customized itineraries, tailor-made trips and secret insider guides that aren’t found on Google.

Her membership model and organized Insider Journey trips (think shopping in India with Lisa Fine, or Paris with celeb chef Marc Murphy) has been a hit with many, especially newlyweds (they even offer a discounted Honeymoon Membership). Bradley actually planned Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd’s bespoke honeymoon, so you know she’s leading the pack when it comes to what’s “in.” She calls France, Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico and South Africa wonderful places to go, but adds that some of the hot spot European cities in particular “can be so crowded in certain months it loses some of its romantic appeal.” So where does she feel will be the next wave of must-go honeymoon destinations everyone’s buzzing about? Read on to find out.

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Courtesy of Hotel

“From its wind-swept desert to its sparkling cities and the Atlas mountains, Morocco is a seductive destination that truly has it all: style, romance, adventure and an eternal allure. A perfect honeymoon in Morocco would include time spent exploring the gardens, new Yves Saint Laurent museum, and the bustling souks in Marrakech; hiking and unwinding at a retreat in the Atlas Mountains, and chilling out at Dar Ahlam, an exquisite 14-room retreat located in a remote desert oasis.”

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French Polynesia

A view of The Brando, in Tetiaroa, French Polynesia.

Courtesy of the Brando

“Some destinations still epitomize the expression ‘far-flung,’ and French Polynesia—an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles, followed by a puddle jumper and a boat—certainly qualifies. Bora Bora is no doubt the most famous island in the archipelago, but there are very special retreats on neighboring atolls, including The Brando, where Barack and Michelle Obama famously spent a month following his last term as President.”

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Courtesy of Taj Rambagh Palace

“Few countries in the world stimulate the five senses in as vibrant a way as India. The riot of sounds, the richness of traditions, the vivid colors, and the complexity of languages and religions add to the intoxicating mix of culture, chaos and beauty. The country is filled with incredible destinations, from the pink-hued city of Jaipur (where I love the Taj Rambagh Palace) and the magnificent palaces of Rajasthan to the historic sites of Old Delhi and the timeless beauty of the Taj Mahal. India is ideal for couples looking for a new cultural experience with ample sightseeing opportunities, best-in-class accommodations, great shopping and a touch of adventure.”

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Courtesy of Como Shambhala Estate

“Comprised of more than 17,000 islands, including Bali (where Como Shambhala Estate is a very special retreat), Indonesia has some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes—both above water and under the sea—plus a rich spiritual culture. On some of the remote islands you can feel far from tourists. A can’t-miss for adventurous honeymooners: chartering a sailboat to explore the islands of Komodo, Java and Moyo in near seclusion.”

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Courtesy of Rosewood Luang Prabang

“A less obvious Southeast Asian honeymoon choice than, say, Thailand, Luang Prabang is the former royal capital of Laos and abounds with cultural sites and temples. This year it also welcomed the Rosewood Luang Prabang, a stunning tented camp that is located amid winding rivers and waterfalls. Accommodations range from tents to private villas with pools, and guests can choose from a variety of experiences, such as visiting an elephant sanctuary or the Sense spa for meaningful immersion into an ancient landscape without sacrificing modern indulgences.”

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