33 Moonstone Engagement Rings You're Going to Want Right Now

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Courtesy of Temple St. Clair / Design by Bailey Mariner

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. If you’re pondering one, have you considered a shimmering moonstone engagement ring? Impressive! Not to mention, a moonstone engagement ring totally reminds us of our beloved childhood mood rings. Admit it, you totally had one.

What Is Moonstone?

Moostone is a gemstone composed of feldspar minerals and has an iridescent sheen. Known for having calming and balancing energies, moonstone is also associated with lunar mystery and magic and has been used to treat insomnia, sleepwalking, ward off nightmares, and promote vivid dreams.

Moonstone is hardly a modern fixation, however. Romans believed the stone was formed from moonbeams and associated moonstone with lunar deities, as did the Greeks. Hindu mythology thought moonstone was made from the moon’s ethereal light, while in India, moonstone is considered a sacred and magical “dream stone” that can bring beautiful dreams at night. Basically, moonstone equates to good juju, and what better vibe than that to associate with your engagement ring?

The best part about a moonstone engagement ring? There’s one perfectly suited to every style and budget. The gem comes in a range of colors—yellow, gray, green, blue, peach, and pink—determined by the thickness of the stone. The thinner the moonstone, the more light that is scattered to create its alluring iridescence, making it more valuable. Transparent blue moonstone is the rarest and most esteemed while a thicker moonstone appears almost white, but is much more affordable.

Moonstone is stunning set in everything from silver to rose gold. Iterations come in a range of cuts like traditional oval and pear to a modern hexagon. Moonstone is gorgeous in multi-stone rings or as clusters, too. A diamond halo, trillion side stones, or set onto a pavé band makes for an increasingly glamorous effect.

Whether you’re an alternative bride seeking a diamond alternative, hoping to channel your birthstone (let’s hear it for June babies), or simply seeking a more affordable option to diamonds and precious gems, moonstone is a beautiful choice.

Check out our favorites in a range of cuts and settings. At the very least, we recommend treating yourself to one for the good vibes.

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"June Droplet" Ring

Courtesy of Pandora

Sterling silver solitaire.

SHOP NOW: Pandora, $34.99 from $50

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Pear Shaped Ring

Pear shaped moonstone ring

Courtesy of Hello Ring

Rose gold, bezel set ring.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $388

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Teardrop Stacking Ring

Moonstone Teardrop Ring

Courtesy of Melanie Auld

Teardrop ring in 14k gold vermeil and micro pavé cubic zirconia band.

SHOP NOW: Melanie Auld, $130

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"Mini Stilla" Ring

Mini Stilla Ring

Courtesy of Farfetch

Gold-plated sterling silver and moonstone ring by Astley Clarke.

SHOP NOW: Astley Clarke, from $100

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"Luna" Ring in Bronze with Moonstone

Courtesy of Pamela Love

Bronze ring featuring two crescent moons framing a moonstone.

SHOP NOW: Pamela Love, $125

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Irregular Scatter Halo Ring

Moonstone irregular scatter ring

Courtesy of Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry 

Asymmetrical ring with white topaz halo, in 14k gold over sterling silver, by Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry.

SHOP NOW: Local Eclectic, $112

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"Siren" Stacking Ring

Courtesy of Monica Vinader

Irregular shaped, 18k yellow gold over sterling silver ring.

SHOP NOW: Monica Vinader, $115

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Gray Moonstone Stack

Gray moonstone ring

 Courtesy of Ana Kroll Jewelry

Two stackable rings in 14k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $417.19

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Crown Bezel Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of Grace Lee

Rose cut, bezel set ring in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Grace Lee, $385

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Hardwear Ball Ring

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Gray moonstone set in 18k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $550

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"Tuhla" Ring with Rainbow Moonstone

Courtesy of Claire Kinder

Hexagon cut rainbow moonstone set in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Claire Kinder, $590

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Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of LstudioC

Pear-shaped moonstone with cubic zirconia accents.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $171.05

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Diamond Halo

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

Diamond halo ring in 14k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Anne Sisteron, $765

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Blue Moonstone in Vintage Art Deco Style

Blue Moonstone Art Deco Ring

 Courtesy of LstudioC

Blue moonstone with cubic zirconia accents.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, from $124.87

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"Double Gypsy" Cigar Band

Double Gypsy Moonstone Cigar Band

Courtesy of Jaimie Geller Jewelry 

Moonstone encrusted 14k rose gold band, by Arik Kastan.

