30 Minimalist Wedding Ideas for the Cool Bride

Because less is more

Updated 04/20/17

Photo by Marisa Albrecht

With so many details and décor options, wedding planning can be stressful, so why not make it simple? Beloved by the cool girl, minimalism has become a major wedding trend, and let us tell you — there is beauty in simplicity. You may think you need loaded centerpieces and layers of linens for your table settings, or overflowing floral chandeliers interspersed with string lighting, but there’s so much to be said for the minimal touch.

Rather than eliminating details (as the style is often interpreted), a clean look merely makes them intentional. Without the fuss, there is nothing to distract from the elements that do remain, allowing them to stand out as a focal spot and giving them more meaning. In a ceremony, a minimalist look points the attention right where it should be — on the bride and groom. And in a reception, it enables the natural beauty and light of the venue to shine through.

A minimalist wedding often pops up in a few common styles. You have organic minimalism, featuring a lot of white with accents of lush greenery, and you have industrial minimalism, where urban meets rustic. Then there’s modern minimalism that loves to play up shapes and geometry, and romantic minimalism, with an ethereal linen or elegant calligraphy here or there. And more often than not, the minimalist style favors a neutral palette for a soft and airy look. But that’s not to say you can’t throw in a spot of color — it provides an unexpected and personalized twist. It’s up to you to make the look your own, but no matter which way you go, it promises to be crisp and classic with underlying sophistication.

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to elevate your wedding style. Here, thirty ideas that prove less really is more.

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Love is a Big Deal

Two vines of crawling greenery make a bold statement in their simplicity, serving as the sole backdrop for the bridal party table and whole reception.

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Kurt Boomer

Geometric plateware, plain white linens, and delicate organics exude romance and charm in this table setting.

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Miramar Photo

A hexagon-shaped two-tiered cake with marble print is clean and contemporary.

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Heart + Sparrow Photography

Bare wooden ceremony chairs with a single strand of greens are raw in nature.

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Laura Goldenberger

Angular metal squares bring a touch of urban to the outdoors as a bohemian ceremony backdrop.

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Jacqueline Kay Photography

A weathered desk functions as the perfect template for this self-serving bar station, allowing the standalone crystalware to really sparkle and shine.

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Rachel Solomon Photography

Simple ivory plateware lets an old-world romance menu on a scroll of parchment etched in gilded calligraphy to take center stage. Joy Proctor Design, Written Word Calligraphy & Design

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Jordan Weiland Photography

Rustic meets industrial in wooden table signage with metal numbers.

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Perpixel Photo

There’s no need to line steps with overflowing florals — votives with sprigs of greenery magically light the way.

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Rosencrown Photography

A vintage bar cart with gilded accents brings all eyes to this feminine cake thanks to uncluttered décor, save for a few elegantly scattered roses.

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Jake and Heather Photo

A wire basket and some gorgeous calligraphy is all you really need for a no-fuss card box.

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AL Gawlik Photography

With limited decor, organic benches make for rich and decadent seating.

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Rachel Solomon Photography

A glass vase with spray of wildgrass and a vintage book bring a fine art touch to reception décor. Joy Proctor Design

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Marisa Albrecht

Black and white typography make an impact against a white canvas, paired with a simple easel and graceful vine of ivy.

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BEN YEW Photography

Instead of a mix of varying blooms, one type of flower really makes a statement in a centerpiece, especially when it’s stark white popping against deep green.

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Genevieve Chapman — Miss Gen Photography

Upside down flower stems are a simpler alternative to lush chandeliers, adding a splash of color to a neutral reception palette.

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Jordan Weiland Photography

With clean type and geometric lines, a personalized white and black sign overlooking the reception is a minimalist’s monochromatic dream. It’s all you need for a focal point.

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Anna Tereshina Photography

A dusty grey palette, simple combination of plateware and flatware, and minimal accents set against ethereal gauzy linens looks nothing less than dreamy.

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Byron Loves Fawn Photography

A teal bottle and vibrant bloom bring a pretty detail to worn grey industrial chairs. These aisle markers are made all the more attention worthy when scattered across a few select chairs.

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Love is a Big Deal

A square arch and billowing organics on a structured platform make for a modern and elegant altar.

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Redfield Photography

Strictly fauna and no flora, this modest chandelier takes a modern approach, complete with miniature spherical baubles housing romantic tea lights.

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Jose Villa

Miniature bottles of olive oil tied with taupe ribbon and soft linen are a personal touch for guests to take home as wedding favors.

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Elena Pavlova

An acrylic invite keeps things simple in a grey and white palette, featuring stunning calligraphy. Together, it creates an airy and romantic feel.

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Nicola Thompson Photography

Giant Kate Spade balloons with sweet sayings add unexpected accents.

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Photo by Marisa Albrecht

Industrial minimalism is at its finest in this sweetheart table, thanks to copper chairs and a showstopper swath of greens.

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Lauren Kinsey

A luxurious navy settee steals the spotlight in a sea of white.

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Krystle Akin

This floral wall is pure botanical goodness. Rows of single stems bring beauty to a clean space.

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Brian Saculles Photography

Most minimalist weddings stick to a neutral palette, but this pop of blue looks stunning against bare wooden furniture, bringing romantic elegance to a rustic setting.

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Lauren Louise Photography

This creative seating plan is a piece of DIY magic, with a wooden frame and clothespins clipping a leaf of eucalyptus and crisp, white cards for a polished, rustic look.

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Marisa Albrecht

Towering columns of donuts are as clean and crisp as the modern white signage behind them. Simple white candles cast a soft glow that shine a spotlight in these sweet desserts.

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