30 Nautical Wedding Invitations for Your Ceremony

Make waves with your wedding stationery

Navy nautical wedding invitation

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Planning to incorporate your love of sailing or the wide-open sea into your wedding day theme? No matter your ceremony venue, whether it's on the beach or at your family lakeside home, set the tone for your nearest and dearest with nautical wedding invitations that will perfectly align with your waterfront wedding.

Choosing Nautical Wedding Invitations

For many couples, the best fit when it comes to nautical wedding invitations is to select a design that elevates the traditional nautical concept. "We're still seeing a lot of classic imagery, but we're also finding that couples want unexpected, delightful imagery that's a bit more artistic or abstract," says Kristy Rice, owner of Momental Designs.

Meet the Expert

Kristy Rice is the owner of Momental Designs, a stationery company with a focus on hand-painted wedding invitations.

Symbols such as heavy roping, anchors, maps, or detailed compasses are often incorporated into nautical invitations, but an artistic watercolor design can be a great fit as well. According to Rice, many couples opt to celebrate the location of their nautical themed wedding, expressing it through a beautiful illustration on their invitations. "People are wanting to put really thoughtful care into the imagery and aesthetic so it conjures images, thoughts, or emotions associated with a location," she says.

And as these designs are chosen, it's important to also consider color choices, as many couples are choosing the traditional navy blue, white, and red, while others are opting for softer shades such as a more green-forward indigo or persimmon. It's all about finding the best style to fit your theme.

From custom hand-drawn beach houses to one-of-a-kind octopus-themed cards, read on for 30 nautical wedding invitations that will make waves for any seaside soirée.

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Nautical Lobster Wedding Invitation

Lobster wedding invitation


This simple navy and white invitation just screams party by the sea, but it's that much more fun with the addition of a little red lobster at the top. Focused on offering invitations with a fresh, chic look, Redwood & Vine's nautical design is timeless. Available in both a folded invitation format, along with a front and back option, this modern look is perfect for a nautical wedding.

SHOP NOW: Redwood & Vine for Zazzle, price upon request

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Nautical Crest Wedding Invitation

Blue anchor invitation

Mospens Studio

We love the subtle way this invitation suite brings nautical themes into the mix. Mospens Studio is well-known for its gorgeous watercolor artwork, and the nautical themes in this design are perfectly displayed. With details such as a little sailboat and anchor, along with hand-torn edges, this invitation suite is seaside-chic.

SHOP NOW: Mospens Studio, price upon request

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Red and White Lighthouse Wedding Invitation

Lighthouse wedding invitation

 Ivory in Bloom

We love the simplicity of this sweet lighthouse option. A hand-painted watercolor invitation, this design by Ivory in Bloom is perfect for a seaside wedding. Choose to just order invitations, or opt to include custom RSVP cards, dinner menus, and more.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Nautical Stripes Wedding Invitation

Stripes and anchors wedding invitation

Mospens Studio

Looking for nautical, but wanting to switch up the classics? This navy and pink color palette is such a fun way to play with color. With hand-painted nautical stripes, anchors, and even lettering, this option is one-of-a-kind.

SHOP NOW: Mospens Studio, price upon request

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Watercolor Seaside Venue Wedding Invitation

Nautical watercolor invitation

Momental Designs

We love the idea of focusing on the venue, featuring it in a custom design. With a specialization in watercolors, Momental Designs put together this stunning suite, incorporating so many gorgeous elements. Bring together a colorful, elegant watercolor design, along with simple nautical detailing for a beautiful option.

SHOP NOW: Momental Designs, price upon request

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Hand-Drawn Beach House Wedding Invitation

Starfish nautical invitations

Blue Harbor Paperie

Adding in a hand-drawn element is sure to elevate any nautical design. This suite from Blue Harbor Paperie brings together quaint beach houses, paired with nautical symbols such as an anchor, compass, and starfish. The template can be customized with any color and your invitations will be ready to print on the paper of your choice in no time.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Nautical Navy Seahorse Wedding Invitation

Navy seahorse invitations


Bring elements of navy stripes and nautical seahorses into your invitation suite with this design. Designer Shelby Allison creates a gorgeous opportunity to include a custom monogram as well. Choose the sizing you need, along with paper shape and type for a classic look.

SHOP NOW: Origami Prints for Zazzle, price upon request

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Waterfront Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Letterpress seagulls invitation

Bella Figura

We love the idea of bringing a touch of refinement to a nautical wedding. This design by Courtney Jentzen is simple and sophisticated, yet stunning for a waterfront wedding. With letterpress detailing and simple bird designs, this is the perfect fit for a summer soirée.

