43 Emotional Mother-of-the-Bride Photos

These are some of the sweetest moments.

mother of the bride and bride holding bouquet

Photo by Samm Blake of The Wedding Artists Co.

Your wedding day is all about you, but for mom, it's just as important. The day her child gets married is a major moment in a woman's life. And just as the couple is filled with a range of emotions—everything from excitement, nerves, and sheer joy—the mother of the bride is feeling the same.

In preparation for your own wedding day, take note of all the sweet ways to capture the special memories you and your own mother may share when you tie the knot. You can even show these wedding photos to your photographer so they can use them as inspiration.

From classic getting-ready moments to silly, sweet dances, these mother of the bride photos perfectly illustrate the bond between a mom and her child on their big day. Grab your tissues and scroll down to see all of our favorite mother-of-the-bride moments.

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A Mother-Daughter Duo on the Dance Floor

Bride and mother dance during reception

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

Sure, sure, you may have just gotten a partner in life—but your mom will always be your partner on the dance floor! This mother-daughter duo did just that to celebrate.

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A Moment of Prayer

bride getting ready

Photo by Elizabeth Wells Photography

This stunning elopement in Moab, Utah, was all about the details. One of the most beautiful moments was the bride sharing a prayer with her mom and bridesmaids before the ceremony.

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Hand in Hand Down the Aisle

Bride and mother entering cermeony

Photo by Pedro Vilela

Your mom has held your hand through it all, so what could make more sense than taking this walk down the aisle hand in hand, as this bride and her mother did?

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Help From Mom With the Wedding Dress

bride with mom
Photo by Tony Wodarck 

This joyous bride went dress shopping with her mom and future mother-in-law. She didn't know this sheath dress was "the one" until they were both speechless at the salon.

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Multiple Generations in One Room

bride getting ready
Photo by Jennifer Emerling 

Expecting brides, be sure to celebrate your soon-to-be mom status by capturing some sweet portraits before the ceremony. Extra points for including mom in the multigenerational moment, as this bride did.

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Sharing a Moment During the Ceremony

bride with parents

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Don't let your big day slip away! Be sure to take time for the sweet, memorable moments like this bride during her San Francisco dual ceremony wedding.

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Asking Mom to Give You Away

<p>bride with mom</p><br><br>
Photo by Laurken Kendall

At this stunning wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the bride's mother walked her down the aisle as a Spanish guitarist played “And I Love Her,” by The Beatles. "She had me when she was just a kid herself and we have truly grown up together," Myriah says. "It was so important and symbolic for me that she held my hand down the aisle and gave me away to Charlie."

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A Special Moment Before the Ceremony

bride and mother of the bride

Photo by Chris and Ruth Photography

Make like this gorgeous bride and share a special moment with mom ahead of the ceremony. (Just try not to cry off your mascara!)

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Sharing a Hug and a Kiss With Mom

bride and mother of bride

Photo by Hannah Costello

Give mom some love on your wedding day! How sweet is this mother-daughter duo showing some affection before the bride walks down the aisle.

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Getting Help With Your Dress

bride getting ready

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Photography

Ask your mom to help you get ready like this stunning bride in her equally gorgeous Enaura Bridal gown. The sentimental moment is one you'll cherish for years to come.

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Getting Ready With Mom and Bridesmaids

bride with mom

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Here, mother of the bride (and Oscar-nominated actress!) Glenn Close shares an emotional moment with her daughter Annie Starke. The getting-ready moments truly are some of the most memorable!

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A Special Gift From Mom

Bride and mother of bride

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

As if you didn't think you could smile (or cry!) more on your big day, a special wedding gift courtesy of your mother is bound to do the trick. Here, this bride smiles as she opens her day-of surprise.

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Having a Heart-to-Heart While Getting Dressed

bride getting dressed
Photo by Raquel Reis

At this glamorous New York City wedding, the bride let her mother shine in a statement lehenga of her own. Of course, getting ready with mom is as special of a moment as any.

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Sharing a Silly Moment

The bride gets into her wedding dress
 Photo by Hannah Pickle

While serious moments are important on your wedding day, so are the silly ones! Make like this bride and share a few laughs with mom as you get ready.

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Posing During a Tea Ceremony

The bride and her mother
 Photo by Samm Blake

During this tea ceremony, bride Cindy wore a traditional qipao dress, which she and her mother had traveled to Shanghai to shop for. There, they worked with a tailor who created the bride’s bespoke dress from fabric embroidered with peonies, an auspicious flower in Chinese culture.

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A Kiss From Mom Before the Ceremony

bride and mother of the bride

Photo by Yessica Cruz

This bride certainly knew a kiss from mom is well worth the smeared makeup. We love this special moment as the bride finished getting ready.

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A Spin Around the Dance Floor

Bride and groom dancing with mother

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Mom just gained a daughter or son-in-law; obviously, that calls for a spin on the dance floor, as this couple proved at their tented wedding in Charleston!

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A Traditional Processional With Mom


Photo by Thunder & Love

This traditional Xhosa wedding included a processional to escort the bride from the parking lot to the ceremony site. Of course, mom was one of the main members of the processional party.

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Mom Participating With a Robe of Her Own

The bride and her mother
 Photo by Melissa Marshall

When gifting robes to your bridesmaids, don't forget to include your mother's robe as well. We love this mother of the bride's botanical-inspired wrap!

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Zipping Up the Dress With Mom

mother buttoning bride's dress

Photo by Alixann Loosle

No matter our age, we could use a little help from mom—even on our wedding day! We love this sweet moment as mom helps to zip up the bride's dress.

