Millennial Pink Flowers You Need for Your Wedding


When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there is certainly no shortage of options available. From minimalist and modern (think structural, branchy arrangements) and romantic, lush centerpieces to traditional and more formal arrangements, the possibilities are endless. And once you decide on the vibe you’re going for, how do you choose the color palette?

Sure, some may say that there are “other stressors” in life and that there are “other fish to fry,” but these people clearly have never had to make such monumental decisions. We jest, obviously, but it can certainly be overwhelming if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want from the start!

And thus, we’d like to make a case for the ever-popular Millennial pink. Yes, yes we know you’ve heard the term many a time, but this time we aren’t talking about decor or fashion; it’s all about your fleurs. This hard-trending color could take the place of white in terms of being a neutral these days. It works with almost any floral color palette—from pastels and brights to moody, deep, and dramatic colors, it seems to either be an innocuous accent or a standout hue. It all depends on the flower varieties and colors you’re using in the arrangements. And we’re not just talking bouquets and centerpieces here, folks! We’re talking boutonnieres, fresh blooms on cakes, and even corsages! Here are some of our favorite millennial-pink flowers, so you can pin straight away and send ‘em over to your florist.

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Photo by Chudleigh Wedding; flowers by Decoration Inc.

Into pink in general? We get it. Ombré your bouquet and start with your millennial-pink stems (tulips in this case), then work your way toward more vibrant shades.

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Who says men can't wear pink? Have boutonnieres in the lightest shade of pink ranunculus and snowberries—the epitome of millennial pink.

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Chocolate Cosmo and Burgundy Stem Accents

Photo by Anna Delores Photography; Flowers by Coco Rose Designs; Design by Vanessa Noel Events

If you're getting married in the fall or just want to add a little drama to your millennial-pink flowers, add in some chocolate cosmos and berry-colored, deep-burgundy stems for extra moodiness.

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Minimalist Arrangement

Photo courtesy of @BRRCH_Floral on Instagram

If you're looking for something with a little more originality that's a bit more modern, have your florist make an arrangement that is structural and minimalist, with differing shades of pastels.

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Floral Cake

Rustic White Wedding Cake with Pink Flowers

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Cake by The Butter End Cakery; Florals by La Petite Gardenia

Spice up your plain white cake with dusty-blush roses and trailing greenery for a little romance.

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Hints of Citrus and Grennery

Bridal Bouquet

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

For a garden-party vibe that's bursting at the seams, this lush bouquet is accented with millennial pink and uses pretty shades of citrus and lots of greenery.

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White/Sand Mixture

Pastel Centerpiece

Photo by Bashful Captures

Mix whites and varying shades of sand in with your millennial-pink roses for a subtle ombré in a romantic arrangement.

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King Protea

King Protea Bridesmaid Bouquet

J Photography

It doesn't get more millennial pink than a king protea! If you want something that is modern and graphic, this is your perfect bloom. And it's budget effective: you don't need more than one stem plus some greenery for your bridesmaids' bouquets!

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Pale Dahlias


For a more traditional take on this trendy color, try a dusty pale dahlia bouquet and mix in some greens like seeded eucalyptus and dusty miller to keep even the greenery on the pastel side!

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