SHOP NOW: Bella Figura, price upon request

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Nautical Seashell Wedding Invitation

Seashell wedding invitation

One Suite Day

Nothing says seaside wedding like seashells, and this invitation set incorporates this nautical element in such a fun way. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Mary Fuccillo of One Suite Day brings together a watercolor background and white seashell designs to complete this look. Incorporate additional paper goods such as table cards or place cards to drive this design home.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitation

Watercolor beach invitations


An abstract watercolor can work for so many types of nautical weddings, and this design from artist Jenny Partrite is absolutely stunning. Incorporating both the blue sea and sand, this design is perfect for any type of wedding involving the sea, with simple text to announce your big news. Customize printing options with a choice of paper shapes and thickness and order everything you need in your suite from invitations to direction cards.

SHOP NOW: Jenny Partrite for Minted, price upon request

Don't be afraid to switch up the classic nautical theme and opt for a simpler design. A beautiful hand-painted landscape has the potential to keep things simple while still feeling perfectly nautical.

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Red and White Striped Nautical Wedding Invitation

Red and navy nautical invitation

Bella Figura

Looking for a totally classic design? Creative lead of Bella Figura, Jessica Downs, brings all of the classic elements of nautical design to this piece, from the red and white stripes to the navy anchor emblem. Complete with a featured monogram, letterpress details, and navy lined envelopes, this is such a fun way to tie in a nautical theme.

SHOP NOW: Bella Figura, price upon request

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Nautical Rope Wedding Invitation

Blue and white rope wedding invitations

 Blue Harbor Paperie

To bring in the symbol of tying the knot and nautical ropes, this is definitely the design. Blue Harbor Paperie incorporates a simple color palette of navy and white to pull off this look, adding in plenty of hand-drawn detailing. The full suite includes a front and back invitation, along with RSVP cards with a custom monogram.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Dark Navy Nautical Wedding Invitation

Dark blue wedding invitation with anchor

FUNtastic Design

This invitation option pulls together classic nautical colors and details in the simplest way. Modern navy and white stripes, along with anchor detailing just screams nautical design. Choose just the invitation or incorporate a set with the anchored RSVP card to complete the look.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Watercolor Anchor Waves Wedding Invitation

Blue watercolor invitation

Little Sprinkle Studio


We can't enough of watercolor when it comes to switching up the nautical theme. Little Sprinkle Studio specializes in editable templates, and this option just might be one of our favorite designs. Customize the template for your invitations and RSVP cards and print this pretty ocean design on the paper of your choice.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $12 for digital template

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Nautical Octopus Wedding Invitation

Octopus wedding invitation

 Sapphire Digital Works

To make a bold nautical statement, add a bit of Kraken mythology into your invitations. Sapphire Digital Works incorporates a whimsical design, featuring gorgeous wave elements and octopus tentacles. You can opt to order individual pieces of the set, or order the full suite with invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, map cards, thank you cards, and even table numbers and seating charts with the same detailing.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Navy and White Wedding Invitation With Nautical Gold Seal

Nautical invitations with gold seal

Second City Stationery

Bring together a gorgeous classic design with a bit of elegance with this option. Custom wedding stationery designer, Second City Stationery, incorporates a navy and white striped ribbon along with a gold wax compass seal to round out these nautical invitations. This two-layer invitation card is complemented by an equally elegant RSVP card, information card, and custom envelopes.

SHOP NOW: Second City Stationery, price upon request

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Watercolor Anchor Wedding Invitation

Blue watercolor nautical invitations

 Artful Jen

We love the idea of using a play on words when it comes to nautical invitations, and this "Anchored in Love" design hits the nail on the head. Artful Jen, focusing on personalized invitations and gifts, incorporates such a fun watercolor aesthetic. With anchor details, a simple monogram, and a wooden helm, this invitation features every nautical detail you can imagine.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Blue and White Stripe Wedding Invitation

Blue and white stripe invitation

Bella Figura


Who says a simple invitation can't scream nautical? We love the idea of playing off of the classic navy and white stripe theme and bringing in softer colors. This design by Lindsy Talarico for Bella Figura is simple, yet it perfectly says "join us for our oceanside wedding."

SHOP NOW: Bella Figura, price upon request

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Hand-Drawn Sailboat Wedding Invitation

Watercolor sailboat invitation


Invite your guests to set sail with you and your partner. Minted designer Sarah Brown incorporates a gorgeous watercolor seascape, paired with a hand-drawn sailboat. Switch up the color scheme if it makes for a better fit, and choose from various invitation shapes and upgraded paper types for the perfect look.

