Our Favorite New Wedding Rental Trends

From linens to lounges, this is what you’ll be seeing everywhere this wedding season

Rattan lanterns hanging above outdoor table

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Wedding styles are infinitely customizable, thanks in particular to the booming wedding rental industry. It’s more than just colorful tablecloths and pretty dishes, though. Wedding rentals these days range from antique doors sourced in India to handmade pottery designed to give your celebration a rustic feel—and the selection is constantly growing and changing.

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding feel extra unique—and a little more like you!—take a peek at some of the pros’ favorite wedding rental trends below.

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Hanging Lanterns

hanging lanterns

Photo by Studio28

“A cluster of hanging lanterns is a modern twist on the classic chandelier,” says Shea Thompson of Archive Rentals. “They add texture and ambiance, but in a contemporary and lighter way.” Look for materials like rattan and bamboo for lanterns that appear to float above your guests’ heads as they dine.

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Fringe Chargers

fringed charger

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"This year, we are all about adding texture,” Thompson explains. “The easiest way to bring dimension to your table? Archive's fringe chargers! Equal parts laid-back and sophisticated, these chargers are a playful trend we can get behind."

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Courtesy of Archive Rentals

No, not those pants you wore in elementary school! "This old school textile trend is making its way back into our hearts, complementing both retro and modern designs,” says Thompson. “Our Wesley dining chair is the perfect way to incorporate it into your big day. True to the saying: It's so out, it's in!"

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Photo by Aaron Delesie

Gold will always have a warm place in designers’ hearts, but platinum is taking its turn in the spotlight. Says Kelsey Todd of Theoni Collection, “We’re stuck on platinum this season. A bit unexpected and perfect with the cool tones of the upcoming summer and then the deeper tones of fall, we’re loving the use of silvery-white metal in furniture and tabletop design—a fresh way to brighten and enrich your overall aesthetic. Platinum accents work especially well in industrial settings, as an accent to glass, cool color palettes, and even fresh outdoor spaces.”

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Patterned China

Photo by Justin Lee Photography

“While some China patterns might make you think of your grandmother’s sideboard, we think that fun and interesting china patterns are back in a big way this season,” says Todd. There’s a whole world beyond white china with gold edging! “With so much focus on solid colors and beautiful earthenware over the past few years (trends we still love), a classical floral or bold geometric pattern is the perfect way to modernize, enrich, and deepen a tabletop design. Whether it’s a delicate floral pattern, a pop of color, or a daring graphic, we’re excited to see this trend continue to brighten wedding tabletops this year.”

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Dramatic Chair Choices

Photo by Justin Lee Photography

A quick and easy way to differentiate your ceremony or reception? A dramatic or playful chair choice. “Instead of using a classic ceremony chair or sticking with venue-provided options, choosing a chair that complements your space and style can take your look to the next level,” Todd describes. “Some trends we love right now include bright and colorful seating, upholstered chairs with interesting lines and details, and garden-friendly designs that work in both indoor and outdoor spaces with ease.”

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Classic Lounge Looks

Photo by Aaron Delesie

“Everyone loves a good lounge area and we love the trend of moving away from super modern looks and leaning into classic furniture designs to create spaces that feel like home—welcoming, comfortable, and timeless,” says Todd. “The ottoman is a great way to add seating without taking up too much space while keeping guests semi-active, and comfortable sofa shapes with accents like coffee and side tables allow guests to get cozy for a drink or appetizer while being social with family and friends."

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Jewel Tones

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

“Jewel tones are a trend that has really picked up steam,” says Angela Tran of Found Rentals. “We’re seeing it used as accents at receptions through napkins and rugs, popping as a focal piece in a neutral lounge set up, or giving a vignette some serious punch with shades of jewel tones layered together.”

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Mixing Patterns

Photo by Alice Ahn Photography

“Patterned linens make a statement on their own, but we’re really loving the look of layered patterns in bright colors,” says Katie Kozlowski of La Tavola Fine Linen. “It’s a great way to add lots of depth and keep a table feeling fresh. Look for colors that coordinate well—even if the patterns seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum!—and mix in a solid color to help everything blend.”

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Coordinating Textures

Photo by Samson Productions

If multiple patterns feels like too much for you, consider using a single textured linen and incorporating the texture on other elements. “You could use the pattern and texture of your chosen linen as a backdrop, an envelope liner, or even the decorations on your wedding cake!” says Kozlowski.

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Linens in Unexpected Places

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography

“Linens aren’t just for your tables!” Kozlowski urges. “Add linens in places your guests may not expect—such as in bread baskets, lining trays of cocktails, or even as hand towels in the restroom in place of paper—for a luxe finish.”

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Color, Color and More Color

Photo by Melanie Duerkopp Photography

“Instead of using a bold color as an accent, go wild and use it, well, everywhere!” says Kozlowski. “Pick a few vibrant colors and layer them throughout the design, repeating colors to create cohesion between each element.

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Linens With Feeling

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

“The linens are something every single guest will touch and feel,” says Kozlowski. “Choose a napkin and tablecloth in an unexpected texture, such as linen or velvet, to give an additional dose of luxury to the guest experience.”

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Blues and Greys

Photo by Luxe Linen

“Blue is emerging as the color of the year, especially blue shades with grey undertones,” says Dahlia Wexler of Luxe Linen. “Grey blue tones make a lovely backdrop for florals in a number of colors, such as classic white and ivory as well as richer tones of coral, pink, and burgundy.”