SHOP NOW: Jaimie Geller Jewelry, $1,145 from $2,290

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Secret Star Moonstone Ring

Secret Star Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of Catbird 

A star trio hides beneath the moonstone solitaire, by Leith Clark.

SHOP NOW: exclusively at Catbird, $940

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Moonstone Trio Ring

JACQUIE AICHE14-karat gold, moonstone and diamond ring

Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER 

Trio of pear shaped moonstones and diamonds in 14k gold, by Jacquie Aiche.


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Cabochon Moonstone and Diamond Band Ring

Cabochon moonstone band ring

Courtesy of 1stDibs

Band ring featuring 1.74ct cabochon moonstones and diamond accents in 18k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: 1stdibs, $1,200

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Rainbow Moonstone Vertically Set Ring

Rainbow moonstone ring

Courtesy of Twist 

Moonstone set in braided 18k yellow gold, by Amáli.

SHOP NOW: Twist, $1,870

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"M'ama non M'ama" Diamond and Moonstone Ring

M'ama non M'ama moonstone & diamond ring

Courtesy of Farfetch

Moonstone cabochon and diamonds set 18k rose gold, by Pomellato.

SHOP NOW: Farfetch, $2,000

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"Atria" Ring

Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Solitaire moonstone set in three sterling silver bands.

SHOP NOW: Spinelli Kilcollin, $2,000

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Solitaire Moonstone Eternity Ring

Courtesy of Luna Skye

Solitaire moonstone set in 14k rose gold diamond eternity band.

SHOP NOW: Luna Skye, $2,100

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Moonstone Wandering Cosmos Ring

Wandering Cosmos Moonstone Ring

 Courtesy of Catbird

Rainbow moonstone center framed by moon shapes and diamonds, set in 14k yellow gold, by Sofia Zakia.

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $2,100

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Nestled Moonstone and Diamond Ring

Nestled moonstone and diamond ring

Courtesy of Catbird

Moonstone and diamond ring set in 14k yellow gold, by Wwake.

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $895

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Moonstone Diamond White Gold Ring

Courtesy of 1stdibs

Moonstone and pavé diamond ring set in 18k white gold, by Jona.

SHOP NOW: 1stdibs, $2,209.52

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Horizontal Moonstone Ring

Horizontal moonstone prong ring

Courtesy of Adel Chefridi

Horizontal 2.47ct moonstone set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Adel Chefridi, $2,085

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Classic Oval Royal Blue Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Oval moonstone with diamond trio frame set in 18k yellow gold, by Temple St. Clair.

SHOP NOW: Saks Fifth Avenue, $3,250

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Lofted Moonstone and Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Lori McLean Fine Jewelry

Diamond cluster ring with moonstone center set in 14k white and yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Lori McLean, $3,500

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"Compassionate Eye" Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Rainbow moonstone ring with diamond halo and moonstone dangle set in 18k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Misahara, (price upon request)

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"Bea" Three Stone Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Rainbow moonstone flanked by diamond side stones, set in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $4,265

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"Oenothera" Ring

Courtesy of Yael Designs

"Oenothera" ring featuring 8.55ct moonstone and diamond accents, set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Yael Designs, $11,367

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Victorian Style Oval Moonstone and Diamond Halo Ring

Victorian Style Oval Moonstone and Diamond Halo Ring

Courtesy of Angara 

Moonstone framed by diamond halo, set in 14k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Angara, $1,679

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"Sol" Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Moonstone cabochon set in 14k white gold with matte finish.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, $1,580

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