New Year's Eve Wedding (and Party!) Decor You Can Buy Now

Bring out the sparkle!

Updated 12/27/18

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

If you're having a New Year's Eve wedding (or heck, even just a party!) your first instinct may be to cover every surface with glitter, sequins, and confetti. And while we're onboard for having the more tasteful version of a New Year's Eve soirée (think: a black tie bash with a sea of tuxes and gowns), sometimes going all-out is just bottom line more fun. Besides, when else are you afforded the luxury of having a party with so much sparkle without it being considered...tacky? (Thank you, New Year's, for allowing all of our disco-esque party dreams to come to life without judgement.)

If you don't have the same glitterati dreams we do, there are smaller details and touches you can add to your NYE party or wedding that don't push it over the edge but still give it some end-of-year flair. Instead of actual disco balls, why not disco ball swizzle sticks? In lieu of wearing sequins, opt for a sparkly photobooth backdrop. It is, after all, the details that make all the difference! Read on for some of our favorite New Year's Eve appropriate details!

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Sequin Runner

Courtesy of H&M

We love this runner because it's not a full on tablecloth, and can add just a hint of sparkle to your table. We're a big fan of white sequins—they're subtle, but just flashy enough to be festive.

SHOP NOW: H&M, was $24.99, now $12.99

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Glitter Shaker

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

This fun shaker is perfect for hosting a New Year's Eve house party to have at the ready for specialty cocktails!

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $30

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Star Garland

Courtesy of Etsy

Crisscross these over a darkly painted wall or wall covering as a photobooth backdrop for a celestial and festive vibe.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $12.95

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Discoball Swizzle Sticks

Courtesy of Etsy

Stick these in your aforementioned speciality cocktails for a fun drink stirrer that doubles as a party favor!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $21 for 24

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Pearlized Tumblers

Courtesy of Walmart

These party-ready tumblers have the prettiest iridescent sheen. (We see iridescence as the slightly more sophisticated sister of sparkle!)

SHOP NOW: Walmart, was $19.68, now $16.99

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Small Disco Ball

Courtesy of Etsy

Nothing gets a party (or the dance floor!) started quite like a disco ball.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, was $29.99, now $26.99

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Photobooth Props

Photo Courtesy of Target

You won't be able to tear your guests away from the photobooth after a couple of cocktails, so you might as well provide them with some fun props!

SHOP NOW: Target, $5

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Iridescent Coasters

Courtesy of ModCloth

Who needs paper coasters when you can have these spilled-gasoline effect (yes, in a pretty way) beauties at the ready?

SHOP NOW: ModCloth, was $25, now $19.99

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Confetti Cannon

Photo Courtesy of Target

A word of warning: confetti is very fun in execution, but horrible the next day when attempting to clean. It will haunt you for a long time, so a best bet is to do it in an open space that is easy to clean!

SHOP NOW: Target, $3.99

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