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Courtesy of Paper Culture

While it’s important to make sure you’ve said yes to the right dress, it’s just as important to have stationery that reflects your wedding aesthetic. After all, your invitation is the first glimpse your guests get into your wedding style.

So, if you’re going for a clean, minimal look for your nuptials, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite elegant yet pared-down invitations. These minimalist wedding invitations emphasize simple text and language, modern typography, and the use of negative space and really prove that, sometimes, less is more.

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All Spelled Out

Photo by Tec Petaja

This simple invitation suite features clean lines and typography paired with sparse blocks of text; spelling out the wedding date instead of using numerals adds emphasis and makes the celebration date stand out.

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White Space

Photo by Refine Studio

The deliberate use of blank space on this design by Refine Studio feels like a breath of fresh air. We also love that the text is simple and straight-forward, only including the essentials.

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Botanical Illustration

Photo by August + White

Instead of intricate, hand-painted florals or flourished calligraphy, sometimes a simple black-and-white line drawing of a sprig of greenery is all the embellishment you need. This particular invitation was designed by August + White.

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Deckled Edges

Courtesy of Sadie Culberson

The hand-torn edges and tea-stained patina of this invitation suite give the stationery elements an elegant, antiqued look that will look classic for years to come and is perfect for a wedding with a vintage aesthetic.

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Pale Pink

Courtesy of Sally Pinera

Keep things chic and simple by combining minimal typography with card stock in a just-barely-there shade of blush.

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First-Name Basis

Photo by Laura Gordon

When your wedding guests are your nearest and dearest, you can skip the last names on the invitation, as seen on this stationery designed by Venamour.

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Offset Type

Courtesy of Lucky Malone

The combination of Roman and italicized type helps put emphasis on the most pertinent invitation details while the staggered blocks of text keep the overall design balanced and on point. This design comes courtesy of Brylo Wed.

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Vellum Invitation

Photo by Betty Clicker

This stationery suite by Goods Gang features a vellum wedding invitation—a translucent sheet that has a dreamy, ethereal quality and stands out from the stack. The full suite uses typography that's heavy but pleasingly minimal, and the neutral, earthy color palette was chosen to match the colors of the wedding flowers.

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Reception Tablescape

Courtesy of Ruban Collectif

A minimalist wedding doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of color, as this invitation designed by Ruban Collectif proves. Clean, simple type combined with a coordinating palette of dusty lavender, rosy pink, burnt sienna, and mustard feels fresh and modern.

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Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

This pared-down wedding invitation by Artifact Uprising proves that breaking the rules of hyphenation can be totally chic.

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