SHOP NOW: Sarah Brown for Minted, price upon request

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Nautical Map Wedding Invitation

Blue and gold nautical map invtiations

 Sapphire Digital Works

Head out to sea with this nautical design, but be sure to bring your map. Sapphire Digital Works brings together navy blue and gold detailing in the most gorgeous way, creating a nautical invitation perfect for a destination wedding. This is a gorgeous modern invitation to make a statement as you set sail.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Floral Anchor Wedding Invitation

Floral and nautical invitation

 Coastal Cottage Prints

Why not add a floral touch to a nautical design? This spin on the classic nautical anchor icon is simply lovely. We love the way this includes beautiful blooms and scripted fonts altogether in one beautiful template set.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $15.99 for digital template

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Orange Nautical Wedding Invitation

Orange nautical invitations

 Seahorse Bend Press

Turn the typical colors of nautical design on their head with this unique option. Seahorse Bend Press incorporates navy and orange, along with anchors and roping details to bring this set together. Choose from printed invitations or a digital template, and if orange isn't your thing, you can switch that up too.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

While nautical wedding invitations typically incorporate color schemes of navy blue, white, and a splash of red, don't be afraid to branch out. Switching up your color palette to include greens or oranges may produce the perfect design you've been hoping for.

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Watercolor Sailboat Wedding Invitation

Watercolor sailboat invitation

 Willowberry Paperie

We can't get enough of this gorgeous watercolor option with a bit of vintage flair. Announce that you're tying the knot with this set, allowing customization for font styles, color, and placement and even add more text if needed. The suite from Willowberry Paperi includes invitations, RSVP cards, details cards, and such a fun design for a postcard themed thank you card to bring it all together.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $11.19 for digital template

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White and Navy Wedding Invitation

White invitations with navy blue lettering

Second City Stationery 

With a minimalist navy and white color palette printed on an opal shimmer paper, this invitation is lovely. But it's the details on the envelope that really sets this invitation suite apart. Custom wedding stationery designer Second City Stationery incorporates a navy envelope embellished with a nautical anchor and rope to bring this design together perfectly.

SHOP NOW: Second City Stationery, price upon request

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Navy and Gold Foil Nautical Wedding Invitation

Navy and gold foiled invitations

 A&P Design Co.

Who says a nautical invitation can't have a bit of elegance? A&P Design Co. focuses on handcrafting unique paper goods, and this gorgeous letterpress design is such a gorgeous option. With gold foil stamping and navy letterpress, paired with seashell borders and hand-drawn starfish, this is a great option for an elevated beach wedding or yacht ceremony.

SHOP NOW: A&P Design Co, price upon request

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Watercolor Crab Wedding Invitation

Nautical blue crab invitations

Mospens Studio 

This watercolor blue crab set is simply adorable, and it's the perfect subtle design to tie into a nautical wedding. Specializing in watercolor designs, Mospens Studios incorporated a little blue crab on the invitations, as well as adirondack chairs on the RSVP cards to pull together sweet elements into one beautiful suite. Paired with modern scripted fonts, this invitation set is simple yet fun.

SHOP NOW: Mospens Studio, price upon request

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Ombre Coral Anchor Wedding Invitation

Coral ombre nautical invitation

 Cricket Printing

This is such a gorgeous option for the couple looking for nautical, but with a modern twist. Brittany Bosworth of Cricket Printing incorporates gorgeous lettering with an ombre coral background, paired with a gold anchor for a classic touch. Each set includes invitations, an envelope, and a double-sided postcard for RSVPs, and the background color and symbol can be customized to completely match your aesthetic.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Navy Octopus Wedding Invitation

Octopus wedding invitation

 Spectra Art Studio

Add a little whimsy to your nautical theme with this gorgeous navy blue octopus design. Spectra Art Studio specializes in one-of-a-kind printables, and this design is such a fun addition to their collection. Download a full set including save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, details cards, and even thank you cards, or order the digital files individually to suit your needs. The designer customizes your set and sends you a digital file to print on the paper of your choice for an easy option.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Watercolor Lobster Wedding Invitation

Lobster wedding invitation

 Gert and Co

This watercolor set brings in such gorgeous nautical elements, from lobsters to seaside string lights. With a focus on colorful wedding invitations, Gert and Co's design ties in perfectly into a beachside wedding or a ceremony on a dock. The full set includes invitations, RSVP cards, and details cards, all printed on thick, textured paper with an eggshell finish.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Modern Nautical Striped Wedding Invitation

Blue and white striped wedding invitation

Second City Stationery

Even just incorporating the right color palette can scream nautical, and this design does just that. Second City Stationery brings together navy and white stripes, along with a gold foiled border for a simple nautical scheme. Everything from fonts, paper type, and card stock colors can be customized for the perfect look to suit your needs.

SHOP NOW: Second City Stationery, price upon request

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