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Escorted by Both Mom and Dad

bride and parents
Photo by Heather Kincaid  

Bride Stephanie was escorted down the aisle by both her mother and father at her wedding in Bel Air, California. This is such a sweet way to incorporate mom in the special moment!

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Slipping on the Bridal Shoes

bride getting ready

Photo by Jules Bower

You know mom will go to great lengths to ensure her daughter has the perfect wedding day. Help with putting on shoes once you're in your dress is crucial, and it makes for an intimate moment with mom.

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Walking Down the Aisle Together

mother of the bride pink dress

Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography

Having your mom walk you down the aisle is a sweet spin on tradition. This bride's mother, holding a single bloom to match the bouquet, escorted her down the aisle before her uncle officiated the ceremony.

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Cake Cutting With Both Sets of Parents

<p>couple cutting cake with their parents</p><br><br>
Photo by Trent Bailey Photography

At this wedding, the newlyweds included both their mothers and fathers in their cake cutting. “Our wedding date was both of our parents’ 45th anniversaries,” says Claire. "We invited them up to help us cut our chocolate and vanilla cake, and the band played ‘You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,’ by Blood, Sweat and Tears, which was my parents’ first-dance song at their wedding.” 

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A Hug From Mom

bride and maid of honor hugging

Photo by Dacia Pierson of Eager Hearts Photography

No matter how old you are, sometimes you just need a hug from mom—as this duo reminds us.

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A Quick Kiss For Good Luck

Bride with mother of the bride

Photo by Rachel May Photography

A quick kiss from mom is the last thing you'll need before walking down the aisle. There's no such thing as too much good luck, right?!

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A Gorgeous Overhead Shot

ceremony in home

Photo by Kate Headley

In a room full of people, you know your mother always has eyes on you. We love the unique angle in which this special moment was captured.

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A Heartwarming Moment Between Mother and Daughter

Bride and Her Mother

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

There’s nothing better than a heartwarming hug from mom, especially on your wedding day. This mama's face conveys all the emotions of the big day.

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A Mother-Daughter Duo Sharing a Laugh

Mother of the Bride and Bride

Photo by Cody & Alison Photography

This pair knows how to make getting ready fun. Laughter is the best soundtrack for such a major milestone after all!

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An Emotional Moment Walking Down the Aisle

Mother of the Bride and Bride

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

There are so many unsaid words being lovingly communicated by these two. We can just imagine what's going through their heads and their hearts.

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A Tender Moment While Getting Ready

Bride and Her Mother

Photo by Amber Vickery

This photo captures such a sweet, tender moment between mother and daughter. Once a doting mama, always a doting mama.

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A Pep Talk From Mom

Bride with mother of bride

Photo by A Heart String

Your mother has always been your personal hype woman. She'll, of course, be taking her job very seriously on your wedding day, as this mother did at her daughter's wedding in Brooklyn, New York.

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The Cherished Look on Mom's Face

Bride and Her Mother

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

The look on this mother’s face as her daughter glams up says everything. It's such a powerful moment when mom realizes her baby is all grown up.

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One Last Hug Before the Ceremony

Bride and Her Mother

Photo by Shannon Moffit Photography

We'll never say no to a fortifying hug and kiss from mom. It's clear this bride gets all her strength from her mama.

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Honoring Mom's Heritage

The bride gets dressed for her wedding.
Photo by Edward Winter for READYLUCK

At this vibrant wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate, the bride honored her mother's heritage in the color of her sari. “Yellow is the color traditionally worn by brides with a Telugu background from South India,” explains bride Maanasa, who wore a buttercup-hued Kanjivaram silk sari. 

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Smoothing Out the Wrinkles

Mom adjusting bride's train

Photo by We the Romantics

Whether it's ironing out wrinkles or smoothing out life's problems, mom's have a knack for fixing things. That's why we couldn't love the rich metaphor of this doting mama straightening her daughter's train before the modern, minimalist nuptials in Texas.

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Placing the Veil

Mom putting veil on bride in red lehenga

Photo by Scott Clark Photography; Event Planning by Amanda Virga of AMV Weddings

The final touch on a bride's ensemble is the veil. It's only fitting that mom is the one who gets to do the honors.

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A Quick Forehead Kiss

Mom giving bride a forehead kiss

Photo by David Bastianoni; Event Planning by Stefania Guastini of Guastini Style

This bride was busy writing vows for her destination ceremony in Tuscany when mom swooped in for a surprise kiss. We love the happiness emanating from this shared moment.

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A Helping Hand

Bride getting help putting earrings in

Photo Photography By Julieta

A mother's gentle touch is never out of reach. This mom tenderly helps her daughter put her earrings in before the ceremony.

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Walking to the Chapel

Mom walking daughter up the steps to the church

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

We love this photo of mom walking her daughter up the cathedral steps on her wedding day. Despite having their backs turned to the camera, we can feel all the emotion of the occasion.

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A Pose With Mom and Grandma

Bride with mom and grandma in blue dresses

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Looking for that traditional something blue on your wedding day? How about outfitting mom and grandma to bring all the luck you could ever need.

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Mom Knows Best

Mom adjusting bride's sari

Photo by Glorious Moments Photography; Event Planning by Chancey Charm

This mom helps her daughter adjust the draping of her bridal sari, which was purchased for her by her grandmother. We love the generational love in this sentiment.

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An Emotional Embrace

Mom and bride having an emotional moment

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

This mama can hardly contain her emotion as she hugs her daughter in her full bridal glory. Can you blame her? We're tearing up just looking in.

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