6 Modern Signage Installations for a Contemporary Wedding

Welcome your guests with these chic and minimalist signs

Updated 11/28/17

Photo by The Edges Wedding Photography

A good message is a telltale sign it's going to be a great day. Which is why we love custom wedding signs—they’re an easy way to personalize your ceremony and reception decor. Plus, they’re helpful: You can use the signs to welcome guests to the wedding, give them directions to the various festivities, let them know what’s in store to eat and drink, and direct them to their assigned reception seat.

If your wedding style is clean and modern, we’re fans of this recent trend of signage installations. Often fabricated from metal and steel, these oversize, freestanding structures are not only functional but can also serve as a major modern-art moment at the wedding. Guests will gather ‘round as they peruse the signage display, and the structure can also be decorated to add to the overall wedding decor.

Need some more modern signage ideas? Keep reading for more for our favorite art-install options.

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Wedding-Day Schedule

Photo by Joseph Koprek

First impressions count and make yours a memorable one. Welcome guests as they arrive to the ceremony with a freestanding sign outlining the wedding-day schedule. Guests will appreciate an outline of the evening’s festivities and the sign also helps set a stylish tone for the rest of the celebration. Hang the sign from a freestanding metal grid and decorate the structure with fresh greenery so that it looks lush and overgrown.

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Seating Chart

Photo by Hikari Photography

A black-and-white color palette is always stylish and chic. Complement the modern look with a striking seating display featuring a three-panel chart hanging from a metal structure (the base is actually a planter filled with lush, fresh flowers).

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Greenery Installation

Photo by Bayly & Moore

Make a big first impression on your guests with a glass-box installation filled with orchids and fresh ferns (the gold type really pops against the lush greenery!).

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Seating Chart

Photo by Alexander Pomnikow

Complement a minimalist wedding aesthetic with a simple-yet-chic seating installation—a major step-up from a basic easel. Hang your signage from a metal frame that’s been painted shimmery gold and then accent the installation by adding a couple of clusters of fresh, tropical greenery.

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Welcome Sign

Photo by Hikari Photography

Greet guests once they arrive with a colorful welcome installation—print the signage details on a geometric acrylic panel and hang it from a white, powder-coated steel frame. Decorate the structure with vibrant flowers arranged in a bold, color-blocked pattern.

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Modern Hanging Seating Chart

Photo by Sayher Heffernan

This custom-made display features a seating chart suspended from a bent-wire frame from chic leather straps. Add a potted plant and lots of glowing candles to complement the modern look.

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