10 Natural Makeup Looks for Your Engagement Photos

You want to look like you, after all.

Couple embracing in front of ocean

Adriana Rivera

OMG, you're engaged! Amid the ever-growing checklist of things you now have to accomplish to plan your wedding, preparing to take stellar engagement photos is likely on your to-do list. For many brides-to-be, that means mastering a flawless natural makeup look. That's not to say this is an all-encompassing prescription—some brides want to bring it well before the wedding bells, and, hey, there’s no shame in that game, glamazons.

But for all the minimalist brides out there, a barely there makeup look is key to nailing the engagement shoot. (Think pretty, flushed cheeks and a major flutter!) The best part is that no matter what your style, you can’t go wrong with natural makeup. If you’re not sure where to start but want to keep your look fairly clean and simple, we recommend sticking to everyday essentials and adding your personal touch to make the look uniquely you.

Scroll through these inspo-worthy engagement photos to see how real brides pulled off their own versions of a natural makeup look.

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Try a Fresh-Faced Approach

Bride-to-be hugging fiancee and kissing her temple in a desert landscape

Kristin Sweeting

No-makeup makeup, a.k.a. a barely there application, will have you feeling like yourself and still putting your most photogenic face forward. Concentrate on sheer formulas and blend, blend, blend. Sure, you want to cover up blemishes and imperfections, but you want your base makeup to look like a second skin. Once you've achieved your perfect canvas, don't forget the blush—you are a blushing bride-to-be after all.

For a natural flush, use a blush tone that either mimics your natural coloring or pairs well with the overall look. If dewy and fresh-faced is the theme, a pinky pop will give a youthful, windswept look whereas burnished apricots or shades that err on the mauve side will create a faux bronzing.

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Wing Your Liner

Golden hour portrait

Sara Knobel Photo

This beauty chose a matte base, a nude lip, and Adele-inspired winged liner for her engagement photos. While she may have opted for a touch of drama on the eyes, the entire look blends together beautifully without any single feature overpowering her face. A well-harmonized approach still reads natural while incorporating a bit of oomph.

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Focus on Skincare

Groom-to-be hugging smiling fiancee from behind

Branco Prata

Someone give us this beauty's skincare routine, please! Healthy, radiant skin is the only foundation needed when you've already got that to-be-wed glow. If you haven't already, now is the time to get your routine down before all the pre-nuptial, wedding-day, and post-nuptial photo ops begin. A good cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating regimen will have you looking your very best, and please don't ever skimp on the SPF.

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Add a Touch of Glam

Close up portrait of couple

Jessi Nichols Photo

Playing up one feature is a simple way to add a touch of glam. For this stunner, it’s all about her peepers. A gradient wash of rose gold and bronze shimmers creates a captivating daytime smoke show that not only complements her coloring but also mimics the gilded aura surrounding the two lovebirds.

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Get Glowing

Couple in Utah

Laurken Kendall 

We can’t get over how radiant this beauty looks. The sunset-hued makeup palette even rivals the glow of that desert golden-hour magic. We love that the apricot-nude hues were kept in a satiny-matte finish, letting that gleaming golden highlighter really shine through.

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Go for Bold (Brows)

Groom-to-be kissing fiancee with glasses on temple

India Earl

BRB...currently swooning over these perfectly groomed brows. A strong, defined brow can do so much for framing standout features and a sweet face. Be sure to keep the rest of the makeup subdued, as this stunner did, so as not to come on too strong. Also, how much do we love that this babe rocked her signature specs in the photo?

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Throw in a Pop of Pink

To-be-weds smiling and embracing in front of verdant landscape

Lisa Poggi

Natural makeup doesn’t have to be monochrome. A bright lip totally pops in pictures. Plus, it will frame that dazzling megawatt smile. The key is to find a lip shade that matches your skin's undertones for a picture-perfect pout.

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Create Some Depth

Couple's portrait in tree

A Play of Light

A thin swipe of bold, black liner and bronze shadow add depth to this natural look. We love how well-harmonized the color palette is from the makeup to the golden tan to the sun-kissed highlights. Summer brides-to-be, you might want to take note of this one.

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Keep Things Delicately Dewy

Couple embracing in front of ocean

Adriana Rivera

Somewhere between the shine control of an ultra-matte finish and the high-gloss look of the beaming highlight, lies the ethereal visage of delicate dewiness. Products with satin finishes or a touch of radiance added into the formula will provide a well-rested and youthful complexion without making any sacrifices to the glow gods. This lovely lady went for a dewy uniform look in neutral, barely there shades that perfected her sun-kissed skin.

While absolutely heavenly, dewy makeup formulas tend to not be the longest wearing. Test the look in advance to see how it wears throughout the day and use a setting spray to lock it in if need be.

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Wear a Nude Lip

Cozy couple portrait amongst trees

Kevyn Bruce Photo

If you don’t consider yourself a regular lipstick wearer, swiping on a light pigment (like a nude or pink) can make a big difference in your engagement photos. Even if the tone is just a smidge different from your bare lips, it will keep them from getting washed out from the brightness of the flash. Any post-production edits your photographer may do will usually only focus on color-correcting the skin or enhancing the eyes, so the lips can always use a little extra TLC.

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