15 Moissanite Engagement Rings for the Eco-Friendly Bride

Shop these socially responsible diamond-alternatives, that still offer everything you want in an engagement-ring

Courtesy of Kristin Coffin Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but does that ring true for you? Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Trends report reveals that the search for moissanite gems increased by 294%—and with good reason! This gem is an eco-friendly bride’s best friend.

“Moissanite is one of the best alternatives to a more traditional gemstone because it’s beautiful and conscientious,” says Suzanne Miglucci, CEO and President of Charles & Colvard, the original creator of moissanite. “While it’s hard to beat moissanite’s incredible brilliance, durability, and value, many brides and grooms are also drawn to the [gemstone] because it’s an environmentally and socially responsible choice.”

So just what should you keep in mind when shopping for a moissanite ring?

Miglucci recommends evaluating color, cut, and clarity—no different from a diamond! “Similar to other white gems, moissanite stones can vary in color saturation,” she says. “Obviously, the less color the better and you’ll want the stone to be clear of inclusions that will detract from its sparkle.”

“Most importantly, be sure to choose a gemstone that aligns with your combined preferences and principles,” adds Miglucci. “Weigh beauty, price and social responsibility to determine what’s most important in choosing the gemstone that best represents your relationship and everlasting love.”

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up 15 of these eco-friendly beauties to sparkle on your finger. Keep scrolling to shop 15 moissanite engagement rings.

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Olive Ave. Nora

Courtesy of Olive Ave.

SHOP NOW: Olive Ave., $1,450

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Olive Ave. Lou

Courtesy of Olive Ave.

SHOP NOW: Olive Ave., $1,025

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Andrea Bonelli 14k Moissanite Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Andrea Bonelli

SHOP NOW: Andrea Bonelli, $710

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Kobelli Round-Cut Moissanite Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kobelli

SHOP NOW: Kobelli, $1,263

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Allurez Moissanite Engagement Ring with Side Stone Accents 14K White Gold

Courtesy of Allurez

SHOP NOW: Allurez, $1,090

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Charles & Colvard Forever One Marquise Colorless Moissanite Step Cut Baguette Side Accent Three Stone Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Charles & Colvard

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, $1,419

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Bario Neal Custom Moissanite Linear Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, price available upon request

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Evine Forever Brilliant Moissanite 14k White Gold Round Cut Halo Ring

SHOP NOW: Evine, was $759, now $461.28

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JCPenney Round White Moissanite 14k Gold Engagement Ring

Courtesy of JCPenney

SHOP NOW: JCPenney, was $3,499.98, now $1,399.99

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Bel Viaggio Emerald Cut Colorless Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Bel Viaggio

SHOP NOW: Etsy, was $1,750, now $1,575

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Ice Forever One Moissanite and Sapphire 14K White Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ice

SHOP NOW: Ice, $1,099

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Fire & Brilliance Vega Asscher Moissanite Full Bezel Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Fire & Brilliance

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $1,275

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Charles & Colvard Forever One Round Colorless Moissanite Beaded Solitaire Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Charles & Colvard

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, $2,769

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Brilliant Earth Moissanite Reverie Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, $1,930

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Kristin Coffin Jewelry Flora Radiant Moissanite Twig Ring

Courtesy of Kristin Coffin Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Kristin Coffin Jewelry, $2,375

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