5 Nautical Table Number Ideas

These sea-inspired table numbers will be sure to make waves at your reception

Updated 08/10/17

Photo by Annamarie Akins Photography

Table numbers are an important element of the wedding reception, helping direct guests to their assigned seat. Of course, basic table-number cards in stands are all you need, but then again, you could use this as an opportunity to get really creative with your table décor.

For example, if you’re going with a fun, nautical theme for your celebration, embrace the waterside setting with a complementary table-number concept. Choose details made from cotton rope or assign each table a different nautical flag; you could also go for a “message in a bottle” idea by printing table numerals on sheets of paper and inserting them into clear water jugs or wine bottles. Whatever you decide, just be sure that the table numbers are clear, legible, and easy for guests to spot as they are scanning the reception room.

Ready to start thinking about your own nautical-themed table numbers? Check out our favorite ideas below.

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Wooden Sailboats

Photo by Sara & Rocky Photography

Since this couple got engaged on a sailboat, it was only fitting that their Lake Tahoe nuptials featured a nautical theme. Reception tables were decorated with navy-and-white striped linens and wooden boats that featured each table number painted on the sail.

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Rope Table Numbers

Photo by The Image is Found

To celebrate their love for ocean and adventure, this couple decided on a nautical theme for their Malibu wedding. Their wedding stationery featured an anchor motif and the table numbers were fashioned from nautical rope. You could create your own by purchasing freestanding wooden numerals from the craft store and hot-gluing cotton rope on top.

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Nautical Flags

Photo by Bee Photographie

This couple tied the knot at a Florida yacht club and embraced a beachy theme. The bride’s mother and stepfather made these knotted table-number holders; escort cards depicted different nautical flags, which guests used to locate their assigned reception table.

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Rope Knot

Photo by Studio 28 Photo

A “monkey’s fist” rope knot is a long-used nautical knot tied from one continuous strand of rope; it traditionally serves as a weight, making a rope line easier to throw. It’s also perfect to use as nautical table decorations—we love how this couple turned the rope knot into a clever table-number holder.

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Wooden Buoys

Photo by Annamarie Akins Photography

This couple arrived at the reception by boat to begin their celebration. Dinner tables were decorated with flowers, candlelit lanterns, and wooden buoys painted to serve as colorful table numbers.

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DIY Rope Table-Number Sign

Photo by Piteira Photography

Up for a DIY wedding project? To create these table numbers, purchase picture frames and insert a sheet of navy blue cardstock; carefully glue rope into the shape of each table number.

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