6 Modern Ceremony Backdrops For Outdoor Weddings

Make a statement with these cool, geometric designs

Updated 07/29/17

Photo by Gideon Photography

If you’re getting married outdoors, it’s a good idea to create a focal point for your vow exchange to help ground the space. A striking ceremony backdrop will help set the scene for your vow exchange by adding a personal touch to the al fresco setting; plus, since it’s likely one of the first wedding decorations your guests will see, it’s also an opportunity to wow your guests with something unique and unexpected.

If your wedding aesthetic skews more clean and modern, then you'll love these creative ceremony-backdrop ideas we’ve gathered below. From freestanding structures in geometric shapes like diamonds and triangles to a minimalist, oversize all-white frame, these modern ceremony backdrops will have a grand effect and will also make a lasting impression on your guests.

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Wooden A-Frame Structure

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Photo by Shannon Von Eschen Photography

This couple’s ceremony in Aspen was held in an open, grassy field, with a simple wooden house-shaped structure draped in greenery and tall grasses lining the aisle. Woven rugs add texture to the ceremony space, and the minimalist, open-air backdrop gives way to dramatic forest and mountain views.

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Diamond-Shaped Ceremony Backdrop

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Photo by Elisabeth Millay

The groom—who’s an architect—built this diamond-shaped ceremony backdrop and assembled it onsite the morning of the wedding. He designed it to stand out while still allowing the beauty of their Arches National Park ceremony setting to shine through.

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Modern Geometric Backdrop with Flowers

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Photo by Sally Pinera

Going for a bold, modern ceremony look? We love this incredible backdrop featuring crisp, geometric lines going in different directions and fresh flowers for a vibrant pop of color, arranged in a chic asymmetrical fashion. The couple’s initials were printed on a sheet of Lucite and placed in the center of the display.

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White Frame Backdrop

modern ceremony backdrops

Photo by Virgil Bunao

Make a larger-than-life statement with an oversize, all-white structure to frame your vow exchange. It’s perfect if you prefer a clean, minimalist look, and is gorgeous on it’s own, which means it needs very little to no extra adornment (here, both sides are simply decorated with Jackson vines).

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Geometric Backdrop

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Photo by The Amburgeys

This freestanding backdrop of a series of wooden triangles complements this couple’s desert ceremony setting. Dress up the space by adding a couple of ottomans or poufs, different geometric-shaped lanterns, votive candles, air plants, and dried grasses.

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Circular Ceremony Backdrop

<p>modern ceremony backdrops</p>

Photo by Gideon Photography

This wedding arch was handmade by the groom as a special gift for the bride; the unique circular shape is a window to the breathtaking bluffs and craggy rocks in the background of their ceremony site (at Zion National Park in Utah).

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