15 Products We Need From The New Target Line Opalhouse

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Updated 04/16/18

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To distract us from the fact that it's Monday, we're focusing on perusing the newly launched line of home goods from Target. With over 1,300 (yes, you read that right) new products that start at $1.99 (!), Opalhouse has us suddenly wanting to rethink the way we decorate our spaces. The whole line is bursting with bold colors, patterns and textures galore, and is the perfect way to give any space or any tabletop a little spring face lift.

Inspired by wanderlust and travel, Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer says: “With the addition of Opalhouse, our guests will have access to more aesthetics than ever, giving them the opportunity to discover items that reflect their individuality and style, bringing joy to their homes in an easy, affordable way.” And with most of the 1,300 items ringing in at under $30, affordability is certainly right.

So whether you're in the market for a little decor revamp or looking for some fun and poppy pieces to add to your registry, Opalhouse is definitely more than worth exploring. And to save you a little effort (in case you don't have the time to sort through everything yourself) we've gone ahead and chosen 15 of our favorite pieces from the collection. Now go forth and shop!

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Teal Velvet Swivel Chair

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Nothing says luxe like velvet plus gold accents.

$249.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Pom Pom Throw

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We're into any throw blanket that has a good tassel or pom pom, and this one is no exception. Because it's a bit on the feminine side, we think it looks best thrown in with some more more neutral colors and textures so it doesn't go too girly.

$29.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Rattan Lamp

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We're kinda into rattan everything these days, and this is no exception!

$79.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Woven Headboard

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Add a little masculine (faux leather woven straps) meets a touch of feminine (gold frame) to your bedroom with this headboard.

$199.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Melamine Salad Plate

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A plate so pretty you wouldn't even know it was shatterproof and under $2.

$1.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Printed Kitchen Towel

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Almost looking like a block print, this blue and white towel will add a little cheer to your kitchen.


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Beverage Tub

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Why have the same silver galvanized beverage tub that everyone has for those summer barbecues?

$16.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Embroidered Runner

Photo Courtesy of Target

Add a little spring life into your dining table with this colorful embroidered runner.

$17.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Rattan Accent Chair

Photo Courtesy of Target

Maybe one of our favorite pieces from the new line, this chair reminds us of a younger relative to the peacock chair.

$159.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Pizza Cutter

Photo Courtesy of Target

You're not going to find many pizza cutters that are quite this cute, that's for sure.

$9.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Picnic Basket Set

Photo Courtesy of Target

This set comes with two plates, two forks, two knives, two spoons, two wine glasses and a bottle opener, so you're set for spring and summer!

$39.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Gold Mirror

Photo Courtesy of Target

This accent mirror is perfect for a front hall or gallery wall.

$39.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Macrame Basket

Photo Courtesy of Target

A cute storage solution for your towels or throw blanket organization to avoid cluttered drawers.

$19.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Leafy Wall Sculpture

Photo Courtesy of Target

Want something to round out your bookshelf or gallery wall? We love this gold wall sculpture, that feels a little midcentury.

$34.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Colorful Rug

Photo Courtesy of Target

Add a little pop of color to your living room floor with this fun raspberry woven rug.

$149.99+ (SHOP NOW)

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