Modern Ceremony Backdrops We're Actually Obsessed With

Set the scene for your vows with a ceremony backdrop toting tons of personality

<p>Modern Wedding Ceremony Backdrop</p>

Emily Wren Photography

Your ceremony backdrop is one of the first wedding decorations your guests will see, so why not wow them with something fresh, modern, and totally unexpected? Not to mention the fact that a beautiful backdrop will also help create a focal point during the ceremony to make sure all eyes are on you (bonus: picture-perfect Instagram shots!).

If your wedding aesthetic skews more clean and modern, then you'll love these unique ceremony-backdrop ideas we've gathered. From glowing strands of string lights and a midcentury-modern wooden sunburst to a jaw-dropping circular backdrop filled with fresh flowers and greenery, these ceremony-backdrop ideas will set the scene for your vows and add tons of personality to your venue.

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Marble Wall

<p>Marble Wall Wedding Ceremony Backdrop</p>

M.K. Sadler

This couple exchanged vows in front of a 12-foot wall of marble that served as the ceremony backdrop. To help soften the overall look, they added soft, mocha-colored draping, planter boxes filled with lush wildflowers on both sides, as well as chandeliers of greenery hanging overhead. Transparent ghost chairs were the perfect seating choice to complement the modern ceremony setting.

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Circular Backdrop

<p>Floral and Greenery Circular Wedding Backdrop</p>

Elena Pavlova Photography

If you're not the wedding-arch type, then check out this couple's incredibly unique backdrop: a modern, circular structure adorned with greenery and white blossoms. Your guests will be dazzled by it the moment they set foot in your ceremony space.

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Wooden Sunburst

<p>Wooden Sunburst Ceremony Backdrop</p>

Kate Pritchard

The groom, who works as a set designer, fashioned this amazing wooden sunburst to complement the couple's midcentury-modern wedding venue—the Hotel Lautner, located near Palm Springs.

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Suspended Wreaths

<p>Suspended Wreaths Wedding Ceremony Backdrop</p>

Marissa Albrecht

If you're tying the knot in a modern space like a loft, keep your ceremony backdrop simple to complement the airy setting. This couple used gauzy chiffon to soften up the wall behind them; they also hung a few different-sized wreaths as decoration (keep the greenery on the sparse side for a more modern look).

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Geometric Backdrop

<p>Geometric Wedding Ceremony Backdrop</p>

Emily Wren Photography

A stunning desert landscape like this one needs very little extra adornment. A simple, geometric structure is a modern way to create a focal point in the ceremony space without detracting from the natural scenery.

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String Lights and Mylar Balloons

<p>String Lights and Mylar Balloons Wedding Ceremony Backdrop</p>

Clean Plate Pictures

This simple-yet-striking ceremony backdrop would make an easy DIY project. Simply hang several strands of string lights vertically to create a glowing wall behind the space where you and your groom will exchange vows; then, add Mylar balloons spelling out a word of your choice to frame the space (make sure each balloon has a small weight attached to the string).

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