32 Getting Ready Photos You Can't Forget to Take


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Your bridesmaids are all dressed in their matching robes, the bridal suite is well stocked with mimosas, and the curling irons are heating up. It's almost time to say "I do!" The morning that you're getting ready for your wedding will be full of fun, champagne, and anxious excitement—and you'll want to capture it all in getting ready photos that'll last forever. Because such a task can be overwhelming, it's helpful to give your photographer a list of wedding photos you must-have in your album.

But where to start? Right here, of course! Pass along this list of must-take getting ready photos to your photographer, so you can be 100 percent confident that they'll capture every sweet, morning-of moment between you and your bridesmaids, and ensure that the hours before your wedding go off without a single hitch.

From photos of your girls getting glammed up to candid snapshots, these are all of the getting ready photos you'll definitely want to capture the morning of your wedding.

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Ready and Waiting

hanging wedding dress

Jenny Fu

Snap a shot to showcase your wedding dress, ready and waiting to be slipped on.

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Morning-Of Excitement

Happy bride getting into dress


Best. Day. Ever. You'll want to always remember how excited you were on the morning of your wedding, so be sure to get a photo that captures it.

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Getting Caffeinated

Bridesmaids with matching robes and mugs

Caroline Tran

Ahead of your big day, purchase customized coffee mugs for yourself and your bridesmaids for a fun shot. You can also send your maid of honor on a Starbucks run and have her request that the barista writes "Bride" or "Bridesmaid" on each of the coffee cups.

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Your Getting Ready Outfit

bride getting ready robe and romper

Giuseppe Marano

A wedding dress isn't the only ensemble you'll need for the big day. Be sure to get a cute and comfy outfit to get ready in.

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Your Bridesmaids' Threads

Bride, bridesmaids and bridesman on the balcony

Chi-Chi Ari; Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events

The same goes for your bridesmaids! Don't forget to get a photo of everyone in their coordinating getting ready robes or outfits.

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Showcase Your Accessories

bridal accessories jewelry

Jenny Fu

Have your photographer arrange your day-of accessories for an aesthetically pleasing photo.

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Capture Your Bouquet

Bride's bouquet

Rebecca Yale Photography

Similarly, you'll definitely want to get a detail shot of your bundle of blooms.

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The Bridesmaids Gifts

Bride Getting Ready with Bridesmaids

Chaz Cruz

Surprise your besties with a little special something on the morning of your wedding—and be sure to get a picture of them opening it!

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The Love Letter Exchange

getting ready satin robe

Olivia Leigh Photographie

If you and your about-to-be spouse decide to exchange love letters or wedding gifts on the morning of the wedding, commemorate the sweet swap with a heartfelt photo.

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Huddle Up!

bridal party getting ready robes

Jenny Haas

Have your bridal party gather 'round for an Insta-worthy pic of you and your girls.

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Jump for Joy

Bride Jumping on Bed With Bridesmaids

Sally Pinera

One super fun, must-have shot? A photo where you're jumping for joy on the bridal suite bed with your bridesmaids!

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bride and bridesmaids toasting

Taylor McCutchan

Pop the bubbly with your besties for a celebratory snapshot.

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Celebrate With Confetti

getting ready with bridesmaids celebrating

Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

A wedding is a party, after all! Have your bridesmaids toss festive confetti for a perfectly timed picture. Just be sure to clean up after yourselves, especially if you're in a hotel suite or rented space.

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Capture Candids

bridal suite getting ready hair and makeup

Christian Arevalo

Along with your posed pictures, instruct your photograph to snap plenty of candids while you're getting ready with your bridesmaids.

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Pooch Pics

bride with dog

Braedon Flynn

If you're in your own home or a pet-friendly space, bring along your furry friend for an adorable photo-op.

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Don't Forget Your Flower Girls

Bride with flower girls in robes

Kaylee Chelsea Photography; Event Planning by Novelty Events; Floral Design by Irises Designs

A portrait with your flower girl will definitely pull at some heartstrings. And just imagine looking back on it, years from now, on her wedding day!

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Primping Portraits

Bride getting makeup done

Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Exclusive Italy Weddings; Makeup by Jeyanney 

Get a photo of your makeup artist and hairstylist working their magic.

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Better From the Back

Bridesmaids in floral robes

Katch Studios

Capture every detail of your wedding hairstyle by having your photographer take a photo from the back.

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Snap Sentimental Details

Embroidery on wedding dress

Katie Grant; Dress by Harriette Gordon

This bridal dress designer added a special finishing touch to her own gown: the lyrics to Neil Young’s "Harvest Moon" embroidered inside. Be sure to get photos of any similarly sentimental details you may have.

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Just You and Your Dress

Bride holding up wedding dress

David Salim; Event Planning by Design Anarchy Studio 

"Just the two of us...You and I," referring to you and your wedding dress, of course!

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Getting Into Your Gown

Bride getting ready

Robin Harper

It's time! It's time! Get a photo getting into your gorgeous gown.

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The Finishing Touches

Mom putting jewelry on bride

Whyman Studios

After zipping up your wedding dress, put the finishing touches on your big day look by putting on your jewelry—all while snapping photos, of course.

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Slip Into Your Shoes

bride getting into shoes

Sargeant Creative

Sure, it's likely that no one will seem them underneath your wedding dress, but we're sure your shoes are stunning! Don't leave them out—they're worthy of a picture, too.

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Don't Forget the Veil

bride in veil getting ready

Yessica Cruz

You won't want to miss getting this gorgeous shot.

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Your Bridesmaids' First Look

Bridesmaids getting first look at bride all dressed up

Blink & Co. Photography

Have your photographer stand behind you to capture the moment your bridesmaids see your complete look. Their expressions will be priceless!

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With a Little Help From Your Friends

Bridesmaids helping bride get ready

Tamara Gruner; Event Planning by Isabelle Kline Design  

Whether your maid of honor is fluffing your train or a bridesmaid is ensuring that not a hair is out of place, have your photographer snap a pic of your friends doing what they do best—looking out for you.

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Through the Looking Glass

Bride in mirror getting ready with bridesmaids

Chris J. Evans

Mirror shots aren't just for selfies. Take a professional one on your wedding day for a memorable shot.

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A Moment With Mom

bride getting ready with mom

Dacia Pierson of Eager Hearts Photography

From getting ready for school to getting ready for your wedding... Don't forget to take a special snapshot with mom or dad.

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Sending Good Vibes

Bridesmaids with bride praying

Melissa Marshall

Before leaving your bridal suite, dedicate a moment or two to taking a few deep breaths with your bridesmaids.

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Grooms Gotta Get Ready, Too

Groom getting ready

Gianluca & Mary Adovasio

You won't want your photographer to miss a moment of all the fun you're having with your girls—but make sure they get a few photos of your groom getting ready with his guys, too.

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A Unique Way to Get Ready

Bride and groom getting ready

Kristyn Hogan

Some almost-newlyweds opt to get ready for their wedding together, instead of in separate suites. The result? Even more frameable photos of you and your partner!

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Formal Photos

bride beauty shot cap sleeve wedding dress


Once you're all dressed, take some formal solo shots. You're gorgeous!

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